Compendium of General Circulars (Finance), 2018

Compendium of General Circulars published by the Finance Department, Government of West Bengal, Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts. This ebook consists of 5 volumes.

Vol I: West Bengal Financial Rules
Vol II: Integrated Financial Management System
Vol III: West Bengal Treasury Rules & Miscellaneous
Vol IV: Education Department and WBHS
Vol V: Service Rules and Pension Matters

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Volume I: West Bengal Financial Rules


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
1No. 4411-F dt. 04.06.15Revised Schedule A & B of DFPR.
2No. 707-F dt. 09.02.16Amendment in Schedule B of Delegation of Financial Power Rules, 1977.
3No. 1224-F dt. 02.03.16Amendment in Schedule B of DFPR, 1977.
4No. 4217-F dt. 10.08.16Administrative approval of Plan projects/schemes.
5No. 5088-F dt. 26.09.16Modification of WBFR,1977 of Director General Police.
6No. 5301-F dt. 05.10.16Financial power of Departmental Secretaries for according administrative Approval.
7No. 191-F dt. 10.01.17Re-delegation of financial powers delegated by Finance Department.
8No. 1410-F dt. 08.03.17Financial Power to Information & Culture Department
9No. 2517-F dt. 25.04.17Financial Power of CP Kolkata.
10No. 3490-F dt. 05.06.17Re-delegation of Financial Power.
11No. 1324-F dt. 20.12.17Enhancement of delegated financial power of certain Departments
12No. 942-F dt. 15.02.18Enhancement of DFPR for engagement of RITES and WAPCOS
13No. 1659-F dt. 16.03.18Delegation of Financial Powers to the hierarchy of officers under the Health & Family Welfare Dept.
14No. 3554-F dt. 04.06.18Revision of delegated financial power for sports related activities of Police personnel of Kolkata Police Under Home & Hill Affairs Department.


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
1No. 5424-F dt. 26.06.12Clarification on e-TENDER
2No. 1956-F dt. 04.04.14Amendments of West Bengal Financial Rules of Rule 47(14), Volume-I
3No. 4068-F dt. 25.05.15Fixation of reserve price for bids.
4No. 4884-F dt. 15.09.16E-Tendering/e-Auction.
5No. 4986-F dt. 21.09.16Financial Advisors routing of files to Finance Department.
6No. 2592-F dt. 27.04.17E-Tender: Selection of numbers of authorised officers.
7No. 4378-F dt. 13.07.17Extension of last date of submission of bids.
8No. 3661-F dt. 07.06.18Revised norms for extension of dates for getting more bids when the number of bids received is less than three or insufficient
9No. 3876-F dt. 14.06.18Procurement of Goods & Services through Government e-Marketplace (GeM)


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
1No. 411-FB dt. 23.06.17Receipts Heads of Consolidated Funds & Public Accounts under GST
2No. 1126-FT dt. 28.06.17Non-Taxable Goods-WBGST.
3No. 1136-FT dt. 28.06.17Non-Taxable Services WBGST.
4No. 1015 dt. 28.06.17Deduction of STDS from 01/07/2017_Treasury Notification.
5No. Circular 5 dt. 29.06.17Trade Circular.
6No. 4374-F dt. 13.07.17Amendment of Rule 47(9)(b) of WBFR.
7No. 4406-F dt. 14.07.17Registration under GST as deductor of tax
8No. 558-FB dt. 20.07.17Opening of 35 Heads of account on the Receipt side of Consolidated Fund and 2 heads of Account in Public Account for accounting of GST.
9No. 1278-FT dt. 14.07.17Corrigendum to 1126-FT dt. 28.06.17
10No. 380-F dt. 18.01.18Manual Refund Procedure of SGST


