Ex-Gratia in case of Death due to Natural Calamity/ Accidental Fire

Government of West Bengal
Department of Relief
Writers’ Buildings, Kolkata-700 001

No. 2042-FR/4P-3/04 Dated: 23/6/2005

From: Shri M. A. Alam
Special Secretary to the Government of West Bengal

To: (1) The Sabhadhipati Zilla Parishad
(2) The Commissioner,Division
(3) The District Magistrate,
(4) The Director of Relief, West Bengal, Tran Bhawan, 87A, S. N. Banerjee Road, Kol-14

Sub: Payment of Ex-gratia Grant in the cases of death due to Natural Calamity/ Accidental Fire.


I am directed to say that the question of expeditious sanction and disbursement of Ex-gratia Grant on account of death due to Natural Calamity/ Accidental Fire within shortest possible time, has been under consideration of the Government for sometime past. After careful consideration, the Governor, in supersession of all such previous Orders in this regard, has been pleased to decide that the District Magistrate concerned/ Director of Relief, West Bengal in case of Kolkata Municipal Corporation area, will sanction and administer Ex-gratia grant @ 20,000/- (Rupees twenty thousand) only in each death case, to the next-of-kin(s) of the person who was killed as a result of Natural Calamity like Flood, Cyclone, Earthquake, Tornade, Hailstorm, Lightning etc. and anything directly or indirectly resulting from Natural Calamity viz. House/Wall collapse, Drowning, Fall of tree, Electrocution, etc. or as a result of accidental fire, on being satisfied about the genuineness of the case of death after obtaining the following papers/ documents :-

i) Proforma report about the death with the views of B.D.O./S.D.O. concerned, to be submitted to the District Magistrate along with a certificate of recommendation from the concerned Pradhan of the Gram Panchayat, Sabhapati of Panchayat Samity/Chairman of the Municipal Authority/Urban Authority, as the case may be. In case of Kolkata Municipal Corporation area, Deputy Director of Relief will be recommending authority.

ii) Original petition of the next-of-kin(s) claiming ex-gratia grant.

iii) Police Report in details stating the exact cause and date of death with the officials seal of the concerned Police Station.

iv) Attested copy of Death Certificate.

v) Attested copy of the Post-Mortem Report with the opinion of the Autopsy Surgeon as to the cause of death.

2. Next-of-Kin(s), referred above, means spouse/children/step children or dependant parents/ widowed daughter/ sister of the deceased or father/mother/legal guardian where deceased was minor, as determined by the revenue authority of the District.

1. The District Magistrate concerned/ Director of Relief, West Bengal shall make payment of the ex-gratia grant out of the allotted fund received from this Department for this purpose from time to time.

2. The charge is debitable to the head “2245-Relief on account of Natural Calamities-02-Floods, Cyclone etc.-111-Ex-gratia payments to bereaved families-N.P.-Non Plan-001-Ex-gratia payments to families of dead/missing persons due to flood, cyclone etc.-V-Voted-50-Other Charges” of the State Budget.

3. Detailed report about the payment of each case of Ex-gratia Grant shall be furnished by the District Magistrate concerned/ Director of Relief to this Department within a month from the date of disbursement of such grant indicating the following informations :-

a) Name of the deceased (Male/Female) with his/her age.
b) Name of the next-of-kin(s) of the deceased.
c) Exact cause and date of death.

4. Un-utilised fund allotted by this Department for this purpose shall have to be surrendered before the end of the financial year.

5. This Order issued with the concurrence of the Finance Department vide their U/O No. Group-E 68 dated 13-6-2005.

Yours faithfully

Special Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 2042-FR dated 23.06.2005

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