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West Bengal Govt. Employees suffer 23% Less D.A.

West Bengal Govt. Employees are lagging behind 23% DA from Central Govt. Employees, whereas the employees of Bihar, Orissa, Arunachal Pradesh getting full.

West Bengal Govt. Employees are lagging behind 23% DA from Central Govt. Employees. Whereas Bihar, Orissa, Arunachal Pradesh Govt. Employees are getting D.A. at par with the Central Govt. Finance Minister Mr. Amit Mitra promised to release D.A. slowly.The Centre had asked the Bengal government to pay 10 per cent DA in July 2010… then it was urged to pay 6 per cent DA in January this year. But it didn’t. Rather, we have been burdened by the last government with Rs 4,800 crore in DA payment arrears,” Mitra said.”However, we will pay the DA arrears slowly. Employees are co-operating with us and working hard. They know the financial condition. As and when the situation improves, we will start paying DA,” he added.In August this year, the new government had announced a three-month freeze on DA payment, citing financial constraints.

Mr. Mitra said that raising revenue would be a better option now than tapping the market. He said tax collection had gone up by nearly 20 per cent in August, compared with 16.4 per cent in June.

“Non-tax revenue like stamp duty and registration fees is rising. So is excise duty. We will have to look at these aspects rather than go in for more loans now as that would mean interest payment,” he said.

Update:- Grant of 45% DA and Wages from January 2012