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Compendium of General Circulars (Finance), 2018

Compendium of General Circulars published by the Finance Department, Government of West Bengal, Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts. This ebook consists of 5 volumes.

Compendium of General Circulars published by the Finance Department, Government of West Bengal, Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts. This ebook consists of 5 volumes.

Vol I: West Bengal Financial Rules
Vol II: Integrated Financial Management System
Vol III: West Bengal Treasury Rules & Miscellaneous
Vol IV: Education Department and WBHS
Vol V: Service Rules and Pension Matters

Download: Compendium of General Circulars (Finance), 2018, Source

Volume I: West Bengal Financial Rules


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 No. 4411-F dt. 04.06.15 Revised Schedule A & B of DFPR.
2 No. 707-F dt. 09.02.16 Amendment in Schedule B of Delegation of Financial Power Rules, 1977.
3 No. 1224-F dt. 02.03.16 Amendment in Schedule B of DFPR, 1977.
4 No. 4217-F dt. 10.08.16 Administrative approval of Plan projects/schemes.
5 No. 5088-F dt. 26.09.16 Modification of WBFR,1977 of Director General Police.
6 No. 5301-F dt. 05.10.16 Financial power of Departmental Secretaries for according administrative Approval.
7 No. 191-F dt. 10.01.17 Re-delegation of financial powers delegated by Finance Department.
8 No. 1410-F dt. 08.03.17 Financial Power to Information & Culture Department
9 No. 2517-F dt. 25.04.17 Financial Power of CP Kolkata.
10 No. 3490-F dt. 05.06.17 Re-delegation of Financial Power.
11 No. 1324-F dt. 20.12.17 Enhancement of delegated financial power of certain Departments
12 No. 942-F dt. 15.02.18 Enhancement of DFPR for engagement of RITES and WAPCOS
13 No. 1659-F dt. 16.03.18 Delegation of Financial Powers to the hierarchy of officers under the Health & Family Welfare Dept.
14 No. 3554-F dt. 04.06.18 Revision of delegated financial power for sports related activities of Police personnel of Kolkata Police Under Home & Hill Affairs Department.


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 No. 5424-F dt. 26.06.12 Clarification on e-TENDER
2 No. 1956-F dt. 04.04.14 Amendments of West Bengal Financial Rules of Rule 47(14), Volume-I
3 No. 4068-F dt. 25.05.15 Fixation of reserve price for bids.
4 No. 4884-F dt. 15.09.16 E-Tendering/e-Auction.
5 No. 4986-F dt. 21.09.16 Financial Advisors routing of files to Finance Department.
6 No. 2592-F dt. 27.04.17 E-Tender: Selection of numbers of authorised officers.
7 No. 4378-F dt. 13.07.17 Extension of last date of submission of bids.
8 No. 3661-F dt. 07.06.18 Revised norms for extension of dates for getting more bids when the number of bids received is less than three or insufficient
9 No. 3876-F dt. 14.06.18 Procurement of Goods & Services through Government e-Marketplace (GeM)


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 No. 411-FB dt. 23.06.17 Receipts Heads of Consolidated Funds & Public Accounts under GST
2 No. 1126-FT dt. 28.06.17 Non-Taxable Goods-WBGST.
3 No. 1136-FT dt. 28.06.17 Non-Taxable Services WBGST.
4 No. 1015 dt. 28.06.17 Deduction of STDS from 01/07/2017_Treasury Notification.
5 No. Circular 5 dt. 29.06.17 Trade Circular.
6 No. 4374-F dt. 13.07.17 Amendment of Rule 47(9)(b) of WBFR.
7 No. 4406-F dt. 14.07.17 Registration under GST as deductor of tax
8 No. 558-FB dt. 20.07.17 Opening of 35 Heads of account on the Receipt side of Consolidated Fund and 2 heads of Account in Public Account for accounting of GST.
9 No. 1278-FT dt. 14.07.17 Corrigendum to 1126-FT dt. 28.06.17
10 No. 380-F dt. 18.01.18 Manual Refund Procedure of SGST


