Grant of ‘A’ category Pay Scale to Primary School Teachers

Provided in-service teachers will be allowed ‘A’ category scale of pay from the date of attainment of such qualification of D.El.Ed. However persons already possessing D.El.Ed qualification before their entry as a Pry. School Teacher, may be also be allowed.


No. 209-SE (EE)/PTTI-7/2011, Date: 04.03.2013

From: S. C. Ghosh,
Joint Secretary, School Education Deptt.

To: The Chairman,
District Primary School Council, Purba Medinipur
P.O. Tamluk, Dist.: Purba Medinipur.

Subject: Grant of ‘A’ category scale of Pay to the Primary School Teachers.


In inviting a reference to your letter vide No 1926/ES dt. 09.01.2013 and without prejudice to earlier orders of this Department in this regard I am directed to say that in terms of order of the National Council for Teacher Education vide No 62-5/2008/NCTE/N&S (Pt)/A53953 dt. 04.07.2012 and subsequent clarifications issued by this Deptt. vide No. 389(38)-SE(EE)/PTTI-7/2011 dt. 13.08.2012 and 801(38)-SE(EE)/PTTI-7/2011 dt. 02.11.2012 the following categories of Primary School Teachers shall be treated as trained teachers and they may be allowed ‘A’ category scale of pay:-

i) Teachers who have completed 2 years Diploma in Elementary Education (D. El. Ed) from NCTE recognised institutions before/after their entry in service:

Provided in-service teachers will be allowed ‘A’ category scale of pay from the date of attainment of such qualification of D.El.Ed. However persons already possessing D.El.Ed qualification before their entry as a Pry. School Teacher, may be allowed ‘A’ category scale of pay at the time of their joining the post.

ii) Teachers completed one year Diploma in Primary Teacher Training Course and appointed after 31.12.2005 and subsequently covered one year Bridge Course through NCTE recognised Institution:

Provided such category of teachers may be allowed ‘A’ category scale of pay from the date of their joining the post or the date of attainment of the qualification whichever is later.

iii) Teachers who have attained 1 yr./ 2 yrs. Diploma in Elementary Education from State recognised institutions and appointed as teacher on or before 31.12.2005 shall be treated as ‘trained teacher’:

iv) Teachers who have attained degree/diploma viz. D.Ed (Special Education) or B.Ed. (Special Education) from RCI recognised institution and subsequently covered a 6 months’ course in elementary education from NCTE recognised institution.

v) Teachers who possessed B. Ed degree and appointed before 01.01.2012 and subsequently completed 6 months’ course from NCTE recognised institution in elementary education.

vi) Teachers appointed prior to 01.07.1996 and also obtained B.ED/ B.T. / PGBT degree / diploma prior to 01.07.1996 may be allowed ‘A’ category scale of pay.

The above guidelines may be followed in disposal of matters related to granting of ‘A’ category scale of pay to Primary School Teachers.

Yours faithfully

Sd/- Joint Secretary

Main Order, Source


  1. animesh says

    no one has the idea regarding the the hs scale or salary structure after securing dled degree. Is there anyone who can satisfy me by giving a perfect information…………………………. oterwise this is a voghassssssssss site

  2. Satinath Banerjee says

    In addition to my earlier post dated 25 Feb 14. Pl find the copy of the Subject Certificate of H.S. If, School Education Department ,still ignore the issue (already represented by Central Govt and other EXSM in Service Teacher, another lot a administrative problem for West Bengal Govt as well as the affected person is going to take place. Because the 100% authenticity of the Certificate, leaves no doubt In terms its’ acceptability and fulfills each criteria of eligibility, as the State Govt and School Education Department sought for, in its Notification.

  3. Satinath Banerjee says

    I am an Ex-Serviceman (Indian Air Force) This Comment is not being initialised from a particular ‘in service Primary Teachers’. Number of times it is brought to the consent of School Education Department not only by the individual teachers (Primary), BUT all the ex-servicemen (now Primary Teachers, Min of Def, GOI, Cabinet Secreteriat, Min of Pers. with copy of policies, copy of a valid Certificate “as passing an equivalent to H.S.Exam, Senior Seconery, P.U.(XI,XII) with 50% marks obtained ineach Subject, authorised as valid for all the States of Union Territory, for all the pupose including consideration for any service and for further educational pupose also. Recognition and affiiation of at least 15 universities, with a special status given by the Central Govt Cabinet Secc. as authorised, recognised, affiliated by the University of India. A genuine Certificate of passing equiv. to H.S. and all the policy and letters alongwith a request for reconcilation , have been forwarded to the School Education Department by the GOI, and all the effected persons . But not a single reply is neither sent to Centrl Government, nor the people concerned. I would like to again request the School Edn Deptt, West Bengal to sort out the issue, well before it comes to anend. NCTE, is a departnent of under Central Govt, under Min of Pers, Min of HRD. They cannot object into this matter. Only your department is keeping quite to make a conclusion over it. Tile will elapsed, the whole proceeding may leads to legal hazards. Having in possession of Eq. to H.S. Certificate, a special status of Ex-Serviceman, will definitely, come under judiciary, and the School Education Deptt, has to accept the whole thing , indue course. A mass petition is going to be filed, if the issue is not squash up before that. The Certificate of H.S. fulfills all the criter4ian, asked by the NCTE, School Edn Deptt, WB.

  4. Ashok Pradhan says

    I am teacher of a primary school in Darjeeling district under Kurseong circle appointed in the year 1997 but I have not gone through the teachers training course because of that still I am in the B CATEGORY. So is there any posibilities to go through the teachers training?

  5. Satyajit Mukherjee says

    I have qualified in TET 2012. Non trained, Graduate…. (Primary).. How much will get as salary in the first month?

  6. pradip says

    what pay scale should i get after completing d.i.ed cource.i joined on 3rd march 2011.having 50%h.s ,graduation,m.a. pradip muhuri

  7. Sarbo islam says

    Jara parimary te h.s 50% d.el.ed qualification nie notun join korbe…tader basic pay garade koto hobe total salary koto hbe???

  8. abhisek roy says

    H.S scale r A category jinis ta ek noy.untrained teacher ra trained hobar por A category te asben with grade pay 2600(minimum starting 6325 instead of 5860).but when the minimum qualification is upgraded from madhyamik to H.S then what would be the payscale? Is it7100-37600 with grade pay 3600?ROPA te bola achhe j teacher der minimum qualification diploma( equivalent to H.S) hole tara 7100-37600 payscale paben with grade pay 3600.tahole ei scale primary teacher ra paben na keno?



  10. Biswajit Duley says

    Dear sir,
    Ami 2010 sale primarite join korechi, bartamane ami 3ti incriment payechi.amar prosno holo jadi h.s scale chalu hoi tabe amader BP kivabe hiseb kara habe?jara natun H.S scale join korbe tader saman habe na amra siniar hisebe besi BP pabo? Plz janaben.

  11. joy sarkar says

    amar appointment 2005 er june,ami madhyamik pass o one year basic training prapto, aamar ki H.S.Compulsury?

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