Committee for Transparency in Fund Management in Colleges

Government of West Bengal
Higher Education Department
College Sponsored Branch
Bikash Bhavan, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700091

No. 700-Edn(CS)/10M-105/2014 Date: 26.08.2014


The State Government has been considering for some time past, the need of transparency in fund management related to all Government/ Government-aided Colleges of this State.

Now, after careful consideration of the matter, the Governor is pleased to decide adoption of computerised accounting system in all Government/ Government-aided Colleges. For the purpose of developing an accounting format for all such Colleges, the Governor is further pleased to constitute a committee with the following members:-

  1. Director of Public Instruction, West Bengal – Chairman.
  2. Joint Secretary, University Branch – Member.
  3. Shri S. K. Ghosh, Accounts Officer & Ex-officio Joint Secretary – Member.
  4. Joint D.P.I (Accounts) – Member.
  5. Financial Adviser, Education – Member.

By Order of the Governor

Sd/- Additional Secretary

No. 700-Edn dated 26.08.2014