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 No. 3385-F dt. 28.04.15 Maximum reimbursable amount of telephone charges for residential landline telephone as well as for personal mobile phone in respect of officers of the rank of Principal Secretary.
2 No. 6718-F dt. 08.09.15 Labour Cooperative exempted from paying EMD but not for SD.
3 No. 862-FD dt. 14.10.15 Vetting of FD before direct purchase of land.
4 No. 7544-F dt. 16.10.15 Applicability of Rule 47D of WBFR-I regarding engagement of private agencies.
5 No. 8490-F dt. 17.12.15 Amendment of Rule 47(9)(b).
6 No. 321-FB dt. 15.06.16 Debt Sustainability Certificate.
7 No. 3975-F dt. 28.07.16 Online receipt and refund of EMD for e-procurement.
8 No. 4603-F dt. 01.09.16 Nomination of FA in Governing Body of Parastatal.
9 No. 5152-F dt. 28.09.16 Nomination of Financial Advisors as representatives of Finance Department in tender committee/ bid evaluation committee of the administrative Department.
10 No. 5302-F dt. 05.10.16 e-procurement – linking of bank Accounts of PSUs/ Local Bodies etc. with ICICI Bank payment gateway.
11 No. 5688-F dt. 03.11.16 Transfer of EMD received online to the Security Deposit Account at Treasury.
12 No. 925-F dt. 14.02.17 Revised procedure of acceptance of bids.
13 No. 1722-FB dt. 16.03.17 Amendment to Consolidated Sinking Fund.
14 No. 1723-FB dt. 16.03.17 Amendment to Consolidated Sinking Fund.
15 No. 1724-FB dt. 16.03.17 Amendment of Guarantee Redemption Fund, 2014.
16 No. 1776-F dt. 24.03.17 Clarification on Rule 47D.
17 No. 2691-F dt. 02.05.17 Performance Bank Guarantee.
18 No. 2867-F dt. 11.05.17 WB Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. Included in Annexure-C of Rule 47D.
19 No. 660-FB dt. 08.08.17 Online Credit confirmation & release of fund.
20 No. 5304-F dt. 25.08.17 Specified format for submission of required information.
21 No. 782-FB dt. 05.09.17 Online submission of UC for Central Scheme.
22 No. 6029-F dt. 22.09.17 Admn. Approval Order along with sanction order.
23 No. 6142-F dt. 10.10.17 Modification of Rule 47D sub rule (1) of WBFR.
24 No. 971-F dt. 16.02.18 Certain cases requiring concurrence of Finance Group-T

Volume II: Integrated Financial Management System


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 No. 5531-F dt. 05.11.14 Selection of licensed CA for DSC
2 No. 6116-F dt. 03.12.14 DSC for TO, ATO, PAO, APAO, PDO, APDO.
3 No. 3045-F dt. 13.04.15 Clarification on DSC.
4 No. 4169-F dt. 28.05.15 Use of OTP in case of New DDOs having no DSC
5 No. 6138-F dt. 28.11.16 Renewal of DSCs on or before expiry of their validity with or without USB.


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 No. 520-FB dt. 31.07.15 Online re-appropriation through e-Bantan.
2 No. 930-FB dt. 06.11.15 Admissible re-appropriation Detailed Heads.
3 No. 110-FB dt. 25.04.17 Further Clarification on re-appropriation through e-bantan.
4 No. 257-F Dt. 11.01.18 Administrative Approval and Financial Sanction


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 No. 965-F dt. 18.02.15 Modified Treasury Forms.
2 No. 4507-F dt. 09.06.15 Introduction of TR Form 70B for drawal of bill.
3 No. 4879-F dt. 24.06.15 Implementation of e-Bill.
4 No. 6229-F dt. 18.08.15 e-Bill forms vis-a-vis WBTR-2005 Forms.
5 No. 6295-F dt. 20.08.15 Mandatory submission of some TR Form through e-Bill.
6 No. 6561-F dt. 02.09.15 Introduction of TR Form 70B.
7 No. 470-F dt. 25.01.17 Mandatory use of e-bill for TR 70C.
8 No. 1512-F dt. 15.03.17 Mandatory use of e-bill for TR 70 & 70B.
9 No. 3595-F dt. 05.06.18 Mandatory use of e-billing module of IFMS for drawal of various claims in TR Form-21


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 No. 4905-F dt. 17.09.14 Procedure of e-Pradan.
2 No. FS 173 dt. 30.10.14 Introduction of e-Pradan.
3 No. 1179-F dt. 25.02.15 Implementation of e-Pradan.
4 No. 3060-F dt. 13.04.15 Cheques in case of Advance drawal.
5 No. 3577-F dt. 06.05.15 Some other cases where cheque payment is permissible.
6 No. 4170-F dt. 28.05.15 Cess in e-Pradan.
7 No. 4725-F dt. 18.06.15 Categories of claims exempted from the purview of e-pradan.
8 No. 2862-F dt. 30.05.16 Cancellation of e-Pradan failed transaction.
9 No. 1888-F dt. 29.03.17 Cheques for payment to Resource Division.


