Transfer Rules of Primary Teacher incl Head Teacher

West Bengal Primary Education (Transfer of Teachers including Head Teacher) Rules, 2002 shall apply to Teachers incl. Head Teachers for the purpose of transfer from one primary school to another within the jurisdiction of a Council.

Government of West Bengal
School Education Department, Primary Branch


No. 809-SE(Pry), Dated: 15.07.2002

In exercise of the power conferred by the sub-section (1) and clause (K) of sub-section (2) of section 106 of the West Bengal Primary Education Act, 1973 (West Bengal Act XLIII of 1973) (hereinafter referred to as the said Act), the Government is pleased to make the following rules. The rules will be in suppression of all previous rules and will come into effect immediately.


1. Short title and application:

(1) These rules may be called the West Bengal Primary Education (Transfer of Teachers including Head Teacher) Rules, 2002.

(2) These rules shall apply to Teachers including Head Teachers for the purpose of transfer from one primary school to another within the jurisdiction of a Council.

2. Definitions:

In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires.

(a) “The Act” means the West Bengal Primary Education Act, 1973 (West Bengal Act XLIII of 1973);

(b) “Board” means the West Bengal Board of Primary Education established under the Act;

(c) “Council” means a District Primary School Council established under the Act;

(d) “Head Teacher” means the teacher of a Primary School appointed as a Head Teacher of the Primary School by the Council;

(e) “Primary School” means a School or a department of a School set up under the Act;

(f) “Teacher” means a person who holds a teaching post in a primary school or in a junior basic school, appointed on a regular and whole time basis and is paid wholly from the funds under the control of the State Government in the School Education Department.

3. Roll Strength of a Teacher

A Primary Teacher under the jurisdiction of the Council ordinarily will have one teacher for every forty pupils or part thereof, not being less than twenty in a hilly, forested or other thinly populated area. A second teacher may be admissible when the roll strength exceeds sixty. A third teacher may be admissible when the Roll strength exceeds one hundred. Similarly, a fourth teacher may be admissible when the Roll strength exceeds one hundred forty and so on. But in no case a primary school is to have less than two teachers.

4. Condition for Transfer

A Council may –

(a) On its own motion, or

(b) On an application from a teacher, transfer approved teacher within its jurisdiction from one primary schools to another primary schools on the condition that such approved teacher is confirmed and has completed minimum two years of continuous service both in case of mutual or single transfer;

Provided that the Council may, if it considers necessary for proper utilization of service of a primary teacher in the interest of education, transfer and approved teacher without maintaining any time limit of service;

Provided further that where there is a surplus teacher according to Roll strength as stated in rule 3, the Council may, on its own motion, transfer such approved teacher without maintaining any time limit of service by way of rational adjustment of teacher in a primary school having deficit teacher in the following order of preference:

(i) A primary school without an approved teacher,
(ii) A primary school having a single teacher, and
(iii) Other primary school having shortage of teacher.

5. Procedure for Transfer

(1) A teacher seeking transfer under clause b of rule 4, shall submit his application for transfer with reasons thereof to the concerned Sub-Inspector of Schools during the month of December of each year and the concerned Sub-Inspector of Schools shall subsequently send such application with his specific views to the respective Council by January of the Succeeding year.

(2) Subject to sub rule (3) the Council shall consider such application and take a decision in respect of transfer by February and March of each year. Every transfer order shall be effected either at the end or at the beginning of the academic year.

Provided that if it is considered expedient to do so by the Council under a exceptional circumstances the application for transfer may be considered at any time with the approval of the Board.

(3) The Council may, while processing the application for transfer of approved teachers, consider the applications of such teachers as stated below on the priority basis according to the following order of preference, namely:

(a) A physically handicapped teacher having more than fifty percent of handicappedness of such teacher possessing a supporting document issued by the competent authority;
(b) A female teacher who has to face serious inconvenience in attending the school regularly due to her present place of posting;
(c) A teacher suffering from acute incurable disease like cancer, kidney element etc. and such teacher possessing a supporting document issued by the competent authority;

(4) After considering the application for transfer of an approved teacher, the Council may accept or reject the application for transfer and such decision of the Council shall be final.

(5) If the application of the approved teacher is accepted, the Council shall issue an order of transfer under the signature of the Secretary of the Council and such order shall be communicated to the teacher and other concerned forthwith.

(6) On receipt of the order of transfer, the Sub-Inspector of School s of the concerned Council shall immediately issue release order in favour of the teacher, so transferred, with a direction the new place of posting.