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
1No. 3385-F dt. 28.04.15Maximum reimbursable amount of telephone charges for residential landline telephone as well as for personal mobile phone in respect of officers of the rank of Principal Secretary.
2No. 6718-F dt. 08.09.15Labour Cooperative exempted from paying EMD but not for SD.
3No. 862-FD dt. 14.10.15Vetting of FD before direct purchase of land.
4No. 7544-F dt. 16.10.15Applicability of Rule 47D of WBFR-I regarding engagement of private agencies.
5No. 8490-F dt. 17.12.15Amendment of Rule 47(9)(b).
6No. 321-FB dt. 15.06.16Debt Sustainability Certificate.
7No. 3975-F dt. 28.07.16Online receipt and refund of EMD for e-procurement.
8No. 4603-F dt. 01.09.16Nomination of FA in Governing Body of Parastatal.
9No. 5152-F dt. 28.09.16Nomination of Financial Advisors as representatives of Finance Department in tender committee/ bid evaluation committee of the administrative Department.
10No. 5302-F dt. 05.10.16e-procurement – linking of bank Accounts of PSUs/ Local Bodies etc. with ICICI Bank payment gateway.
11No. 5688-F dt. 03.11.16Transfer of EMD received online to the Security Deposit Account at Treasury.
12No. 925-F dt. 14.02.17Revised procedure of acceptance of bids.
13No. 1722-FB dt. 16.03.17Amendment to Consolidated Sinking Fund.
14No. 1723-FB dt. 16.03.17Amendment to Consolidated Sinking Fund.
15No. 1724-FB dt. 16.03.17Amendment of Guarantee Redemption Fund, 2014.
16No. 1776-F dt. 24.03.17Clarification on Rule 47D.
17No. 2691-F dt. 02.05.17Performance Bank Guarantee.
18No. 2867-F dt. 11.05.17WB Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. Included in Annexure-C of Rule 47D.
19No. 660-FB dt. 08.08.17Online Credit confirmation & release of fund.
20No. 5304-F dt. 25.08.17Specified format for submission of required information.
21No. 782-FB dt. 05.09.17Online submission of UC for Central Scheme.
22No. 6029-F dt. 22.09.17Admn. Approval Order along with sanction order.
23No. 6142-F dt. 10.10.17Modification of Rule 47D sub rule (1) of WBFR.
24No. 971-F dt. 16.02.18Certain cases requiring concurrence of Finance Group-T

Volume II: Integrated Financial Management System


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
1No. 5531-F dt. 05.11.14Selection of licensed CA for DSC
2No. 6116-F dt. 03.12.14DSC for TO, ATO, PAO, APAO, PDO, APDO.
3No. 3045-F dt. 13.04.15Clarification on DSC.
4No. 4169-F dt. 28.05.15Use of OTP in case of New DDOs having no DSC
5No. 6138-F dt. 28.11.16Renewal of DSCs on or before expiry of their validity with or without USB.


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
1No. 520-FB dt. 31.07.15Online re-appropriation through e-Bantan.
2No. 930-FB dt. 06.11.15Admissible re-appropriation Detailed Heads.
3No. 110-FB dt. 25.04.17Further Clarification on re-appropriation through e-bantan.
4No. 257-F Dt. 11.01.18Administrative Approval and Financial Sanction


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
1No. 965-F dt. 18.02.15Modified Treasury Forms.
2No. 4507-F dt. 09.06.15Introduction of TR Form 70B for drawal of bill.
3No. 4879-F dt. 24.06.15Implementation of e-Bill.
4No. 6229-F dt. 18.08.15e-Bill forms vis-a-vis WBTR-2005 Forms.
5No. 6295-F dt. 20.08.15Mandatory submission of some TR Form through e-Bill.
6No. 6561-F dt. 02.09.15Introduction of TR Form 70B.
7No. 470-F dt. 25.01.17Mandatory use of e-bill for TR 70C.
8No. 1512-F dt. 15.03.17Mandatory use of e-bill for TR 70 & 70B.
9No. 3595-F dt. 05.06.18Mandatory use of e-billing module of IFMS for drawal of various claims in TR Form-21


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
1No. 4905-F dt. 17.09.14Procedure of e-Pradan.
2No. FS 173 dt. 30.10.14Introduction of e-Pradan.
3No. 1179-F dt. 25.02.15Implementation of e-Pradan.
4No. 3060-F dt. 13.04.15Cheques in case of Advance drawal.
5No. 3577-F dt. 06.05.15Some other cases where cheque payment is permissible.
6No. 4170-F dt. 28.05.15Cess in e-Pradan.
7No. 4725-F dt. 18.06.15Categories of claims exempted from the purview of e-pradan.
8No. 2862-F dt. 30.05.16Cancellation of e-Pradan failed transaction.
9No. 1888-F dt. 29.03.17Cheques for payment to Resource Division.