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 No. 2050-F dt. 02.03.15 Inclusion of HoA for GRIPS.
2 No. 3858-F dt. 15.05.15 Inclusion of HoA for GRIPS.
3 No. 4168-F dt. 28.05.15 Inclusion of HoA for GRIPS.
4 No. 4630-F dt. 15.06.15 Inclusion of HoA for GRIPS.
5 No. 5074-F dt. 30.06.15 Inclusion of HoA for GRIPS..
6 No. 5100-F dt. 01.07.15 Stamp, GPF & GISS deposit exempted from GRIPS.
7 No. 5157-F dt. 02.07.15 Deposit of Govt. Tax and Non Tax Revenue under Govt. Revenue receipt heads.
8 No. 5158-F dt. 02.07.15 Some categories of receipts are exempted from the purview of GRIPS.
9 No. 6180-F dt. 17.08.15 Amendment of HoA in GRIPS.
10 No. 8425-F dt. 14.12.15 Inclusion of heads of accounts for e-receipt of Govt. Tax & non-tax revenue.
11 No. 873-F dt. 16.02.16 Inclusion of heads of accounts for e-receipt of Govt. tax and non-tax.
12 No. 5504-F dt. 24.10.16 Integration of GRIPS in IFMS.
13 No. 5607-F dt. 27.10.16 Revised procedure of reporting and accounting of GRIPS transactions.
14 No. 1208-F dt. 28.02.17 List of participating banks in GRIPS.
15 No. 3007-F dt. 16.05.17 HoA for e-receipt of deposit of I&W through GRIPS.
16 No. 5516-F dt. 04.09.17 HoA for e-receipt of deposit of PHE through GRIPS.
17 No. 926-F dt. 13.02.17 Inclusion of HoA for e-receipts of Dept of Home & Hill Affairs through GRIPS portal


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 No. 7740-F dt. 04.11.15 Employee Information Sheet.
2 No. 3705-F dt. 14.07.16 Bonus and Festival Advance through HRMS.
3 No. 1348-F dt. 06.03.17 Implementation of Pay Roll Processing Sub-module of HRMS-IFMS for payment of wages.
4 No. 1349-F dt. 06.03.17 Implementation of Pay Roll Processing Sub-module of HRMS-IFMS for payment of Grant-in-aid Colleges.
5 No. 3130-F dt. 19.05.17 Introduction of Stakeholder, leave, TA, DA sub-module.


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 No. 736-F dt. 10.02.15 Works/Forest Bill (Advance bill, Part Bill & Final bill) for presenting in P. A.O./Treasury.
2 No. 2705-F dt. 30.03.15 Modification of 736-F(Y),10.02.15
3 No. 3391-F dt. 28.04.15 Procedure for purchase through resource Division.
4 No. 3545-F dt. 05.05.15 Guidelines for drawal of wages bills related to work-charged establishment under engineering set-up.
5 No. 5502-F dt. 15.07.15 Modification of 3545-F(Y),05.05.15
6 No. 5785-F dt. 29.07.15 Procedure of transfer of outstanding deposit account balance from Works/Forest Books.
7 No. 6228-F dt. 18.08.15 Modification of 5785-F(Y),29.07.15
8 No. 8532-F dt. 18.12.15 Migration of outstanding deposit works/security deposit account.
9 No. 1116-F dt. 25.02.16 Submission of vouchers & bills by works and forest divisions to A.G., WB.
10 No. 182-F dt. 10.01.17 Refund from Works Deposit Account.


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 No. 4130-F dt. 04.08.16 Access of MIS Dashboard and reports of IFMS to FAs
2 No. 5277-F dt. 24.08.17 Access for viewing MIS reports in IFMS

Volume III: West Bengal Treasury Rules & Miscellaneous

Regular Matters:

Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 No. 4525-F dt. 10.06.15 Discontinuation of non-CTS Cheque.
2 No. DT/1412 dt. 31.07.15 Consolidation of bills under same HoA.
3 No. 6454-F dt. 27.08.15 Standing Order regarding disbursement of salary/ pension/ wages etc.
4 No. 8074-F dt. 27.11.15 Modified Treasury Inspection Format.
5 No. 8434-F dt. 14.12.15 Amendment of G.O. No. 6454-F dt. 27.08.15. -Date of Mandate for disbursement of pension and wages
6 No. 1611-F dt. 18.03.16 Procedure of refund of tax and non-tax revenue including EMD & SD deposited in e-Treasury.
7 No. 5153-F dt. 28.09.16 Withdrawal of deposit of West Bengal Motor Transport Workers’ Welfare Cess.
8 No. 1371-F dt. 07.03.17 Discontinuation of Bill extract, Top sheet, extra copy of schedule & acknowledgement.
9 No. 1402-F dt. 08.03.17 Modalities of adjustment in DC bill in TR Form No. 28 against multiple advances as well as advances drawn from other treasuries.
10 No. 3368-F dt. 31.05.17 Restriction on Transfer of fund from scheme heads to bank accounts of various govt. departments and parastatal bodies and providing information regarding Bank Accounts.
11 No. 3685-F dt. 13.06.17 Irregular deposition of IT through TR 7 Challan.
12 No. 581-FB dt. 25.07.17 Inclusion of certain costs under capital expenditure.
13 No. 5801-F dt. 14.09.17 Discontinuation of certain TR Forms upon introduction of IFMS.
14 No. 6415-F dt. 23.10.17 Replacement of existing TR 51 with the new TR 51.
15 No. 338-F dt. 17.01.18 Modalities of Inter-Treasury Transfer of Funds
16 No. 847-F 09.02.18 Monthly withdrawal limit from Deposit Account of WBMSCL
17 No. 971-F 16.02.18 Matters requiring concurrence of Group-T relating to Finance Department order No. 134-F dt. 04.01.12
18 No. 1033-F 20.02.18 Execution of Works for funds allotted under detail HoA 53/60
19 No. 1560-F 14.03.18 Introduction of New TR-7C Challan for depositing money for State Provident Fund (GPF)
20 No. 3957-F dt 18.06.18 Submission of detailed Contingent Bill (DC) in new head of account and scheduling of time period for submission of DC bill.

Matters related to LF/PL:

Sl. G.O. No. &Date Subject
1 No. 8060-F dt. 26.11.15 Introduction of Online LF/PL module in IFMS
2 No. 5103-F dt. 27.09.16 Payment from LE/PL/Deposits A/C by online mode and Transfer of fund to Bank Account for Taxes and Statutory Duties
3 No. 75/MA dt. 27.10.16 Assigning operator authority in favour of Chairman, Haringhata Municipality for operating LF Account at Kalyani Treasury
4 No. 78/MA dt. 02.11.16 Assigning operator authority in favour of Special Controller of Municipal Finance & Accounts, KMC for operating LF Account at Kolkata PAO-II
5 No. 5536-F dt. 04.09.17 Surrender of Fund lying in PL/LF/Bank Account.
6 No. 5741- F dt. 12.09.17 Clarification on 5536-F 04.09.17
7 No. 867-FB dt. 20.09.17 HoA of refund where appropriate drawal head not detected
8 No. 1466-F 09.03.18 Transfer of funds to LF/PL/Deposit Accounts
9 No. 2015-F dt 28.03.18 Modification of Order No. 1466-F(Y) dt 09.03.2018 relating to transfer of funds to LF/PL/Deposit Accounts.
10 172-FB dt 10.05.18 Regular review of fund utilization and timely surrender of funds which are likely to remain unutilized.

Works/ Forest Matters:

Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 No. 5503-F dt. 15.07.15 Procedure for dealing with 8782-PWR deposit after 01.04.15.
2 No. 932-F dt. 18.02.16 Modification of TR Form 70B.
3 No. 5290-F dt. 04.10.16 Withdrawal of Miscellaneous Deposit Account-modification of TR 70C bill Form.


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 No. 150-COI/PL/O/44C-28/12 dt. 06.08.14 Enhancement of Car Allowance to Retired High Court Judges appointed as Chairpersons of different Enquiry Commission.
2 No. 2500-F dt. 20.03.15 Engagement of 120 number of fresh Data Entry operators on contractual & temporary basis against vacancies in Gr. C posts in treasuries
3 No. 6417-F dt. 26.08.15 Exemption of 3 Govt. Enterprises from deposit of earnest money.
4 No. 924-PAR(AR)/ O/3M-55/2016 dt. 18.10.16 Bringing letters forwarded by Chief Secretary to the Notice of Department Secretary before processing.
5 No. 317(2)/PN/O/ II/1R-16/2016 dt. 15.02.17 Implementation of DBT in respect of benefits under NSAP through IFMS.
6 No.827-SW/O/3E- (Sectt)-04/17 dt. 28.02.17 Merging of Department of Women Development and Social Welfare and Department of Child Development as Department of Women & Chief Development and Social Welfare.
7 No. 4757-F dt. 01.08.17 Implementation of Web Portal of Service Record Information System (SRIS) for Stenographers
8 No. 1262-F 28.02.18 CUG connections for the Officers of Treasuries and PAOs DTA, DPPG and e-Governance of the Finance Department.

