Set up an Institute of Public Health and Policy at Kalyani


Health & Family Welfare Department (PHP Branch)
Swasthya Bhawan, GN-29, Sector-V
Salt Lake, Kolkata-700 091.

No. 140-HF/P/PHP/1H-03/2014 Dated, Kolkata, the 10th April, 2015.


WHEREAS, the State Government in the Health and Family Welfare Department is committed to provide improved health care services to all of the citizens of the State on round the clock basis.

AND WHEREAS, the emerging scenario of the public health sector in the State demands a focused Public Health Policy and strong team of Public Health workers which can lead to a healthier society. A vibrant multidisciplinary team of Public Health workers is the backbone of any healthcare system.

AND WHEREAS, this team should include Physicians specializing in Public Health/ Community Medicine/ infectious disease, Epidemiologists, Biostatisticians, Environmental Health Officers/ Public Health Inspectors, Veterinarians, Public Health Engineers, Public Health Lawyers, Sociologists, community development workers, communication experts, bioethicists and others.

AND THEREFORE, the Governor is pleased to accord sanction to set up an Institute of Public Health and Policy with the objective to introduce courses in Public Health which are modern, befitting with the need of the State and able to address focal issues with a global mindset.

A. Vision & Mission of the Institute

The key focal areas of this Institute would be education, research and formulation of public health policy. In course of formulation of public health policy, this Institute will mainly focus on the needs of the varied geographical conditions in the State like the Darjeeling hills and tea-garden areas, the Jangal Mahals and the Sundarbans delta region. Students with multi disciplinary background would be trained in a robust method of learning and analysis which would include theoretical training on state-of-the-art principles and their applications.

The academic programmes of this institute will include a broad-based, multidisciplinary post-graduate program in public health (Masters in Public Health), and further specialized programs such as PhD in Public Health/Population Studies and short-term courses like health policy and management, health information systems, survey, data analysis suited to the need of in-service professionals.

B. Administration and Organizational Aspects

  1. The proposed Institute will be located at the building of Netaji Subhas TB Sanatorium, Kalyani, district Nadia.
  2. This Institute will be affiliated to the West Bengal University of Health Sciences.
  3. The Institute will be operationalised from the academic year 2015-16.
  4. This Institute will gradually approach towards a full-fledged organization on a self sustainable model. In the initial years the State Government would extend financial assistance to this Institution. But after a certain period this Institution will earn its own resources.
  5. To achieve this goal of self sustenance, a degree of autonomy is necessary. Therefore, although this Institution would be under the overall control of the State Government in the Health and Family Welfare Department, it would be governed by the Society for Health & Demographic Surveillance.
  6. This Institute would be headed by a senior public health professional as the Director. The Director will be assisted by a Registrar.
  7. A core group of faculty members in the rank of Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors covering the core disciplines will be engaged. A larger group of Adjunct Fellows involving experts and professionals in different relevant disciplines/thematic areas will also be invited to deliver lectures.

The name of the Institute will be notified in due course.

This Notification is being issued by the approval of Finance Department vide UO No. Group P2/2014-2015/2501 dated 03.2.2015.

The Cabinet has approved this proposal in its 81st meeting held on 18.3.2015.

By order of the Governor,

Principal Secretary to the Government of West Bengal
Health and Family Welfare Department

No. 140-HF dated 10.04.2015