(7) The concerned teacher shall after receiving the release order, join the new place of posting as directed under sub-rule 6. A transferred teacher shall be entitled to the joining time as stated under rule 7 depending upon the distance between two schools by normal route.

(8) The transferred teacher shall at the time of joining new place of posting submit a joining report to the concerned Sub-Inspector of Schools who shall endorse a copy of the joining report to the Secretary to the Council.

6. Bar to Transfer

(1) No teacher shall be eligible to apply for transfer for a period of five years from the date of transfer.

(2) No teacher shall be eligible for transfer if he attains the age of fifty seven years.

(3) No prayer of transfer shall be entertained for next five years if the transfer order is not carried out by an approved teacher in whose favour a transfer order is issued.

7. Joining Time

A teacher while carrying out the order of transfer shall be entitled to joining time as specified below namely:

Distance between two Schools by normal route Joining Time
Up to 8 Kms Nil
Above 8 Kms to 30 Kms 1 (one) day
Above 30 Kms but under 150 Kms 2 (two) days
Above 150 Kms 3 (three) days

8. Inter Council Transfer

In case of inter council transfer the Council shall follow the principles and procedures of the board in accordance with the provision conferred by the clause (K) of section 19 of the Act.

9. Disciplinary Proceedings

Where a teacher fails to comply with an order of transfer made under these rules, disciplinary proceedings against such teacher may be initiated.

10. Appeal

(1) A teacher aggrieved by an order of transfer may, within 30 days of the date of receipt of such order, prefer an appeal to the Board.

(2) Such an aggrieved teacher shall, before preferring any appeal against as order of transfer under these rules, be required to comply with the order of transfer.

(3) The Board may dismiss the appeal or pass an order directing the Council to modify or reverse its decision, and the Council shall comply with such order.

11. Interpretation

If any question arises relating to the interpretation of these rules, the Council shall refer the matter to the Board and the decision of the Board shall be final.

By the order of the Governor

Sd/- D. Basu
Special Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal

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  • Gobinda Sarkar


  • Gobinda Sarkar

    Presently working at khanakul east circle, hooghly district. I want to transfer at any place of north 24 pgs, south 24 pgs, or Nadia district. If anyone interested please e-mail me.

  • Pratima mal

    I am a primary asst. teacher of Nalhati East circle at Shitalgram Primary School. I want to mutual transfer at Bolpur. please contract my email.

  • Jayanta Das

    I am a assistant teacher in chakdaha west circle… at shimurali.
    I want transfer to any morning school at north 24 pgs… I have shifted to belgharia..
    how this will be possible???

  • debananda sarkar

    Reference 1193/BPE/2013 not implement.New chairman /secretary msd dpsc implement transfer order within 24 hours!order issue to concerned sis lalgola south & jiaganj circle concerned head teacher&teacher in charge.with regards, debananda sarkar head teacher jiaganj. msd.


    I am working teacher of Sabang East Circle under Paschim Medinipore, I want to transfer to Rajarhat West Circle under North 24 Parganas.

  • Nihar Biswas

    I am working kalna south circle burdwan district wants to transfer hooghly district main line.

  • Nihar Biswas

    I work in kalna south circle burdwan district, transfer to hooghly district main line.

  • mayur prajapat

    i am 3rd grade teacher in barmer (rajasthan) since 2012 and i am daibetes patient. kya daibetes incurable diseases hai? kya mera transfer ho sakta ha. please send me related rule.

  • A Khan

    Need mutual transfer from Pri. School in Malda town to Pri School in kolkata. Interested candidate my please contact.

  • debi ghosh

    I want to transfer north 24 pgs


    Is it possible to mutual transfer between 2 different categories within 2 different councils. Plz reply.

    • Gobinda Sarkar

      Apni kon council theke kon council a aste chaichen

      • Chayan biswas

        Murshidabad to north 24 pgs

  • sangita

    i am a primary teacher A.T in sadar west circle in berhampore want mutual transfer to durgapur,asansol,ranijange ,burdwan ,panagarh ,please contact me ,my email id is

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    i am a primary teacher of a school which is under sadar east circle burdwan.i want a mutual transfer of asansol circle or hirapur circleor surroundings email id is

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  • paromita

    i want mutual transfar from murshidabad district /berhampore to durgapur,raniganje ,asansol,panagarh,burdwan as an primary at ,please reply

  • Tapan Kumar Debnath

    Sir ,
    I am an Head Teacher of Sadpur Radharani Primary School, Burwan Circle, Murshidabad District Primary School Council, I want to mutual transfer to Nanoor or Bolpur Circle. My Email

  • Debananda sarkar Head Teacher

    To The Chairman / Secretary
    Murshidabad District Primary School Council.
    Reference No 1193/BPE/2013 as a Glucomae Patient Pl.Issue urgent transfer&joining Letter at Rajlaxi Jr. Basic Pry. School Or 27 H.N. GSFP in Jiaganj Circle. Debananda sarkar. Head Teacher.