Volume IV: Education Department and WBHS


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 955-SE dt. 27.07.11 Clarification on entitlement of HRA for married working employees of non-govt. educational institutions.
2 526-Edn dt. 10.12.15 Enhancement of remuneration and enhanced workload of Part Time Teachers of Govt. Engineering and Technology colleges.
3 1139-Edn dt. 10.12.15 Enhancement of remuneration and enhanced workload of Part Time Teachers and Contractual Whole Time Teachers of Govt. aided including erstwhile sponsored colleges.
4 1185-Edn dt. 17.06.16 Engagement of Guest Lecturers Govt. Colleges of West Bengal: revision of honorarium/remuneration.
5 892-Edn dt. 04.11.16 Grant of incentives to the teachers, librarians and physical instructors of the State aided Universities, Govt. Colleges and Govt. aided Colleges.
6 896-Edn dt. 8.11.16 Partial Modification of Memo No. 892-Edn (U)/1U-79/13, 4.11.16.
7 ED-1009 dt. 15.12.16 Partial Modification of Memo No. 986-ED/2016 dt.24.11.16 and illustrations of fixation of pay.
8 503-Edn dt. 12.05.17 Grant of advance increment for Ph.D/M.Phil and other higher qualifications while in service as Associate Professor.
9 314-SE dt. 22.09.17 Grant of revised rate of Dearness Allowance to the whole time approved and regular teaching and non­teaching employees of DA getting schools (primary) DA getting Anglo Indian Schools (Primary) and Pandits of Non-Govt. Sanskrit Tols w.e.f. 01.01.17.


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 1023-Edn dt. 19.12.14 Payment of arrears of pre-01.01.06 Pensioners/Family pensioners in r/o Teaching Staff including Graduate Laboratory Instructors, Librarians/Asst. Librarians and other categories.
2 1068-Edn dt. 30.12.14 Implementation of G.O. No. 874-Edn(CS),28.10.14 in the matter of Conferment of the status of Non-teaching to Hostel/Mess employees and extension of benefit of GPF and Pension to them.
3 1097-Edn dt. 30.11.15 Clarifications on regulation of Pensionery benefits in r/o the Hostel and Mess workers attached to the Govt. aided Colleges including Govt. general degree colleges.
4 856-Edn dt. 24.10.16 Grant of Interim Relief to the whole time regular employees of the West Bengal State Council of Higher Education.
5 161-ICA dt. 20.1.17 Introduction of DCRB Scheme, 2009 in respect of the retired employees of the Calcutta University Institute Hall.
6 62-SSE dt. 17.04.17 Modified Procedure for application, process and disposal of pension cases of the Employees of the non- Govt. aided and recognised Educational Institutions (excluding D.A. getting schools) through e-Pension portal.
7 63-SSE dt. 17.04.17 Verification of the Pension cases for the employees of the Non-Govt. recognised and aided Educational Institutions excluding D.A. getting schools by the Jt./Dy./Asst. Directors of Accounts of Education Department.
8 64-SSE dt. 17.04.17 Procedure under e-Pension regarding checking of pension cases of employees of the Non-govt. aided and recognised Educational Institutions at District level.
9 65-SSE dt. 17.04.17 Modified rule of submission of application for commutation of pension after introduction of e-pension portal.
10 563-F dt. 30.10.17 Recovery/adjustment of Interim Relief paid to Pensioners/Family pensioners covered under UGC/ AICTE Scale.


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 1019-Edn dt. 07.12.16 Regarding Paternity-cum-Child Care Leave in r/o regular male employees of all State aided Universities.
2 103-Edn dt. 7.02.17 Grant of Paternity-Cum-Child Care Leave to the State- Aided non-govt. colleges.


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 37-ILC dt. 27.01.17 Age of retirement of full-time regular teachers and Principals and other categories in all State-aided Universities and Govt. aided Colleges.
2 93-C.Pen dt. 31.1.17 Enhancement of service of the teachers’ upto 62 years.
3 1019-F dt. 17.02.17 Enhancement of retirement age of whole time regular teachers of Teachers’ Training Degree College, Physical Education Degree Colleges and Govt. College for Art & Craft, Kokata.


