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Delegation of Power

Delegation of Power to Release Fund of 13 Finance Commission


Delegation of power to the Administrative Departments for release of fund in respect of grants under the recommendation of the Thirteenth Finance Commission.

Delegation of Financial Power to Release States Matching Share


The Administrative Departments may ensure before releasing any fund on these accounts that the previous released amounts have been substantially utilized, so that the moneys do not remain idle in the bank accounts.

Delegation of Financial Power to 14 Departments


Governor has been pleased to empower the Additional Chief Secretary/ Principal Secretary/ Secretary to release States matching share as well as Central Share up to the Vote on Account provision.

Delegation of Financial Power for Office Rent


Financial power of District Magistrate and Head of the Department (other than Commissioner/ Secretary) to sanction Office Rent as Rs. 8,000/- and Rs. 10,000/- for each house per month respectively.

Delegation of Financial Powers Rules, 1977


No expenditure shall be drawn or incurred against a sanction unless funds are made available to meet the expenditure by the Controlling Officers or the administrative departments by valid appropriation or re-appropriation.

Power Delegation to release States Matching Share


Delegation of power the Additional Chief Secretary/ Principal Secretary/ Secretary for releasing States matching share as up to the current financial year budget provision.