    • Debananda sarkar Head Teacher

      Why Sagir Hossain Msd. DPSC said Transfer stop?Please take necessary action for transfer of Debananda sarkar Head Teacher at Jiaganj circleImmediately. Thank You Dev.H.T.

  • sudip kumar chatterjee

    contact me if anyone want to be transferred from north 24pgs, south 24pgs or nadia dist. to bankura dist.

    • debi ghosh

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  • sathi chattoraj

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  • Gobinda Sarkar

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    • Rabisankar Maity

      I M a assistant teacher in Maheshtala West Circle of South 24 Pargana…my school is 35 minutes 4m sealdah station by train..and just 15 minutes 4m Alipoor..
      I want 2 transfer in contai which is my hometown…pls contact me as soon as possible…

      • Gobinda Sarkar

        I am interested please contact with me my e-mail id

      • aunik das

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    • Rabisankar Maity

      Contact me..I M INTERESTED..

    • Rabisankar Maity

      I m interested..pls email me

    • Rabisankar Maity

      Please check ur email inbox

  • Banani Roy

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    • Dilip Saha

      Where you are wanted to transfer?

      • Banani Roy

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  • Debananda sarkar Head Teacher

    To the secretary
    Minister-in charge
    West Bengal primary school education board.
    Reference No 1193/BPE/2013 Transfer of Debananda sarkar Head Teacher at Jiaganj 27-H.N. Singh GSFP But no writen to concerned authority by Sagir hossain DPSC MSD. Plz. Immediate implement.Otherwise dishonour!Known to C.M.

  • kiran chhetri

    its year been pass waiting for da transfer order why none get transfer from kumargramduar circle?is this bcoz its one of da backward area or is it due to political reason?i m applying 4 transfer since 2 008 but not succeeded till now.pls sir have a look into our matter.dont neglect us.plz plz plz giv me a transfer to kalchini circle.i cant travel 190 km every day to conduct my duty.

  • Arkanarayan Biswas

    I arkanarayan biswas , a primary school teacher of Mirdanga g.s.f.p., I am a 80 % physicaly hanficaped person, in that case I am noticed a surplus transfar, now I want to stop it beacause the new school is far from my old school, in that case is it posible to cancel it? I have 1 mnth time.thank you.

  • Mithu Mahanty Manna

    I am a primary teacher in purulia district, sadar (II) circle. I want to go any where of north 24 parganas, barrackpore circle. Interested person please do rply. My email id is

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    I am an Assistant Teacher in Kolkata district ( circle 8 in day session). I am interested to get mutual transfer in the same district circle 1 (one) preferably in morning session. Interested teachers may contact in my Email Address:

  • Banani Roy

    help me soon

  • Banani Roy

    Presently serving at konnagar(uttarpara cicel,near howrah).want to get transfer
    in near about chinsurah(chandannagar to bandel).E

  • Tanmoy

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    Tanusri Pal is now presently serving at Muradpur Primary School Birbhum and now want to get transfer in near about Asansol Burdwan

  • Baishakhi Karmakar

    I Baishakhi Karmakar an asstt. teacher in Bagri primary School under Mogra, Hoogly circle want mutual transfer surrounding the kolkata specificaly at khardah/sodepur area.

    • Banani Roy

      To…(Madam)Baisakhi Karmaker,I’m working at konnagar,near kolkata,if interested about mutual contact with

  • payel khan

    i am working as a primary teacher in a school under simlapal circle,dist-bankura.i want mutual transfer in kolkata/north 24 pargana.

  • Swarnava Das

    Dear all,I am Swarnava Das,AT in kalchini circle near Alipurduar,Jalpaiguri district.I want a mutual tranfer to any parts of kolkata as early as possible.pls make a reply comment if anyone is interested to have a mutual transfer with me form kolkata to in and around jalpaiguri district.

