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August 18, 2022

Here is a collection of different Excel Utility, Calculators etc. which may be useful for West Bengal Govt. Employees. All these utilities are created with lots of effort, so we need some favour from you. Please share this to as many people you know. Stay tuned for more. Thanks.

Salary Increment Calculator

July is the month for annual increment @ 3% of salary for every West Bengal Government Employees. Here you can check your salary after the increment. Employees are paid enhanced salary effective from the month of July, 2022.

Professional Tax Deduction Calculator

Profession Tax must be deducted by the DDO from the salary or wages earned by every Government Employee as per Government Rules regarding Tax on Profession in West Bengal.

GPF Subscription Calculator

After completion of one year continuous service by an employee joining in General Provident Fund scheme is compulsory. Accountant General (A&E), West Bengal allots GPF Account number.

GISS Deduction Calculator

West Bengal State Govt Employees’ Group Insurance-Cum-Savings Scheme is Compulsory for all Government employees joined on or after 01.11.1987.

Pension Calculator as per ROPA, 2019

Minimum qualifying service for eligibility of pension is 10 years. Full Pension is applicable for qualifying service of 20 years or more. Maximum ceiling of pension = Rs. 1,00,500/- and Minimum amount of pension = Rs. 8,500/- as per ROPA, 2019.

Gratuity Calculator

An employee on retirement is entitled to get a gratuity amount. Maximum amount of retiring gratuity/ death gratuity is Rs. 12,00,000/- as per ROPA, 2019.

Commuted Value of Pension Calculator

A Government Employee while retirement is entitled to commute upto a lumpsum of 40% of pension. Such Commuted Value of Pension (CVP) can be calculated from this calculator.

Service Length Calculator

It simply calculates the date difference between the date of joining and any given date to find out the service period which is often required to determine various benefits for the government employees.

Superannuation Date Calculator

It calculates the retirement date as per superannuation rule of West Bengal Government employees. The last working day of the month attaining the retirement age is the superannuation date.

Leave Salary Encashment Calculator

When an employee retires or dies while in service, he is eligible to encashment leave upto the period of 300 days or leave due whichever is less.

Simple Income Tax Calculator 2022-23

This excel utility calculates income tax for the salaried person. It has considered all the parameters for proper calculation of income tax for an individual.

Simple Income Tax Calculator, 2022-23 – Lite Version

Single sheet data input. Enter Salary for the Month of March, 2022 to February, 2023. Single sheet Computation Form. Print Computation Form in a single A4 size paper and the salary sheet on the reverse side conveniently.

Simple GISS Solution, 2022

This Excel utility will calculate the accumulation of savings fund under 1983 Schemes upto 516 months and 1987 Scheme November, 1999 to April, 2022.

Simple Superannuation Pension, 2021

This utility will calculate the period of service, date of retirement, date of starting pension & family pension, date and amount of next increment, amount of pension & family pension, gratuity, C.V.P., and all related calculations for superannuation case only.

Court Fees Calculator

This Excel utility is helpful to calculate the required Court fees for suit, will and succession cases.

Automatic Pay Fixation Calculator

Automatic Pay Fixation Calculator for the employees of West Bengal State Govt. Employees under ROPA 2009 and ROPA 2019 is for calculating the pay after any fixation for different reasons.

Basic Retirement Benefits Calculator

Basic Retirement Benefits Calculator for West Bengal Govt. Employees, is about calculation of retiring pension (including family pension), retiring and death gratuity and leave salary in one single app.

Easy Pension Calculator

Easy Pension Calculator is mainly for the people who is serving Govt. job especially in the Govt. of West Bengal, Govt. sponsored/ aided school & College, local bodies, Govt. Undertakings and in the verge of retirement or expired while in service.

Excel Calendar for Any Year

This is a semi automated calendar utility. You can enter any year after 1901. The days of the dates will be arranged automatically. However you need to input the holidays manually.

General Provident Fund Account Calculator

This Excel Utility will calculate and generate Account Slip of P.F. for Normal/ Retirement/ Death cases. Rate of interest from the financial year 1996-97 to 2018-19 is auto filled.

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