Kolkata Municipal Corporation

Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) see Kolkata as a clean and attractive city of international repute in which all people have access to quality services.

General Elections to Kolkata Municipal Corporation, 2021

Finance, Kolkata Municipal Corporation,

Since the date of poll on 19th December, 2021 falls on Sunday, which is a public holiday under the N. I. Act, 1881, separate order declaring the said date as a holiday is not necessary.

Emergency Arrangement during Norwester/ Rainy Season, 2021

Kolkata Municipal Corporation,

Considering all possibilities and with regard to previous years’ practices (with suitable changes), it has been decided that the following activities may be initiated from the KMC’s end forthwith to enable the Officials and members of staff of KMC to combat emergent situations in case of any Norwester/ heavy rain.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation Solid Waste Management Bye-laws, 2020

Kolkata Municipal Corporation,

Kolkata Municipal Corporation Solid Waste Management Bye-laws, 2020 published vide No. 112/SWM/KMC/O/C-4/2M-1/2020 dated 13th day of June, 2020

Kolkata Municipal Corporation (Unit Area Assessment-Tax Capping) Regulations, 2017

Kolkata Municipal Corporation,

The amount of property tax payable by an owner or any person liable to pay property tax in respect of a property on the basis of fresh annual valuation made as per the provisions contained in the Act, shall not exceed one hundred and twenty per cent of the amount paid or payable as per the last valuation fixed by the KMC.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation (Covered Space) Regulations, 2017

Kolkata Municipal Corporation,

Covered Space shall mean the total floor area including the thickness of walls, gangway, garage, open garage and car parking space, verandah, common area for service and facility, open terrace, balcony and such other projections and also include basement, mezzanine floor, barsati and stilts meant for parking, Television/ Telecom and other towers and hoarding erected on the roof, surface or any other open space of the premises.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation (Self-Assessment System, Manner and Forms) Rules, 2017

Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Urban Development and Municipal Affairs, ,

Any owner of land comprising any building or any vacant land or covered space of building or any other person liable to pay the property tax or any occupier or lessee or sub-lessee, as the case may be, in the absence of such owner or person, shall file a return of self-assessment within sixty days from the date of final publication of the Scheme.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation General Election, 2015

Kolkata Municipal Corporation, State Election Commission,

West Bengal State election Commission declares the 23rd March, 2015 as the last date for making nomination; the 11th May, 2015 as the date before which the election process shall be completed;

Issuing Authority of Caste Certificates in KMC Area

BCWD, Kolkata Municipal Corporation,

Caste Certificates in respect of Kolkata may be issued by the District Welfare Officer, Kolkata and ex-officio Joint Director, Backward Classes Welfare.