  • baishakhi karmakar

    I Baishakhi Karmakar an asstt. teacher in Bagri primary School under Mogra, Hoogly circlwant mutual transfer surrounding the kolkata specificaly m khardah/sodepur area.


    I’m a TIC of under Kolkata Primary School Circle 16 of Shri Hindi Vidyalaya situated at Tangra(Anandapallit) CIT ROAD.
    Need to transfer at Dakhineswar or near about of Kamarhati Circle in NORTH 24 Pargana.(HINDI MEDIUM)

  • P.Mal

    I am a AT at shitalgram Pry School under Nalhati East Circle. I want mutual transfer at Bolpur circle. If any teacher willing to mutual transfer with me, kindly contract my email address-

  • ganesh patra

    Hello Sir,
    My wife is a primary teacher in pirakata, near midnapur town, midnapur. We would like to get a mutual transfer south kolkata, or North kolkata or surrounding area. Can you please help me over this.



  • santosh gupta

    My wife is posted as Assistant Teacher in Dhuliyan, Murshidabad. She wants mutual transfer to any school under Baidyabati or Hooghly Circle. Interested teacher may reply. Thanks.

  • sujit das

    I am a primary teachet of tarakeswar circle hooghly.
    I resided in north 24 parganas. I want transfer
    to my home district . If anybody is there

    • Jayanta

      111_11Working at n24pgs atbongaon train. Line. From gums station to one hour by auto. My mail is Jayanta.


    i am a assistant teacher of kultuka pry. school 9 km far from susunia hill,under bankura dpsc.i want a mutual transfer to INDPUR EAST/BANKURA 1/BANKURA 2/CHHATNA.

  • arif_zakaria

    hello sir,
    i am Md.Arif Zakaria Primary Assistant teacher in Malda district.
    Now in my school total students no is 104 including pre-primary class.
    we are 6 teacher including Headteacher.

    now DPSC has decide to surplus exes teacher for school.
    we have faced major problem to admitted new students.
    but beside my shcoll there is also a High attached primary school.
    this season they admitted more than 700 students.

    My question is it under RULES of RTE??
    i heard that in this season no school have permission to admit more than 60 students.
    if it’s rules then how DPSC permitted to break the LAW??

    plz reply


    Hi, I’m a A.T at Salarpur Primary School, (Balagarh West Circle) in Hooghly District and my home is Near Ranaghat. So I want to transfer in anywhere in Nadia or Boangoan Sub-divition of N24pgs. If anybody is to do so plz mobile me.

  • ahashanul

    rajib narman ,pry teacher needs transfer from dinhata to siliguri… Format of application,pls.


    I am Buddhadev Maji. I am a Primary Teacher, working at Mongalkote(III) circle from Burdwan DPSC. I want to go Durgapur, Kanksa-II, or any place of near Durgapur.


    I am Srimanta Maji. I am a Primary Teacher, working at Mongalkote(III) circle from Burdwan DPSC. I want to go Kanksa-I/II, Budbud or any place of near Panagarh.

  • joyashree mondal

    I am a teacher at burnpur burdwan.I want to transfer at purulia dist

    • Username*

      i m a primary asst teacher under purulia dpsc. i want transfer to bankura or burdwan.



    • Jayanta

      Hello my school. Is at near chalk’s circle. FROM GUMA STATION TO ONE HOUR BY AUTO ON BONGAON. TRAIN LINE. WANT TO MUTUAL TRANSFER TRANSFER. To howrah / hooghly district. My. Email is Jayanta.

  • soumen bag

    i am working pukhuria pry school(vill+po-pukhuria,dist-bankura).i am from kotulpur.for any type of transfer

  • soumen bag

    i am soumen bag.i am a primary teacher warking at simlapal (w )circle from kotulpur. I want to go near bishnupur, taldangra,kotulpur,indus.kamarpukur.arambagh.

  • Bikash saha

    I am a primary teacher. Working at khandaghosh 1 circle. I want transfer at any place of north 24pgs, kolkata district.

  • Tapas

    Can you please give me address of DPSC South 24pgs and kolkata..

