School Education

To ensure universalization of Primary, Elementary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Education and to ensure quality education for Human Resource Development.

Salary Increment of Para Teachers, Siksha Bandhus

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State Government will bear the expenditure if the Government of India stops funding the PBSSM Project before their cessation of engagement attaining 60 years of age.

Enhancement of Primary Teachers Qualification

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A teacher appointed prior to 03.09.2001 i.e. the date on which the NCTE Regulations, 2001 came into force will be guided by the prevalent Recruitment Rules of the State Government. Such teachers need not have to upgrade their academic qualifications nor have to acquire teacher training qualification.

West Bengal Board of Primary Education (Constitution of Electorate, Preparation and Publication of Electoral Roll) Rules, 1981

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(2) Any person shall have a right to inspect the election papers mentioned in the Schedule and to get attested copies thereof on payment of a fee of rupees ten.

Bridge Course Final Examination for Primary Teachers


Notification for one year Bridge Course Final Examination (ODL Mode), 2012 will be held on and from 21.05.2012 to 25.05.2012 and 28.05.2012 as per following schedule.

Distribution of Additional Teaching Posts upto Secondary Level


School Education Department has created 39510 numbers of additional teaching posts in order to get pupil teacher ratio 40:1 in the schools up to secondary level.

Management of Recognized Non-Government Institutions (Aided and Unaided) Rules, 1969


An employee of the institution who is also a guardian, or founder shall be entitled to have his name registered as a guardian or as a founder, but shall not be eligible to stand for election.

Pay Fixation of Teacher – Some Clarifications

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The benefit of 18 years of continuous service will be admissible to the teaching and non-teaching employees drawing pay in the revised pay structure up to Pay Band No. 3.

Holiday declared on 9th March, 2012 for Dolyatra


DPSC is hereby pleased to declare that Friday, the 9th March, 2012 as a holiday in addition with Thursday, the 8th March, 2012 in the event of Dolyatra.

Child Adoption Leave for Staffs of Non-Govt. Aided Schools

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A female employee having less than two surviving children shall be entitled to child adoption leave of 135 days with full pay if she adopts a child less than 1 year of age.

West Bengal School Service Commission Mutual Transfer Rules, 2012


Mutual Transfer shall be made between two teachers who have been appointed against the same category of vacancies and holding the same category of posts and teaching the same subject.

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