Detection and Management of Mentally ill Patients at BPHC

Government of West Bengal
Department of Health & Family Welfare
PHP Branch (Mental Health Cell), Swasthya Bhawan
GN-29, Sector-V, Salt Lake, KoIkata-700091

No. HF/N/PHP/397/6M-26/2011, Dated: 22.06.2012

From: Debashis Bose, IAS, Joint Secretary to the Government of West Bengal

To: The Nodal Officer, DMHP and Head of Department (Psychiatry)
Bankura Sammilani Medical College/ Calcutta National Medical College/Midnapore Medical College/North Bengal Medical College

Sub: Detection and Management of mentally ill patients at the level of BPHC


You are aware that one of the important objectives of NMHP is integration of mental health care with primary health care and it can only be achieved by making available mental health care facilities at village/Sub Centre/PHC level. It has been also decided by the State Mental Health Authority that training of doctors/staff at block level will be taken up for providing treatment of Psychiatric patients before referring them to mental hospitals. Training of Doctors and other para medical staff posted in the BPHC is another important component of the DMHP with the objective of early detection and management of the mentally ill patients. The matter has been discussed at length in the monthly review meeting and a target has been fixed for training of Doctors and other Paramedical Staff posted at the Primary level units. As per decision taken in the monthly review meeting, a series of radio talk shows are being organized for creation of awareness among ASHA and other health workers about early detection of patients suffering from mental illness. It however, transpires that the strategy pertaining to early detection and management of patients suffering from mental illness at PHC level has not been worked to our satisfaction till now.

In view of above, it has been decided to implement the strategy in a focused manner under the guidance of the Medical Colleges concerned in four BPHCs in each of the districts where DMHP is being implemented. The BPHCs will have to be selected by the Nodal Officers of the DMHP unit in consultation with the CMOH of the respective district. Necessary training/ refresher training may be imparted to the Medical Officers and the other staff posted in the BPHC by the DMHP unit to facilitate early detection and management of the patients suffering from mental illness. Arrangement is also being made to ensure supply of selected Psychotropic medicines as recommended by the MoHFW, Govt. of India from the DRS of the respective district. The name of BPHCs selected may please be intimated to this Department by 05.07.2012 for taking further action from this end. The Nodal Officers are also requested to intimate their suggestions for implementation of the programme highlighting problem/lacunae that may stand in the way of success.

Yours faithfully,

Sd/- Debashis Bose
Joint Secretary

No. HF/N/PHP/397 dated 22.06.2012

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