  • Bikash saha

    Ami ekjon primary teacher. Ato din sikshakata korar por ekta sidhante esechi je mid day meal school-a upasthitir har bariyeche thik kintu mid day meal er jonno sikshar man tolanite ese thekeche. Karon ek mid day meal er jonno HT ke hazar rakom hisab rakhte hoy. Tar upor anno kaj to achai. Ato sab samlanor jonno kono clerk nei tai HT pokkhe thik moto class neoa sombhab noy ar AT ke 2to class samlate gele ghatti to porbei. Tar upor pray sob school-a radhunider churi korar probanata. Tader pahara dite ar ekta AT niog korle valo hoy. Ar prottonto gram-ar dike abhivabokder porasonar chaite mid day meal khaoanor proti agroho besi. Ha ei aprio sotti ta bolte holo. Anno school-a manso hoyeche apnader school-a keno hoy ni. Yodi school chatra diye vorano ta asol laksha hoy tahole mid day meal sarthok. Ar yodi sikshar mamer kotha bola hoy tahole ek ta prosna chinha roye jay. Eta amar dharona. Sikkhak bandhua ami apnader dharona ta jante chai.

  • rina chattoraj

    sir ,i am an Assistant primary teacher of berhampore ,murshidabad district ,want to mutual transfer to durgapur ,asansol ,raniganj ,burdwan ,panagarh ,illambazar

  • umesh

    I am asst teacher of bahirghannya f.p. school in galsi circle near galsi station .I want mutual transfer to the surrounding area of burdwan town.

  • tushar saha

    Sir i am an at of khoyrasole circle.our Head Teacher is misbehaving with us(3 assistant teacher).HT does nt take any classes at school,only take nap everyday.on the other hand we come in right time,take classes sincerely.still ht called my father nd complained against me.can we directly go to chairman?

  • Raju Das

    Mr. Utpal Mukherjee we know that you were a ex sergeant of Indian air force. But please don’t highlights your self for a several times that you were a ex sergeant of air force. Now you are a primary teacher and you should always remember it. Thank you.

    • Utpal Mukherjee

      Mr. Raju Das,
      I feel pity on you. I think you could not achieve your target in your life what you wanted to be. Thats why you are jealous on me (or may be on others who are in better position than you). I am proud to be a Sergeant of Indian Air Force. Now I am a Primary Teacher. I am also proud for my present occupation. What is the wrong to project my identity? I advise you to acquire higher education and knowledge and be something extra-ordinary. (I doubt about your qualification. Because your comments are full of spelling-mistakes and grammatical mistakes). Don’t feel jealous on anybody. It will neither fetch happiness to you, nor you will become a “HERO” for making such a foolish comment. Try to give respect to others if you want to get respect.

    • Dibakar Mondal

      Mr. Utpal Mukherjee has given appropriate reply to Raju Das. I salute Mr. Mukherjee that he was a Sergeant of Indian Air Force. I too feel proud for our Defence Personnel and Ex-Servicemen. Raju Das should ask apology from Mr. Mukherjee.

    • Jayanta Dey

      To Raju Das, Before pointing out anybody or giving advice to anybody just think what are you. From where did you learn English ? This platform is to be used for solving our problems. I have seen many comments made by Mr. Utpal Mukherjee and I feel he (Mr. Mukherjee) has a positive attitude to help others. What is your problem? It will be better if you oil your own machine. Understood ? I congratulate Mr. Mukherjee for a heavy slap on your face with a very descent language.

      • Raju Das

        I am really very sorry for my previous comment against Mr. Utpal Mukherjee.
        Utpal Sir, please do not mind anything. In future I shall not comment like this. Kindly forgive me. I request Utpal Sir to please give me your phone No. I want to speak with you. Again, I am sorry.

  • Gobinda sarkar

    I am a primary teacher. Working at Mostafapur Gandhi primary school, khanakul, hooghly. I want transfer at any place of north 24pgs or from uttorpara to chinchura in hooghly.


    I want transfer from Basirhat Dandirhat primary School to BONGAON sub-division or GAIGHATA sub-division mail


    I want transfer from Basirhat Dandirhat primary School to BONGAON sub-division if any one interested call me 9564154523



  • Chanchal Kumar Hens

    I am an assistant teacher in a primary school. It’s located in Bhatar Circle. I want a transfer to Raina lV or Khandaghosh Circle. 9002146614

  • Chandan Ghosh

    Hello Sir,
    My wife is a primary teacher in nalikul, near singur, hooghli. We would like to get a mutual transfer Rajarhat, or North kolkata or surrounding area.


    I am a primary school teacher posting at paschim medinipur(goaltore) ,want mutual transfer to bankura district



  • santu bhattacharya

    I am asst teacher of Nutangram f.p. school in burdwan north circle.I want mutual transfer to the surrounding area of burdwan town.

  • bidyut

    an s.i can do a intercircle transfer as per as his like?

    • Utpal Mukherjee

      No. Never. He/She is not authorized to do so.

