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Guidelines to Observance of World Population Day, 2014

During the Population Stabilizing Fortnight i.e. from 11th July to 24th July, 2014, Family Health Mela may be organized in each district, one in each Parliamentary Constituency within the district as well as at Block headquarters.

Government of West Bengal
Directorate of Health Services
State Family Welfare Bureau
Swasthya Bhavan : A-wing, 3rd Floor
GN-29, Sector-V, Salt Lake City: Kolkata : 700 091

No. H/SFWB/11M-03-2011/3043(26) Dated: 04.07.2014

The Chief Medical Officer of Health (All)
The District Family Welfare Officer, Kolkata,

Sub: Observance of World Population Day on 11th July 2014.


Please refer to memo no H/SFWB/11M-03-2011/3006(26) issued from the end of Commissioner, Family Welfare & Mission Director, NHM on 27.06.2014, wherein it was decided that World Population Day 2014 and Population Stabilization Fortnight, 2014 will be celebrated throughout the State over a period of one month in two phases i.e.

1) Mobilization Fortnight from 27th June to 10th July 2014.
2) Population Stabilization Fortnight from 11th July to 24th July 2014.

Detailed guidelines for organizing the functions at the districts and block level, as is received from the Secretary, Department of Health & Family Welfare, MOHFW, GOI, is enclosed for your kind perusal.

Hon’ble Members of Parliament and Legislative Assembly, members of Panchyati Raj institutions,

Urban Local bodies , Health Care Workers and Civil Society Members should be fully involved in various activities undertaken during this period:

District wise fund allocation is enclosed for proper utilization and to make the progamme successful.

You are requested to convey all concerned officers to prepare the action plan for organizing the programme smoothly and efficiently.

Yours faithfully,

State Family Welfare Officer &
Jt. Director of Health Services (FW)

Like previous four years, Govt. Of West Bengal has decided to celebrate the World Population Day, 2014, over a period of one month in two phases i.e.

I. Mobilization Fortnight (Dampatti Sampark Pakhwada) from 27th June to 10th July, 2014
II. Population Fortnight (Janasankhya Sthirita Pakhwada) from 11th July to 24th July, 2014. It may also be called as: Family Health Mela fortnight

It is suggested that during the Population Stabilizing Fortnight i.e. from 11th July to 24th July, 2014, Family Health Mela may be organized in each district, one in each Parliamentary Constituency within the district as well as at Block headquarters where the following activities are to be carried out:-

  1. Film Show.
  2. Poster advocating the need of population stabilization.
  3. Stalls for counseling.
  4. Use of contraceptives and other spacing method.
  5. Needs for delay in marriage & first child birth

Along with-

Special Health Camp may be set up to provide free checkup and family planning services such as:

  1. Tubectomy
  2. Vasectomy
  3. IUCD insertion
  4. Distribution of OCP & CC.

Theme of the function of this year 2014-

“Niyojit Parivar, Khushiyan Aapar”

“Porikolpito Poribar Khushi Opar”

As per micro plan the following activities are to be taken in the mobilization fortnight

  1. Updating of eligible couple survey Register by ANMs & ASHA of each district so that the target couples could be identified & sensitized them to attend Family Health Mela Fortnight in Block for Family Planning Services.
  2. Awareness generation.
  3. IEC on various FP methods/ services as well as their availability at various facilities.

Activities on Population Fortnight should include:-

  1. Exhibition of Family Planning methods.
  2. Other RCH Activities and HIV/AIDS could also be associated.
  3. Counselling of clients on the basket of choices.
  4. Banners and Posters at prominent places & all Health Facilities.
  5. Leaflets distribution in every village.
  6. Mobile publicity van may be arranged at Block levels and will work from village to village for spreading message of Family Planning. It could be one ANM or “satisfied couple” on the advantages of practicing Family Planning.
  7. Family Planning services:- i.e. NSV Operation, Tubectomy Operation, Insertion of IUCD & Distribution of OP & CC.

All the activities to be conducted as Block PHC/RH/SGH/District Hospital/all PP Units at district and Sub Division Hospital

Role of Collectors:-

  1. May ensure the presence of local Hon’ble Member of Parliaments (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha), MLCs, Sabhadipati and Members of the Zilla Parishad, Mayors and Chairpersons of the Corporations and Corporation Members and other elected representatives belonging to the district in the Health Melas to be organised at the district level or may have one in each Parliamentary constituency, if possible.
  2. May be asked to provide funding through District Health & Family Welfare Society for media activity through newspapers, radio and local cable TV.
  3. Nehru Yuvak Kendras to be enlisted for mobilizing young people from the villages.
  4. They may mobilize eligible couple to participate in the Mela and ensure good gathering.
  5. They may instruct all ANMs/ Health Workers and ASHA s in the district for the same.

