Full pension @ 50% of last pay is admissible to the employees on superannuation having completed full qualifying service of more than 20 years.

Certificate for Qualifying Service for Voluntary Retirement

Governor is pleased to delete para 15 which relates to obtaining certificate for 20 years qualifying service from A.G. W.B. before voluntary retirement and to order that henceforth controlling officers would issue such certificate.


West Bengal Disability Pension Scheme, 2010

West Bengal Disability Pension Scheme, 2010 is applicable for the Disabled person who is a citizen of India and a resident of West Bengal and whose family income, if any, does not exceed Rs. 1000.00 (one thousand) per month;

Women Development and Social Welfare

Delayed Submission of Pension Papers in Non-Govt. Colleges

Submission of pension papers of the concerned persons before 6 months from the date of retirement on superannuation to sanctioning authority.

Higher Education

Forwarding Pension Cases to the Accountant General (A&E), West Bengal

Service Book (Duly verified and up to date) along with statements of Pay Fixations under ROPA rules duly checked and verified by the competent authority.

Accountant General, West Bengal

West Bengal Primary Education (Teachers and Employees DCRB) Rules, 2008

West Bengal Primary Education (Teachers and Employees Death cum Retirement Benefit) Rules, 2008 applicable for approved teaching and non teaching staff of the Govt. or Govt. Aided or Sponsored Training Institutions.

School Education

Death-cum-Retirement Benefit Rules (After ROPA, 2019)

Minimum qualifying service for eligibility in pension is 10 years. Full Pension @ 50% of Last Pay is applicable for qualifying service of 20 years or more. It is the simplified pension matters.


West Bengal Service (Death-cum-Retirement Benefit) Rules, 1971

WBS DCRB Rules, 1971. Short title and commencement, Application, Interpretation, Relaxation of these rules, Power to give directions, Pension regulated by rules in force.