  • kiran chhetri

    i m a pry school teacher under kumargram circle since 2003.after my marriage in da yr 2008,my residence sifted to such i need to travel more than 95kms to attend my duty everyday.i had aply 4 transfer twice b4 but did not get may b due 2 da less no of teacher,i.e 2.and 3 para.but in da yr 2010,five more teacher joined my school,as a result no of teacher bcame 10,including 3 para.this yr after publication of transfer circular in june,i have again aply 4 transfer in one teacher i expect transfer definately this yr?

  • tumpa

    I’ve applied to the district board for transfer when i was pregnant. My school is about 65 k.m.s from my husband house. Now I’ve a child of only 5 months old. And it is impossible to take him in my school for his care. Can you say how can I’ll get my transfer order?

    • Utpal Mukherjee

      My dear sister,
      I’m Utpal Mukherjee, an Ex Sergeant of Indian Air Force and presently a primary teacher of Ashurali FP School of Diamond Harbour North Circle, South 24 Parganas.
      I feel your difficulties, because, I was also appointed to a school which was 46 km away from my home. I projected my problems in details to my DPSC and I got my Transfer Order near to my home.
      I advise you to project your problems in details to your DPSC. I am sure that your case will be considered sympathetically and you will be transferred near to your home. Best wishes.

      • Prasenjit chakraborty

        Utpal sir, U are lucky that ur DPSC is simpathetic. But I am not so. My 1st joining was 123 km away from my home. I continue there 7years. Then I get transfer .Now the distance is near about 42km.
        DPSC Burdwan do this jjoke to many other teachers also….
        we continue enjoy this joke………

  • Shantanu Chakrabarty

    I am an assistant teacher of Gopikantapur F.P. School, Surekalna, Jamalpur, Burdwan. It is in JAMALPUR Circle. I want mutual transfer in the area of surrounding Burdwan , Kanchannagar, Udaypally, Rathtala, Belkash, Jotram, Bambottala, Dewandighi, Nadra, sadarghat, Khalerpul etc. My Email no. –

  • Soma Kanjilal

    I’m a Primary teacher.
    I want mutual transfer from Purbasthali circle ( Burdwan ) to Chandannagar/Chinsurah/ Bhadreswar circle ( Hooghly ).

  • Palash lala

    I am A.T of a primary school having 2 yrs b.ed from ignou.may i have to do d.ed?

  • Utpal Mukherjee

    I’m an ex Sergeant of Indian Air Force, joined as Asst Teacher of Tajpur FP School, Kulpi-II circle, South 24 Parganas on 25/02/2010. Distance of my school from my home is approx 46 km. My mother expired before 4 yrs. My 76 yrs’ old father is a case of Progressive Dementia. He has lost his memory, even, he cannot recognize me. He is fully depending on me. I applied for my transfer on 02/11/2011 to my home circle, Diamond Harbour North. Since then, I am struggling for my transfer, but nobody from my SIS, Kulpi-II up to the Chairperson of DPSC, south 24 pgs is showing any sympathy towards me or my ailing father! My Question is, how others are getting transferred so easily ? As an ex-serviceman, do I not deserve any sympathy ? I request our honourable Chief minister, Mamata-didi to inter-vain in this matter, so that an ex sergeant of IAF, who served for 20 years may get transferred to home circle.

    • Utpal Mukherjee

      I am grateful to the Chairperson of DPSC, South 24 Parganas (Mrs. Suranjana Chakraborty) and DPSC, South 24 Parganas that they have sympathetically considered my problems. Now I am transferred to Ashurali FP School, Diamond Harbour North Circle. This school is about 3 km from my home. Thanks to all of them who are involved in processing of my transfer.

    • subir

      Hi, Mr Utpal Mukherjee, I have just seen your many comments on this forum and i think you are regular visitor of the forum, I am seeking some real information about inter-district transfer, Actually i want to transfer my wife from COB to SOUTH-24PGNS. I need some information about DPSC of south 24 pgns, as you said you got sympathy from DPSC our case also very sensitive, If you dont mind can i have your mail id?? or can please send me your number at I will call you if dont mind.