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
1No. 2050-F dt. 02.03.15Inclusion of HoA for GRIPS.
2No. 3858-F dt. 15.05.15Inclusion of HoA for GRIPS.
3No. 4168-F dt. 28.05.15Inclusion of HoA for GRIPS.
4No. 4630-F dt. 15.06.15Inclusion of HoA for GRIPS.
5No. 5074-F dt. 30.06.15Inclusion of HoA for GRIPS..
6No. 5100-F dt. 01.07.15Stamp, GPF & GISS deposit exempted from GRIPS.
7No. 5157-F dt. 02.07.15Deposit of Govt. Tax and Non Tax Revenue under Govt. Revenue receipt heads.
8No. 5158-F dt. 02.07.15Some categories of receipts are exempted from the purview of GRIPS.
9No. 6180-F dt. 17.08.15Amendment of HoA in GRIPS.
10No. 8425-F dt. 14.12.15Inclusion of heads of accounts for e-receipt of Govt. Tax & non-tax revenue.
11No. 873-F dt. 16.02.16Inclusion of heads of accounts for e-receipt of Govt. tax and non-tax.
12No. 5504-F dt. 24.10.16Integration of GRIPS in IFMS.
13No. 5607-F dt. 27.10.16Revised procedure of reporting and accounting of GRIPS transactions.
14No. 1208-F dt. 28.02.17List of participating banks in GRIPS.
15No. 3007-F dt. 16.05.17HoA for e-receipt of deposit of I&W through GRIPS.
16No. 5516-F dt. 04.09.17HoA for e-receipt of deposit of PHE through GRIPS.
17No. 926-F dt. 13.02.17Inclusion of HoA for e-receipts of Dept of Home & Hill Affairs through GRIPS portal


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
1No. 7740-F dt. 04.11.15Employee Information Sheet.
2No. 3705-F dt. 14.07.16Bonus and Festival Advance through HRMS.
3No. 1348-F dt. 06.03.17Implementation of Pay Roll Processing Sub-module of HRMS-IFMS for payment of wages.
4No. 1349-F dt. 06.03.17Implementation of Pay Roll Processing Sub-module of HRMS-IFMS for payment of Grant-in-aid Colleges.
5No. 3130-F dt. 19.05.17Introduction of Stakeholder, leave, TA, DA sub-module.


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
1No. 736-F dt. 10.02.15Works/Forest Bill (Advance bill, Part Bill & Final bill) for presenting in P. A.O./Treasury.
2No. 2705-F dt. 30.03.15Modification of 736-F(Y),10.02.15
3No. 3391-F dt. 28.04.15Procedure for purchase through resource Division.
4No. 3545-F dt. 05.05.15Guidelines for drawal of wages bills related to work-charged establishment under engineering set-up.
5No. 5502-F dt. 15.07.15Modification of 3545-F(Y),05.05.15
6No. 5785-F dt. 29.07.15Procedure of transfer of outstanding deposit account balance from Works/Forest Books.
7No. 6228-F dt. 18.08.15Modification of 5785-F(Y),29.07.15
8No. 8532-F dt. 18.12.15Migration of outstanding deposit works/security deposit account.
9No. 1116-F dt. 25.02.16Submission of vouchers & bills by works and forest divisions to A.G., WB.
10No. 182-F dt. 10.01.17Refund from Works Deposit Account.


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
1No. 4130-F dt. 04.08.16Access of MIS Dashboard and reports of IFMS to FAs
2No. 5277-F dt. 24.08.17Access for viewing MIS reports in IFMS

Volume III: West Bengal Treasury Rules & Miscellaneous

Regular Matters:

Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
1No. 4525-F dt. 10.06.15Discontinuation of non-CTS Cheque.
2No. DT/1412 dt. 31.07.15Consolidation of bills under same HoA.
3No. 6454-F dt. 27.08.15Standing Order regarding disbursement of salary/ pension/ wages etc.
4No. 8074-F dt. 27.11.15Modified Treasury Inspection Format.
5No. 8434-F dt. 14.12.15Amendment of G.O. No. 6454-F dt. 27.08.15. -Date of Mandate for disbursement of pension and wages
6No. 1611-F dt. 18.03.16Procedure of refund of tax and non-tax revenue including EMD & SD deposited in e-Treasury.
7No. 5153-F dt. 28.09.16Withdrawal of deposit of West Bengal Motor Transport Workers’ Welfare Cess.
8No. 1371-F dt. 07.03.17Discontinuation of Bill extract, Top sheet, extra copy of schedule & acknowledgement.
9No. 1402-F dt. 08.03.17Modalities of adjustment in DC bill in TR Form No. 28 against multiple advances as well as advances drawn from other treasuries.
10No. 3368-F dt. 31.05.17Restriction on Transfer of fund from scheme heads to bank accounts of various govt. departments and parastatal bodies and providing information regarding Bank Accounts.
11No. 3685-F dt. 13.06.17Irregular deposition of IT through TR 7 Challan.
12No. 581-FB dt. 25.07.17Inclusion of certain costs under capital expenditure.
13No. 5801-F dt. 14.09.17Discontinuation of certain TR Forms upon introduction of IFMS.
14No. 6415-F dt. 23.10.17Replacement of existing TR 51 with the new TR 51.
15No. 338-F dt. 17.01.18Modalities of Inter-Treasury Transfer of Funds
16No. 847-F 09.02.18Monthly withdrawal limit from Deposit Account of WBMSCL
17No. 971-F 16.02.18Matters requiring concurrence of Group-T relating to Finance Department order No. 134-F dt. 04.01.12
18No. 1033-F 20.02.18Execution of Works for funds allotted under detail HoA 53/60
19No. 1560-F 14.03.18Introduction of New TR-7C Challan for depositing money for State Provident Fund (GPF)
20No. 3957-F dt 18.06.18Submission of detailed Contingent Bill (DC) in new head of account and scheduling of time period for submission of DC bill.

Matters related to LF/PL:

Sl.G.O. No. &DateSubject
1No. 8060-F dt. 26.11.15Introduction of Online LF/PL module in IFMS
2No. 5103-F dt. 27.09.16Payment from LE/PL/Deposits A/C by online mode and Transfer of fund to Bank Account for Taxes and Statutory Duties
3No. 75/MA dt. 27.10.16Assigning operator authority in favour of Chairman, Haringhata Municipality for operating LF Account at Kalyani Treasury
4No. 78/MA dt. 02.11.16Assigning operator authority in favour of Special Controller of Municipal Finance & Accounts, KMC for operating LF Account at Kolkata PAO-II
5No. 5536-F dt. 04.09.17Surrender of Fund lying in PL/LF/Bank Account.
6No. 5741- F dt. 12.09.17Clarification on 5536-F 04.09.17
7No. 867-FB dt. 20.09.17HoA of refund where appropriate drawal head not detected
8No. 1466-F 09.03.18Transfer of funds to LF/PL/Deposit Accounts
9No. 2015-F dt 28.03.18Modification of Order No. 1466-F(Y) dt 09.03.2018 relating to transfer of funds to LF/PL/Deposit Accounts.
10172-FB dt 10.05.18Regular review of fund utilization and timely surrender of funds which are likely to remain unutilized.

Works/ Forest Matters:

Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
1No. 5503-F dt. 15.07.15Procedure for dealing with 8782-PWR deposit after 01.04.15.
2No. 932-F dt. 18.02.16Modification of TR Form 70B.
3No. 5290-F dt. 04.10.16Withdrawal of Miscellaneous Deposit Account-modification of TR 70C bill Form.


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
1No. 150-COI/PL/O/44C-28/12 dt. 06.08.14Enhancement of Car Allowance to Retired High Court Judges appointed as Chairpersons of different Enquiry Commission.
2No. 2500-F dt. 20.03.15Engagement of 120 number of fresh Data Entry operators on contractual & temporary basis against vacancies in Gr. C posts in treasuries
3No. 6417-F dt. 26.08.15Exemption of 3 Govt. Enterprises from deposit of earnest money.
4No. 924-PAR(AR)/ O/3M-55/2016 dt. 18.10.16Bringing letters forwarded by Chief Secretary to the Notice of Department Secretary before processing.
5No. 317(2)/PN/O/ II/1R-16/2016 dt. 15.02.17Implementation of DBT in respect of benefits under NSAP through IFMS.
6No.827-SW/O/3E- (Sectt)-04/17 dt. 28.02.17Merging of Department of Women Development and Social Welfare and Department of Child Development as Department of Women & Chief Development and Social Welfare.
7No. 4757-F dt. 01.08.17Implementation of Web Portal of Service Record Information System (SRIS) for Stenographers
8No. 1262-F 28.02.18CUG connections for the Officers of Treasuries and PAOs DTA, DPPG and e-Governance of the Finance Department.