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 375-Edn dt. 13.04.17 Leave Travel Concession benefits to the regular and whole time teachers, including Librarians and Physical Instructors and Graduate Laboratory Instructors of the State-aided Universities and Govt. aided colleges.


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 3897-F dt. 15.05.15 Principals/Teachers in Charge of the non-Govt. Grant-in-Aid Colleges authorized to act as Operator/ Administrator of the Provident Fund Deposit Accounts.
2 827-EH dt. 26.07.17 Introduction of Group Health Insurance Scheme named “Swasthya Sathi” for serving non-teaching permanent staff of Govt. – aided colleges and State-aided Universities.
3 911-Edn dt. 16.08.17 Introduction of Group Health Insurance Scheme named “Swasthya Sathi” for serving Govt. Approved Contractual Whole Time Teachers, PTTs and Daily Rated/Casual Non-teaching employees State-aided Universities of West Bengal.
4 No. 5594-F dt. 06.09.2017 Extension of coverage of Swasthya Sathi Scheme


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 No. 2400-F dt. 17.03.2015 Revised TR Form 68B relating to Cashless Medical treatment under WBHS.
2 No. 811-F dt. 16.07.2015 Procedure for settlement of cashless treatment bills amounting more than Rs. One Lakh under WBHS, 2014.
3 No. 884-F dt. 31.07.15 Certain clarifications regarding WBHS(Cashless Treatment), 2014

Volume V: Service Rules and Pension Matters

Pay Matters :

Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 3494-F dt. 03.07.14 Consolidated monthly remuneration of contractually engaged Sub-Assistant Engineers.
2 4601-F dt. 03.09.14 Revision of Fixation of monthly contractual remuneration for the Sub-Assistant Engineers engaged under different Departments.
3 8070-F dt. 27.11.15 Constitution of the 6th Pay Commission.
4 8071-F dt. 27.11.15 Terms of Reference of 6th Pay Commission.
5 1107-F dt. 25.02.16 Remuneration, Medical benefit, Leave, Terminal benefits allowed to contractual/casual/ daily rated workers
6 2762-F dt. 25.05.16 Extension of term of the Office of Chairman and other members of Sixth Pay Commission.
7 3059-F dt. 08.06.16 Fixation of re-employment and contractual remuneration for re-employed and contractually engaged govt. pensioners/ family pensioners.
8 3858-F dt. 22.07.16 Clarification on admissibility and calculation of interim relief granted to the State Govt. Employees and Others w.e.f. 1st July, 2016.
9 1479-PAR dt. 14.09.16 Implementation of Indian Administrative Service (Pay) Rules, 2016 notified vide No.GSR 870(E) dt. 08.09.16 in respect of IAS officers of WB cadre
10 5630-F dt. 28.10.16 Clarification regarding implementation of CAS/ MCAS for employees enjoying higher pay scale under court order
11 6095-F dt. 25.11.16 Re-employment remuneration to Medical Officers including NPA/NPP
12 1338-F dt. 06.03.17 Entitlement of service benefits, leave and remuneration in respect of contractual Gr.D employees
13 55-IE dt. 17.07.17 Revised Pay Band scale in respect of Superintending Engineers(Civil) and Superintending Engineers(Mechanical & Electrical)
14 2636/WI dt. 16.11.17 Modification of G.O. No. 1754/WI/P/ADMI-10/2015, dt. 19.07.17 to replace the clause 3(C) by ‘retired W.B.C.S.(Exe).) Officer as Administrative Officer on last pay minus pension basis’.
15 7245-F dt. 24.11.17 Payment of death benefit to the legal heirs in the event of death of casual/daily retired/contractual workers
16 7284-F dt. 27.11.17 Enhancement of remuneration to part-time Sweepers (Karmabandhu) w.e.f.01.01.18.

Recruitment Matters :

Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 2790-F dt. 28.05.14 Restructuring and declaration of dying cadre/post in the offices ofPay & Accounts Office.
2 4902-F dt. 25.06.15 Amendment in the WB Services (Recruitment to Clerical Cadre) Rules, 2010
3 249-F dt. 15.01.16 Engagement of Software Personnel in the E-Governance Project on temporary basis.
4 265-F dt. 18.01.16 Amendment in the WB Services (Appointment, Probation and Absorption of Gr. C Employees) Rules, 2013
5 1182-F dt. 29.02.16 Amendment in the Rules regulating recruitment to the post of English Stenographer (Basic Grade) in the Secretariat Department and Directorate.
6 26-Emp dt. 01.03.16 Modification of some provisions relating to Appointment on compassionate Ground.
7 1243-F dt. 02.03.16 Amendment in West Bengal Services (compulsory requirement of knowledge in Bengali for recruitment to any post or service) Rules, 2002.
8 3797-F dt. 20.07.16 Amendment in West Bengal Services (Recruitment of Clerical Cadre) Rules, 2010.
9 4072-F dt. 02.08.16 Engagement of software personnel in e-Governance projects on temporary basis
10 4184-F dt. 08.08. 2016 Amendment in the WB Services (Gr. D posts) recruitment rule, 2009.
11 4499-F dt. 26.08.16 Amendment in Sub rule(l) of Rule 34A of WBSR (Part-I) relating to Health Service.
12 4630-F dt. 02.09. 2016 Half yearly Departmental Examination in Bengali of Probationary LDA whose mother tongue is not Bengali
13 6045-F dt. 23.11.16 Amendment in the WB Services (Gr.D Posts) Recruitment Rules, 2009
14 6093-F dt. 25.11.16 Engagement of retired employee on contractual basis beyond 64 years
15 1519-H2 dt. 26.12.16 Creation of post of Engineer-in-Chief in the Housing Department, Govt. of West Bengal by surrendering one post of Secretary in Housing Department.
16 540-F dt. 30.01.17 Re-employment cases prior to 01.01.17 to be referred to Finance Department for post facto concurrence
17 561-F dt. 31.01.17 Enhancement of age of retirement from 60 years to 62 years to all regular teachers, principals and other categories of Govt. colleges (General Degree college and Engineering Degree colleges)
18 874-F dt. 13.02.17 Amendments in the WB Services (Raising the age limit) Rules, 1981
19 875-F dt. 13.02.17 Raising of upper age limit for recruitment to Gr. A, B, C and D and amendment thereof in WBSR (Raising the age limit) Rules, 1981
20 1834-F dt. 28.03.17 Creation of posts for facilitating the work of L&LR Deptt pertaining to newly created Kalimpong District.
21 4343-F dt. 12.07.17 Computer test for Gr.D employee.
22 53-IE dt. 17.07.17 Amendments in the rules for recruitment to the Engineering services under the I& W Department.
23 54-IE dt. 17.07.17 Amendments in the rules for recruitment to the Engineering services (Mechanical & Electrical) under the I & W Department.
24 4851-F dt. 04.08.17 Computer test for Gr. C employee.
25 5133-F dt. 18.08.17 Amendments in the West Bengal Public Service Commission (condition of service & Miscellaneous Provisions) Regulation, 1953.
26 5751-F dt. 13.09.17 Direct recruitment inBorC post through PSC.
27 No. 7806-F dt. 19.12.17 Approval of Cabinet in case of non-filling of non-PSC posts
28 2297-FT dt. 28.12.17 Merger of four Group A State Service for Constitution of a new integrated Group A State Service titled ‘West Bengal Revenue Service’.
29 No. 5724-F dt. 28.12.17 Re-Organization of the system of Financial Advisor and creation of related posts.

Leave Matters:

Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 5560-F dt. 17.07.15 Extension of benefit of Child care Leave to the female employees ofNon educational institution, Panchayet etc
2 5780-F dt. 29.07.15 Extension of benefit of CCL to the female employee of colleges & universities
3 6444-F dt. 27.08.15 Clarification on period of CCL.
4 1100-F dt. 25.02.16 Paternity leave for Male employee
5 2634-F dt.17.05.16 Leave rule for an employee of non-vacation deptt while on deputation to a vacation department
6 6653-F dt. 27.12.16 30 days leave for software personnel.
7 2452-F dt. 21.04.17 Child Care Leave in respect of adopted child.
8 4821-F dt. 03.08.17 Maternity leave for contractual employee.

LTC Matters:

Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 7370-F dt. 09.10.15 Partial modification of Memo No. 9924-F dt. 07.12.05 relating to availing the benefits of Leave Travel Concession
2 427-F dt. 25.01.16 Clarification on LTC regarding nearest airport.
3 4237-F dt. 10.08.16 Further Clarification of certain points in respect of LTC & HTC for State Govt. Employees

Promotion Matters:

Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 3135-F dt. 17.04.15 Corrigendum of Memo No. 2257-F(H) dt. 11.03.2015 for Functional Movement of Schedule B Stenographer to the higher Scale.
2 3665-F dt. 12.06.17 Amendment of FD Memo No. 5630-F(P) dt. 28.10.2016 on implementation of MCAS for employees enjoying higher scale as per court order.

