State Government Holiday on account of Karam Puja, 2023

Finance. .

Governor has been pleased to declare State Government Holiday on the 25th September, 2023 (Monday) for the State Government Offices, Local Bodies, Statutory Bodies, Boards, Corporations, Undertakings etc.

Enhancement of Ceiling on Gratuity Payment under Gratuity Act

Finance. .

Governor is pleased to decide that the following guidelines shall be followed in the matter of revision of gratuity payable to the employees of those organizations.

State Education Policy, 2023

Higher Education. .

To revamping existing education system starting from pre-primary to higher education level in West Bengal to ensure higher standard of education to all students, with particular focus on marginalized, disadvantaged and under-represented groups;

Toll-Free Number for Complaints related to Ragging – 18003455678

Higher Education. .

State Government in the Higher Education Department has decided to introduce a 24X7 Central dedicated Toll-Free Number 18003455678 at Kolkata Police headquarters, Lalbazar, for lodging complaints related to Ragging.

Revised DFPR of Administrative Department for according AAFS

Finance. .

Governor is pleased to revise the delegated financial power of the Additional Chief Secretary/ Principal Secretary/ Secretary in charge of the Administrative Departments.

Creation of Additional Posts in Different Departments of West Bengal

Finance, Irrigation & Waterways, PAR, Public Health Engineering, Public Works, Water Resources Investigation and Development. .

A number of proposals for awarding different service benefits to the employees of the Government of West Bengal and reorganizing the cadre of different Services of Government of West Bengal through creation of some posts were under consideration of the Government for sometime past.

Career Advancement on 15 years and 24 years of Continuous Service

Finance. .

The length of continuous and satisfactory service required for movement to second and third higher Level in relation to the basic Level, shall be reduced from existing 16 years and 25 years to 15 years and 24 years respectively.

Submission of Life Certificate for Pensioners from Smartphone

Finance. , .

Introduction of Submission of Life Certificate from Home by using only a Smartphone through Face Authentication for the Pensioners/ Family Pensioners Drawing Pension from Treasuries of West Bengal.

Revised Option in Schedule-IV under WBSROPA Rules, 2019

Finance. .

A number of Government employees of different establishments have submitted their option in Schedule-IV to come under the West Bengal Services (Revision of Pay and Allowances) Rules, 2019.

Fact Finding Committee on Administrative Lapses of Jadavpur University

Higher Education. .

Department of Higher Education in the Government of West Bengal has taken serious views on the incident of unfortunate death of a first-year student within the campus of Jadavpur University due to alleged ragging which is under investigation by the Investigating Agency.

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