Volume IV: Education Department and WBHS


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
1955-SE dt. 27.07.11Clarification on entitlement of HRA for married working employees of non-govt. educational institutions.
2526-Edn dt. 10.12.15Enhancement of remuneration and enhanced workload of Part Time Teachers of Govt. Engineering and Technology colleges.
31139-Edn dt. 10.12.15Enhancement of remuneration and enhanced workload of Part Time Teachers and Contractual Whole Time Teachers of Govt. aided including erstwhile sponsored colleges.
41185-Edn dt. 17.06.16Engagement of Guest Lecturers Govt. Colleges of West Bengal: revision of honorarium/remuneration.
5892-Edn dt. 04.11.16Grant of incentives to the teachers, librarians and physical instructors of the State aided Universities, Govt. Colleges and Govt. aided Colleges.
6896-Edn dt. 8.11.16Partial Modification of Memo No. 892-Edn (U)/1U-79/13, 4.11.16.
7ED-1009 dt. 15.12.16Partial Modification of Memo No. 986-ED/2016 dt.24.11.16 and illustrations of fixation of pay.
8503-Edn dt. 12.05.17Grant of advance increment for Ph.D/M.Phil and other higher qualifications while in service as Associate Professor.
9314-SE dt. 22.09.17Grant of revised rate of Dearness Allowance to the whole time approved and regular teaching and nonĀ­teaching employees of DA getting schools (primary) DA getting Anglo Indian Schools (Primary) and Pandits of Non-Govt. Sanskrit Tols w.e.f. 01.01.17.


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
11023-Edn dt. 19.12.14Payment of arrears of pre-01.01.06 Pensioners/Family pensioners in r/o Teaching Staff including Graduate Laboratory Instructors, Librarians/Asst. Librarians and other categories.
21068-Edn dt. 30.12.14Implementation of G.O. No. 874-Edn(CS),28.10.14 in the matter of Conferment of the status of Non-teaching to Hostel/Mess employees and extension of benefit of GPF and Pension to them.
31097-Edn dt. 30.11.15Clarifications on regulation of Pensionery benefits in r/o the Hostel and Mess workers attached to the Govt. aided Colleges including Govt. general degree colleges.
4856-Edn dt. 24.10.16Grant of Interim Relief to the whole time regular employees of the West Bengal State Council of Higher Education.
5161-ICA dt. 20.1.17Introduction of DCRB Scheme, 2009 in respect of the retired employees of the Calcutta University Institute Hall.
662-SSE dt. 17.04.17Modified Procedure for application, process and disposal of pension cases of the Employees of the non- Govt. aided and recognised Educational Institutions (excluding D.A. getting schools) through e-Pension portal.
763-SSE dt. 17.04.17Verification of the Pension cases for the employees of the Non-Govt. recognised and aided Educational Institutions excluding D.A. getting schools by the Jt./Dy./Asst. Directors of Accounts of Education Department.
864-SSE dt. 17.04.17Procedure under e-Pension regarding checking of pension cases of employees of the Non-govt. aided and recognised Educational Institutions at District level.
965-SSE dt. 17.04.17Modified rule of submission of application for commutation of pension after introduction of e-pension portal.
10563-F dt. 30.10.17Recovery/adjustment of Interim Relief paid to Pensioners/Family pensioners covered under UGC/ AICTE Scale.


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
11019-Edn dt. 07.12.16Regarding Paternity-cum-Child Care Leave in r/o regular male employees of all State aided Universities.
2103-Edn dt. 7.02.17Grant of Paternity-Cum-Child Care Leave to the State- Aided non-govt. colleges.


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
137-ILC dt. 27.01.17Age of retirement of full-time regular teachers and Principals and other categories in all State-aided Universities and Govt. aided Colleges.
293-C.Pen dt. 31.1.17Enhancement of service of the teachers’ upto 62 years.
31019-F dt. 17.02.17Enhancement of retirement age of whole time regular teachers of Teachers’ Training Degree College, Physical Education Degree Colleges and Govt. College for Art & Craft, Kokata.