      Thanks in advance
      Subir Saha

      • Utpal Mukherjee

        Dear friend Mr. Subir Saha,
        After opening this website after many months, I saw your mail just now. I don’t know whether your wife is transferred to your desired location or not. If she is already transferred, it’s fine. If not, please tell her to put-up an application again to the DPSC, COB through the Sub Inspector of Schools of concerned Circle. All problems must be written in the application in details and it may be supported by relevant documents such as Medical Certificate, Certificate from MLA / MP etc. I hope that the concerned authorities will consider your case favourably and your wife will be transferred to desired area at the earliest. I can give you surety that (now-a-days) DPSCs are very transparent and credible in this regard. Best wishes for both of you.

      • Subir

        Hi Mr Utpal thanks for your comment, i have completed the process from COB no i am looking for action that will be initiated from DPSC 24 PGNS and APC bhawan.
        Can i have your number?



  • CA

    Transfer of primary teachers in birbhum district bondao aachhe keno? Kobe theke chalu hobe?

  • Payal Dey

    Dear Sir,

    I am an Asst Teacher at Mudipara Primary School, Jalpaiguri. I am getting married to a person who is placed at Haldia. I need to get a transfer to Haldia in order to continue my esteemed job.

    I love teaching my fellow students. I donot want to leave my job.

    Kindly suggest me how do I get my transfer to Haldia which is a fair distance from Jalpaiguri.

    With Regards,
    Payal Dey,

  • Prabir kr. Chatterjee

    My wife is in bidhannagar.Its under rajarhat 2 circle.She has 2 months baby.She is in very much difficulty.Her service is 6 yrs running.Plz help us to do tranfer in burdwan town or durgapur.

    • kk

      i am a pry. school teacher joined in 2012. 2 months ago i have married in kolkata. though i hv not completed 2 months job,can i get transfer in kolkata district?

    • papan halder

      are you interested to transfer in sonamukhi , is nearest to durgapur.pls contact

      mail id

      • Papan Halder

        amar wife sonamukhi,Bankura theke kolkata aste chai,ekjon teacher pawa geche jini durgapur theke sonamukhi,bankura aste chan.Apnar wife kolkata theke durgapur aste chan.onara tin jon e inter district mutual transfer karte parben.

    • Mithu Mahanty Manna

      I am a primary teacher of purulia district. Nearest to durgapur. If interested then contact me:

  • CA

    Joined as an assistent teacher in 3rd march 2010 in Birbhum District. The school is 62 km away from home. There is 90 years old father in the house. Can I pray for transfer to my home circle? S.I. or Council does not receive my application. What can i do?

  • sujit kumar mal

    i am sujit kumar mal,working as a primary school teacher in petuakhali mojammel s.para F.P school under basanti south circle in south 24 parganas. i am also holding the post of teacher-in-charge of the said school. i seek mutual transfer at anywhere in west bengal.if anybody interested to do mutual transfer with me.

  • Romen

    I have worked in a primary school as the teacher-in-charge for more than 8 months at a stretch. Can I legally claim the post when panel is being made ready/after the panel is ready for the post of Head Teacher?

  • baisali kundu

    when will it going to start in Purulia? To whom we should complain about allthese delay?

  • Soma Nandi


    I am Asstt. Teacher in Nimdanga Primary School, Vill. Nimdanga, Post. Neturia, Circle. Neturia New, Dist. Purulia (5 kilometers from Panchyet, 8 kilometers from Barakar, 25 kilometers from Asansol).

    I joined on 08.02.2010.

    I want mutual transfer to :

    1. Bankura Block – 2,
    2. Bankura Block – 1,
    3. Bankura Sadar Sub-Division.

    Anyone interested for mutual transfer, please contact :
    Mr. Surajit Mandal – E-mail at


    • baisali kundu

      whether mutual or single transfer started in PURULIA.

  • surya

    I am a primary teacher in raigram.monteswar-II circle,kalna sub division,burdwan.
    want Inter-district mutual transfer at Siuri of Birbhum district.Contract in “”.


    I am Namrata Thakur posted in Dumdum Janta Primary Schhol from may 2011. I have been married in Siliguri. so I am suffering problems because my husband’s job and home is in Siliguri. Can I appy transfer to Siliguri.

    • subir

      plz call ,me i think we can do mutual transfer subir

  • balraj das

    i am a teacher of daser gar school and i want to take a trassfer in durgapur any body is their then contact me

    • Tomader Gyan Data

      Before asking any question,please correct your spellings of the words.As a Teacher you should write Diser Garh(instead of Daser Gar) and transfer(instead of trassfer)

  • Raju ghising

    Sir I am Astt. Teacher of Vedyas Primary School Jaigaon under Kalchini circle In our school we are altogether 10 teacher (6 permanent and 4 para) but student number is more than 500 and there is no furniture for 3 rooms and additional class room is not available to section the class as there is more than 80 students in one classroom what procedure should we follow

    • Debaprasad Desarkar

      After inter district transfer,will a teacher lose seniority for become a H.T in new district?