Miscellaneous Matters:

Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 8632-F dt. 05.12.13 Re-designation of Schedule B Stenographers Grade-II as Personal Assistant (Schedule B)
2 3339-F dt. 25.06.14 Setting up a new Branch Office of Directorate of Pension, Provident Fund and Group Insurance at Uttarkanya, Silliguri for disposal of all pension cases
3 5067-F dt. 26.09.14 Amendments in the West Bengal Public Service Commission (Exemption from Consultation) Regulations, 2008.
4 6191-F dt. 08.12.2014 Grant of Honorarium and conveyance charge to Inquiry Authority and presenting officer appointed from retired employee
5 6472-F dt. 19.12.14 Re-employment of retired employees on contractual basis in Kolkata Pay & Accounts Offices.
6 6717-F dt. 08.09.15 Cancellation of 6649-F(P), dt. 04.09.15.
7 7106-F dt. 28.09.15 Modification to WBPSC(Exemption from consultation) Rule 2008.
8 7682-F dt. 03.11.15 Change of designation of SAEs to Junior Engineer
9 5683-F dt. 18.11.15 Revision of Reporting, Reviewing and Accepting Authorties for SAR of WBA&AS officers
10 8006-F dt. 24.11.15 Extension of 3 years for contractual employees
11 5974-F dt. 11.12.15 Procedure of submission of online application for Half Yearly Examination of WBA&AS officers
12 8395-F dt. 11.12.15 Instruction to follow the Codal provisions regarding deduction of Tax at source and submission of quarterly returns with complete and correct data of TDS
13 597-F dt. 03.02.16 Set up of Economic Offence Investigation Cell under Finance Department.
14 2649-F dt. 03.10.16 Restructuring and reorganisation of various offices in Irrigation and Waterways Directorate.
15 5822-F dt. 10.11.16 Extension of term of Chairman and other Members of the Sixth Pay Commission.
16 1083-F dt. 23.03.17 GISS-1983 Table Benefits under Savings Fund from 469th to 492nd Month
17 3314-F dt. 18.07.17 In-service training of Officers of State Constituted Services.
18 3531-CA dt. 25.10.17 Setting up two Consumer Disputes Redressal Fora (C.D.R.F.) for newly created Districts of Paschim Bardhaman and Jhargram.
19 4521-F dt. 03.11.17 State Govt. Employees Group Insurance Scheme, 1987-Table of Benefits under savings fund for the year of cessation and membership 2017-18.
20 1636-CD dt. 18.12.17 Enhancement of Ration Allowance to whole time WBNVF personnel
21 No. 327-F dt. 01.02.18 New designation of Officers posted in FA set up depending on the scale of pay
22 No. 83-F dt. 21.02.18 Deposit/Recovery of Foreign Service Contribution comprising both pension and leave salary in respect of State Govt Employees who went Foreign Service on deputation
23 No. 734-F dt. 28.02.18 Change in control and management of GPF of Group-D employees
24 No. 1353-F dt 18.04.18 Clarification with reference to notification No. 734-F(J)W.B. dt. 28.02.2018 regarding Change in control and management of GPF of Group-D employees.
25 No. 1960-F dt 04.06.18 State Government Employees’ Group Insurance Scheme, 1987-Table of Benefits under Savings Fund for the year of cassation of membership 2017-18
26 No. 1999-F dt 05.06.18 Extension of Online GPF Module to Group ‘D’ work charged Employees of the State
27 No. 2229-F dt 20.06.18 Completion of recovery of temporary advances from GP fund before six months prior to retirement of Superannuation.


Sl. G.O. No. & Date Subject
1 No. 5307-F dt. 03.07.13 Amendment of Rule 4.192(7) of WBTR, 2005
2 4677-F dt. 25.08.15 DCRB rule of WB non-govt Edu Institution and local authorities.
3 3704-F dt. 14.07.16 Monitoring and supervision of e-Pension project by E-Governance Group, Finance Department.
4 4496-F dt. 26.08.16 Clarification on I.R. for re-employment/contractually pensioners.
5 5332-F dt. 05.10.16 Implementation of the New Pension Scheme for the Central Govt. employees(other than AIS Officers) and State Govt. employees of other States.
6 481-F dt. 29.11.16 Condition for counting of past services rendered in CPF organization.
7 6431-F dt. 15.12.16 Discontinuation of pension from the counter of AG, WB.
8 2460-F dt. 21.04.17 Revised procedure for issuance of PPO from DPPG.

Download: Compendium of General Circulars (Finance), 2018, Source