The mobilization and promotional activities could be carried out all throughout the fortnight and suggestive activities are as follows:-


State Level Advocacy from Chief Minister/ Health Minister/ followed by rally on WPD on 11.7.2014 1
District Level Health Mela (duration – one day on 11th July, 2014) 1 (or co terminus with every MP constituency) Mobile publicity vans daily to cover all villages of the district.
Block Level Nukkad Natak – daily in various Panchayats Mobile publicity vans daily to cover ten villages.
ANM/ASHA mobilization All gathered at district Mela on 11th July, 2014 On 10th July, 2014 (at all PHCs) for briefing

Guidelines W.P.D. – 2014

Guidelines of Population Stabilisation Fortnight (services Delivery Fortnight) 11th – 24th July 2014:-

As the DH, PP Unit, BPHC, RH, SGH, SDH having the OT facilities designated specially for FP services and will organize the Family Health Mela —

  1. Teams should be dedicated for the above designated centers for the whole fortnight.
  2. If the blocks do not have enough surgeons or providers in place they should arrange from the other blocks of the district.
  3. If enough surgeons/MOs are not available in the districts, then two or more blocks could be pooled together, but the efforts should be made that the cumulative targets for the blocks may be achieved in the fortnight.
  4. The numbers suggested are tentative and teams should strive to attain more in case of more capacity and case load.
  5. Two best performing districts and four blocks and best performing personnel may be felicitated at the state level.

Estimated case load per facility (for the State with TFR < 2.1):-

Sl. No. Family Planning Services District Level (District Hospital & PPUs)
Surgeons/ MOs Staff Nurses/ANMs Supporting staff Cases Expected Total performance per Dist Hos. in the fortnight
Per day Per fortnight
Sterilization 225
Tubectomy 1 2 1 10 10×15 150
Vasectomy 1 1 1 5 5×15 75
IUCD 1 MO 2 10 10×15 150%
Counselling To be done by a dedicated counsellor.
Sl. No. Family Planning Services Block Level (BPHC/RH/SGH/SDH)
Surgeons/ MOs Staff Nurses/ ANMs Supporting staff Cases Expected Total performance per Dist Hos. in the fortnight
Per day Per fortnight
Sterilization 120
Tubectomy 1 2 1 7 7×15 105
Vasectomy 1 1 1 1 1×15 15
IUCD 1 MO 2 7 7 x 15 105
Counselling To be done by a dedicated counsellor.

N.B.:- Manpower, Case Load and Performance per facility of all PP Units (except District Hospital PP Units) are same as that of Block Level

Fund for the activities of the WPD 2014-2015, for the district head quarter @ Rs. 50,000/-(Rupees Fifty thousand) only per unit including seven health district. For Block @ Rs. 25,000/-(Rupees Twenty Five thousand) & PP Unit @ Rs. 20,000/- (Rupees Twenty thousand) only per unit.

Rural Hospital where there is PP Unit will utilize Rs. 20,000.00 only and that has not been calculated in the calculation of PP Unit.

Unit wise break-up of fund-

Activity Fund proposed at Block (Rs.) Fund proposed at PP Unit Level (Rs.) Fund proposed at District Level (Rs.)
Rally 3000.00 3000.00 5000.00
IEC with Mobile publicity van daily to cover 10 villages, POL, Banner etc. (tableau for Dist.) 13000.00 10000.00 40000.00
Stall 6000.00 5000.00
Contingency 3000.00 2000.00 5000.00
Total Cost: 25,000.00 20,000.00 50,000.00

Details of the fund district wise on the basis of the unit is herein after –

Fund Proposed to district for the purpose of WPD 2014

Sl. No. District Fund for District HQ @ 50,000/- No. of Block Fund for block @ 25,000/- No. of PP Unit Fund for PP Unit @ 20,000/- Total Fund for the District
1 Cooch Behar 50000 12 300000 3 60000 410000
2 Jalpaiguri 50000 13 325000 4 80000 455000
3 Darjeeling 50000 12 300000 5 100000 450000
4 Malda 50000 15 375000 1 20000 445000
5 U. Dinajpur 50000 9 225000 2 40000 315000
6 D. Dinnajpur 50000 8 200000 2 40000 290000
7 Murshidabad 50000 26 650000 4 80000 780000
8 Nadia 50000 17 425000 3 60000 535000
9 N 24 Pgs 50000 12 300000 4 80000 430000
10 Basirhat 50000 10 250000 0 300000
11 S 24 Pgs 50000 16 400000 3 60000 510000
12 Diamond harbour 50000 13 325000 0 375000
13 Howrah 50000 14 350000 3 60000 460000
14 Hooghly 50000 18 450000 4 80000 580000
15 Burdwan 50000 22 550000 5 100000 700000
16 Asansol 50000 9 225000 0 275000
17 Birbhum 50000 11 275000 3 60000 385000
18 Rampurhat 50000 8 200000 0 250000
19 Bankura 50000 16 400000 2 40000 490000
20 Bishnupur 50000 6 150000 0 200000
21 Purulia 50000 20 500000 1 20000 570000
22 Paschim Medinipur 50000 21 525000 4 80000 655000
23 Jhargram 50000 8 200000 0 250000
24 Purba Medinipur 50000 14 350000 2 40000 440000
25 Nandigram 50000 11 275000 0 325000
26 Kolkata 50000 0 0 4 80000 130000
Total 1300000 341 8525000 59 1180000 11005000

District Health & Family Welfare Samity will release the fund to all blocks and the CMOHs of the concerned health districts.

No. H-3043 dated 04.07.2014, Source