  • Koushik Das

    My wife is a primary teacher in Nadia district I my job location is in Kolkata. She applied for inter-district transfer to Ndaia District Council. There was a mistake in the application for which, instead of forwarding it to Kolkata District Council, NDPSC forwarded it to South 24 Pgs. council and they rejected it as the circle was not in their jurisdiction and handed over the original application to us.
    Would you please advise me what to do next to get transferred to Kolkata.
    Can we proceed for a correction in the previous application or the entire process needs to be initiated one again?

    • WBXPress Team

      As the application is rejected and returned in original to the incumbent, the process is to be initiated once again with necessary correction.

      • Koushik Das

        Thanks a lot…

        • Koushik Das

          Would you please let me know the act/rule/notification currently followed for the Teacher-Pupil ratio for primary schools in Kolkata.
          Also, if I (being a common people) need some official declarations regarding current T/P ratio of any school, then whom I should approach to?

          • Koushik Das

            Is anyone there with an answer of my above query?

          • WBXPress Team

            You may contact Head Teacher. If he denies to give information then you may go for RTI. Here is the application procedure:

  • Subrata Bhowmick

    I am a primary teacher under Jamuria || circle of DPSC Burdwan. I have applied for transfer to asansol \ hirapur circle according to DPSC norms. Unfortunately when list was published I see that I have transfered in a school under Durgapur circle. My sl no. is 355Vide memo no.3756\1420 dt.9.11.2011.Then I prayed to DPSC Through S/I of schools for correction. But till today Ihave got no response from them. How can I get its good judgement as early as possible? Otherwise I will be a surplus teacher in my school. Please give me advice.

  • Debjani banerjee

    It is heard that a female teacher will get preference in transfer after completion of 2 yrs of her job. Is it true?

    • anupama roy

      please furnish your address and phone no to contact you for mutual transfer

  • WBXPress Team

    6: As per West Bengal Primary School Teachers Recruitment Rules, 2001, Head Teacher means the teacher of a Primary School appointed as Head Teacher of the primary school by the Council.
    The Council may utilise the services of the senior most primary teacher in a primary school as the teacher-in-charge, temporarily for a maximum period of six months at a time, when a panel of head teachers is not ready or the post of a head teacher is lying vacant for a considerable period of time.

  • WBXPress Team

    7: DPSC is responsible for teacher recruitment, transfer, promotion, leave, salary / benefits disbursement, etc of the primary school teachers. Now DPSC may take said resolution but DPSC must seek approval from the WBBPE. Then its legal.

  • Asit Baran Pal

    Sir, as per this order 'no teacher shall be eligible for transfer after the age of 57 yrs'.
    one D.P.S.C.taken a resolution it will be applicable after 58 yrs. Some of teachers have affected for that. Is it legal?

  • WBXPress Team

    Only after two years of service you can apply for transfer.

  • WBXPress Team

    always welcome.

    • smarajit biswas

      send me your biodata

      • samarpan bhattacharya

        i am a A.T in Sarakdihi pry. School.the role strength of the school is above 230 and we have only 4 teachers.H.T told the fact to s.i.but he did not take any i want to know that in what process we get teachers!!!

      • raju

        i am primar school teacher working at raichur

  • Chiranjit Majumder

    Sir, Amar service er 1.6 bochar haweche,bari theke school 60km theke o besi dure.Ami ekjan Sikhok er sathe mutual karte chai.Tar service 3 bochar er.Mutual er application ki amar 2bochar purno hobar par jama dite hobe?? er age ki kono bhabe mutual sambhab??? plz reply.

  • Chiranjit Majumdarer Bhai

    As a teacher,you should write in English.

  • Utpal Mukherjee

    You can apply for mutual transfer even before completion of 2 years of service. There is no problem at all.

  • Utpal Mukherjee

    Obviously. There is no bar to apply for your transfer. Project your problems in details to your DPSC. Now-a-days DPSCs are very sympathetic. I also faced similar problems like you. I am now transferred near to my home. Best wishes.

  • kk

    want mutual transfer from malda district to kolkata

  • Prasenjit chakraborty

    No sir, my mutual transfer pospond for same reason
    . It is better. to wait for some time and then submit ur application when u complite ur 2year continuous service in ur school.