Whether Fresher or In-Service while joining as AT

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    I am a non teaching staff of a wb ssc school. I had an accident in 2014. I had to remain absent for 5.5 months due to knee ligament fracture while cycling. I joined the school on december 13 th. After 10 days I was attacked with accumulation of water in both lungs due to TB. I had undergone surgery and was under medical treatment for around 9 months. Till this I had provided medical documents to HM.Then I had to do barren laser in both eyes to protect the low vision. I am without pay for the last 11 months. I used to reach school by changing 6 vehicles including 2 trains, 2 buses and 2 autos. Time taken 4 hrs. Age 35.I am 55% Physics (H),70% IGNOU B.ED. and part I MSc physics 50%. What should I do. I want to apply for WBSSC SLST. But problem with the service part. Whether I would write fresher or inservice. Becuase after all this I want to leave that post and join a school as an assistant teacher.


    Since ‘non-teaching’ and ‘teaching’ posts are different in nature (or nature) and mode of operation, they are not taken into account as similar posts in case of continuation of service. Hence, you will have to appear in the SLST examination as a fresher candidate.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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