Competent Issuing authority of Residential/ Domicile Certificate

Higher Education,


No. 67-Edn(U)/1U-89/13 Date: 16.01.2014

From: Smt. M. Ray, IAS
Additional Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal

To: The Vice Chancellor,
………………… University

Subject: Competent authority for issuing Residential/ Domiciled Certificate and relevant Proforma of certificate.


In reference to the above mentioned subject, I am directed to enclose Proforma A-I, A-II, and Proforma-B for issuing Residential/ Domicile Certificate and also to state that in respect of Certificate issued under Proforma A-I and Proforma-B, the following authorities of the Central/ State Government having local jurisdiction over the place of permanent residence of the candidate or his/her parent, as the case may be, are the competent authority for issuing Residential/ Domicile Certificate, viz. (i) District Magistrate, (ii) Additional District Magistrate, (iii) Deputy Magistrate & Deputy Collector, (iv) Sub-Divisional Officer, (v) Block Development Officer, (vi) Superintendent of Police, (vii) Additional Superintendent of Police, (viii) Sub-divisional Police Officer or Deputy Superintendent of Police, (ix) Commissioner, Additional Commissioner, Joint Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner or Police Commissionerate, (x) Judicial Magistrate of any rank or position in the concerned district or Metropolitan locality or Judge/ Judicial Officers of the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court or the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, (xi) Commissioner, Additional Commissioner, Joint Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner of Municipal Corporation, (xii) Executive Officer of Municipality, (xiii) Assistant Secretary/equivalent or above in the Secretariat to the Government of West Bengal (including GTA) or Central Government, (xiv) Deputy Director or above in the Directorate to the Government of West Bengal or Central Government.

Every official certifying the Domicile Status of the candidate or his/her parents must provide his Full Name, Designation, Place of Posting with address, Landline and Mobile Number along with employee’s Identity Card Number. No elected representative like Municipal Commissioner, Councilor of Municipal Corporation, any elected member of three-tire Panchayat System or GTA, MLA or MP is entitled to issue Residential/ Domicile Certificate.

Domicile/Residential Certificate in Proforma A-II may also be issued by the Head of the Institution from which the candidate has passed his/her 10+2 examination or 10+2+3 Examination. Such certificate may be issued based on verification of the school/college education record of the candidate.

Yours faithfully,

Additional Secretary

Residential/ Domiciled Certificate