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
1375-Edn dt. 13.04.17Leave Travel Concession benefits to the regular and whole time teachers, including Librarians and Physical Instructors and Graduate Laboratory Instructors of the State-aided Universities and Govt. aided colleges.


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
13897-F dt. 15.05.15Principals/Teachers in Charge of the non-Govt. Grant-in-Aid Colleges authorized to act as Operator/ Administrator of the Provident Fund Deposit Accounts.
2827-EH dt. 26.07.17Introduction of Group Health Insurance Scheme named “Swasthya Sathi” for serving non-teaching permanent staff of Govt. – aided colleges and State-aided Universities.
3911-Edn dt. 16.08.17Introduction of Group Health Insurance Scheme named “Swasthya Sathi” for serving Govt. Approved Contractual Whole Time Teachers, PTTs and Daily Rated/Casual Non-teaching employees State-aided Universities of West Bengal.
4No. 5594-F dt. 06.09.2017Extension of coverage of Swasthya Sathi Scheme


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
1No. 2400-F dt. 17.03.2015Revised TR Form 68B relating to Cashless Medical treatment under WBHS.
2No. 811-F dt. 16.07.2015Procedure for settlement of cashless treatment bills amounting more than Rs. One Lakh under WBHS, 2014.
3No. 884-F dt. 31.07.15Certain clarifications regarding WBHS(Cashless Treatment), 2014

Volume V: Service Rules and Pension Matters

Pay Matters :

Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
13494-F dt. 03.07.14Consolidated monthly remuneration of contractually engaged Sub-Assistant Engineers.
24601-F dt. 03.09.14Revision of Fixation of monthly contractual remuneration for the Sub-Assistant Engineers engaged under different Departments.
38070-F dt. 27.11.15Constitution of the 6th Pay Commission.
48071-F dt. 27.11.15Terms of Reference of 6th Pay Commission.
51107-F dt. 25.02.16Remuneration, Medical benefit, Leave, Terminal benefits allowed to contractual/casual/ daily rated workers
62762-F dt. 25.05.16Extension of term of the Office of Chairman and other members of Sixth Pay Commission.
73059-F dt. 08.06.16Fixation of re-employment and contractual remuneration for re-employed and contractually engaged govt. pensioners/ family pensioners.
83858-F dt. 22.07.16Clarification on admissibility and calculation of interim relief granted to the State Govt. Employees and Others w.e.f. 1st July, 2016.
91479-PAR dt. 14.09.16Implementation of Indian Administrative Service (Pay) Rules, 2016 notified vide No.GSR 870(E) dt. 08.09.16 in respect of IAS officers of WB cadre
105630-F dt. 28.10.16Clarification regarding implementation of CAS/ MCAS for employees enjoying higher pay scale under court order
116095-F dt. 25.11.16Re-employment remuneration to Medical Officers including NPA/NPP
121338-F dt. 06.03.17Entitlement of service benefits, leave and remuneration in respect of contractual Gr.D employees
1355-IE dt. 17.07.17Revised Pay Band scale in respect of Superintending Engineers(Civil) and Superintending Engineers(Mechanical & Electrical)
142636/WI dt. 16.11.17Modification of G.O. No. 1754/WI/P/ADMI-10/2015, dt. 19.07.17 to replace the clause 3(C) by ‘retired W.B.C.S.(Exe).) Officer as Administrative Officer on last pay minus pension basis’.
157245-F dt. 24.11.17Payment of death benefit to the legal heirs in the event of death of casual/daily retired/contractual workers
167284-F dt. 27.11.17Enhancement of remuneration to part-time Sweepers (Karmabandhu) w.e.f.01.01.18.

Recruitment Matters :

Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
12790-F dt. 28.05.14Restructuring and declaration of dying cadre/post in the offices ofPay & Accounts Office.
24902-F dt. 25.06.15Amendment in the WB Services (Recruitment to Clerical Cadre) Rules, 2010
3249-F dt. 15.01.16Engagement of Software Personnel in the E-Governance Project on temporary basis.
4265-F dt. 18.01.16Amendment in the WB Services (Appointment, Probation and Absorption of Gr. C Employees) Rules, 2013
51182-F dt. 29.02.16Amendment in the Rules regulating recruitment to the post of English Stenographer (Basic Grade) in the Secretariat Department and Directorate.
626-Emp dt. 01.03.16Modification of some provisions relating to Appointment on compassionate Ground.
71243-F dt. 02.03.16Amendment in West Bengal Services (compulsory requirement of knowledge in Bengali for recruitment to any post or service) Rules, 2002.
83797-F dt. 20.07.16Amendment in West Bengal Services (Recruitment of Clerical Cadre) Rules, 2010.
94072-F dt. 02.08.16Engagement of software personnel in e-Governance projects on temporary basis
104184-F dt. 08.08. 2016Amendment in the WB Services (Gr. D posts) recruitment rule, 2009.
114499-F dt. 26.08.16Amendment in Sub rule(l) of Rule 34A of WBSR (Part-I) relating to Health Service.
124630-F dt. 02.09. 2016Half yearly Departmental Examination in Bengali of Probationary LDA whose mother tongue is not Bengali
136045-F dt. 23.11.16Amendment in the WB Services (Gr.D Posts) Recruitment Rules, 2009
146093-F dt. 25.11.16Engagement of retired employee on contractual basis beyond 64 years
151519-H2 dt. 26.12.16Creation of post of Engineer-in-Chief in the Housing Department, Govt. of West Bengal by surrendering one post of Secretary in Housing Department.
16540-F dt. 30.01.17Re-employment cases prior to 01.01.17 to be referred to Finance Department for post facto concurrence
17561-F dt. 31.01.17Enhancement of age of retirement from 60 years to 62 years to all regular teachers, principals and other categories of Govt. colleges (General Degree college and Engineering Degree colleges)
18874-F dt. 13.02.17Amendments in the WB Services (Raising the age limit) Rules, 1981
19875-F dt. 13.02.17Raising of upper age limit for recruitment to Gr. A, B, C and D and amendment thereof in WBSR (Raising the age limit) Rules, 1981
201834-F dt. 28.03.17Creation of posts for facilitating the work of L&LR Deptt pertaining to newly created Kalimpong District.
214343-F dt. 12.07.17Computer test for Gr.D employee.
2253-IE dt. 17.07.17Amendments in the rules for recruitment to the Engineering services under the I& W Department.
2354-IE dt. 17.07.17Amendments in the rules for recruitment to the Engineering services (Mechanical & Electrical) under the I & W Department.
244851-F dt. 04.08.17Computer test for Gr. C employee.
255133-F dt. 18.08.17Amendments in the West Bengal Public Service Commission (condition of service & Miscellaneous Provisions) Regulation, 1953.
265751-F dt. 13.09.17Direct recruitment inBorC post through PSC.
27No. 7806-F dt. 19.12.17Approval of Cabinet in case of non-filling of non-PSC posts
282297-FT dt. 28.12.17Merger of four Group A State Service for Constitution of a new integrated Group A State Service titled ‘West Bengal Revenue Service’.
29No. 5724-F dt. 28.12.17Re-Organization of the system of Financial Advisor and creation of related posts.

Leave Matters:

Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
15560-F dt. 17.07.15Extension of benefit of Child care Leave to the female employees ofNon educational institution, Panchayet etc
25780-F dt. 29.07.15Extension of benefit of CCL to the female employee of colleges & universities
36444-F dt. 27.08.15Clarification on period of CCL.
41100-F dt. 25.02.16Paternity leave for Male employee
52634-F dt.17.05.16Leave rule for an employee of non-vacation deptt while on deputation to a vacation department
66653-F dt. 27.12.1630 days leave for software personnel.
72452-F dt. 21.04.17Child Care Leave in respect of adopted child.
84821-F dt. 03.08.17Maternity leave for contractual employee.

LTC Matters:

Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
17370-F dt. 09.10.15Partial modification of Memo No. 9924-F dt. 07.12.05 relating to availing the benefits of Leave Travel Concession
2427-F dt. 25.01.16Clarification on LTC regarding nearest airport.
34237-F dt. 10.08.16Further Clarification of certain points in respect of LTC & HTC for State Govt. Employees

Promotion Matters:

Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
13135-F dt. 17.04.15Corrigendum of Memo No. 2257-F(H) dt. 11.03.2015 for Functional Movement of Schedule B Stenographer to the higher Scale.
23665-F dt. 12.06.17Amendment of FD Memo No. 5630-F(P) dt. 28.10.2016 on implementation of MCAS for employees enjoying higher scale as per court order.

Miscellaneous Matters:

Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
18632-F dt. 05.12.13Re-designation of Schedule B Stenographers Grade-II as Personal Assistant (Schedule B)
23339-F dt. 25.06.14Setting up a new Branch Office of Directorate of Pension, Provident Fund and Group Insurance at Uttarkanya, Silliguri for disposal of all pension cases
35067-F dt. 26.09.14Amendments in the West Bengal Public Service Commission (Exemption from Consultation) Regulations, 2008.
46191-F dt. 08.12.2014Grant of Honorarium and conveyance charge to Inquiry Authority and presenting officer appointed from retired employee
56472-F dt. 19.12.14Re-employment of retired employees on contractual basis in Kolkata Pay & Accounts Offices.
66717-F dt. 08.09.15Cancellation of 6649-F(P), dt. 04.09.15.
77106-F dt. 28.09.15Modification to WBPSC(Exemption from consultation) Rule 2008.
87682-F dt. 03.11.15Change of designation of SAEs to Junior Engineer
95683-F dt. 18.11.15Revision of Reporting, Reviewing and Accepting Authorties for SAR of WBA&AS officers
108006-F dt. 24.11.15Extension of 3 years for contractual employees
115974-F dt. 11.12.15Procedure of submission of online application for Half Yearly Examination of WBA&AS officers
128395-F dt. 11.12.15Instruction to follow the Codal provisions regarding deduction of Tax at source and submission of quarterly returns with complete and correct data of TDS
13597-F dt. 03.02.16Set up of Economic Offence Investigation Cell under Finance Department.
142649-F dt. 03.10.16Restructuring and reorganisation of various offices in Irrigation and Waterways Directorate.
155822-F dt. 10.11.16Extension of term of Chairman and other Members of the Sixth Pay Commission.
161083-F dt. 23.03.17GISS-1983 Table Benefits under Savings Fund from 469th to 492nd Month
173314-F dt. 18.07.17In-service training of Officers of State Constituted Services.
183531-CA dt. 25.10.17Setting up two Consumer Disputes Redressal Fora (C.D.R.F.) for newly created Districts of Paschim Bardhaman and Jhargram.
194521-F dt. 03.11.17State Govt. Employees Group Insurance Scheme, 1987-Table of Benefits under savings fund for the year of cessation and membership 2017-18.
201636-CD dt. 18.12.17Enhancement of Ration Allowance to whole time WBNVF personnel
21No. 327-F dt. 01.02.18New designation of Officers posted in FA set up depending on the scale of pay
22No. 83-F dt. 21.02.18Deposit/Recovery of Foreign Service Contribution comprising both pension and leave salary in respect of State Govt Employees who went Foreign Service on deputation
23No. 734-F dt. 28.02.18Change in control and management of GPF of Group-D employees
24No. 1353-F dt 18.04.18Clarification with reference to notification No. 734-F(J)W.B. dt. 28.02.2018 regarding Change in control and management of GPF of Group-D employees.
25No. 1960-F dt 04.06.18State Government Employees’ Group Insurance Scheme, 1987-Table of Benefits under Savings Fund for the year of cassation of membership 2017-18
26No. 1999-F dt 05.06.18Extension of Online GPF Module to Group ‘D’ work charged Employees of the State
27No. 2229-F dt 20.06.18Completion of recovery of temporary advances from GP fund before six months prior to retirement of Superannuation.


Sl.G.O. No. & DateSubject
1No. 5307-F dt. 03.07.13Amendment of Rule 4.192(7) of WBTR, 2005
24677-F dt. 25.08.15DCRB rule of WB non-govt Edu Institution and local authorities.
33704-F dt. 14.07.16Monitoring and supervision of e-Pension project by E-Governance Group, Finance Department.
44496-F dt. 26.08.16Clarification on I.R. for re-employment/contractually pensioners.
55332-F dt. 05.10.16Implementation of the New Pension Scheme for the Central Govt. employees(other than AIS Officers) and State Govt. employees of other States.
6481-F dt. 29.11.16Condition for counting of past services rendered in CPF organization.
76431-F dt. 15.12.16Discontinuation of pension from the counter of AG, WB.
82460-F dt. 21.04.17Revised procedure for issuance of PPO from DPPG.

Download: Compendium of General Circulars (Finance), 2018, Source

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