Kayakalp Scheme for District and SD Hospitals



Memo no. HHM/1H-79-2015/215 Dated: 22.06.2016


Kayakalp is an annual event of awarding Public Health Facilities. All bedded Hospitals/ Health Centres including 24X7 PHCs are to be taken-up under the Kayakalp Scheme. All these Hospitals/ Health centres have to compete for the Award in their respective category.

All the aforesaid health facilities would be internally assessed and scored using a formula fitted excel-sheet (Annexure A) based on a set of different criteria and would be documented (including photo documentation) by the facilities’ own staff. Therefore, CMOHs are hereby requested to instruct all the facility heads under their administrative control to complete Internal Assessment of respective facilities within 30th June every year.

If the facility scores above 70% in Internal Assessment, Peer Assessment by a same or higher category of Hospital/ Health Centre (to be arranged by District Level Award Nomination Committee) would be done within 15th July every year.

For District Hospitals & a few Sub-Divisional Hospitals, where same/ higher categories of Hospitals are not available in the district, the peer assessment system would be as per following table:

Sl No. Name of the health facility To be peer assessed by Sl No. Name of the health facility To be peer assessed by
1 Alipurduar DH Jalpaiguri DH 18 Purulia DH Asansol DH
2 Asansol DH Suri DH 19 Rampurhat DH Suri DH
3 BasirhatDH Barasat DH 20 MR Bangur DH Howrah DH
4 Suri DH BishnupurDH 21 Raiganj DH Jalpaiguri DH
5 Bishnupur DH Jhargram DH 22 Khatra SDH Bishnupur DH
6 Coach Bihar (MJN) DH Siiiguri DH 23 Birpara SGH Mal SDH
7 Balurghat DH Raiganj DH 24 Mal SDH Alipurduar DH
8 Darjeeling DH Cooch Bihar (MJN) DH 25 Bolpur SDH Suri DH
9 Siiiguri DH Jalpaiguri DH 26 Gangarampur SDH Balurghat DH
10 Diamond Harbour DH MR Bangur DH 27 Kalimpong SDH Darjeeling DH
11 Chinsurah DH Howrah DH 28 Kurseong SDH Siiiguri DH
12 Howrah DH Barasat DH 29 Chanchal SDH Balurghat DH
13 Jalpaiguri DH Darjeeling DH 30 Ghatal SDH Tamluk DH
14 Jhargram DH Tamluk DH 31 Kharagpur SDH Jhargram DH
15 Krishnanagar DH Barasat DH 32 Raghunathpur SDH Purulia DH
16 Barasat DH MR Bangur DH 33 Islampur SDH Raiganj DH
17 Tamluk DH Howrah DH 34 Kaliaganj SGH Islampur SDH

Score-sheets (Internal and Peer Assessment) of all the Health Facilities should be kept with the Member Convenor of District Level Award Nomination Committees (CMOHs) for future reference.

Member Convenor of District Level Award Nomination Committees (CMOHs) are requested to send the names of the Health Facilities obtaining 70% or above in peer assessment to the State Level Award Nomination Committee (wbhabr@gmail.com) in the prescribed format (Annexure – B) by 30th of July every year along with soft-copies of all the formula fitted excel score-sheets (Internal and Peer Assessment) of the nominated Health Facilities.

All these activities related to Kayakalp needs to be well co-ordinated, effectively supervised and closely monitored. With this end in view, Dy. CMOH-Is of all the Districts (including Health Districts) and ACMOHs of all the Sub-divisions will act as the ‘Nodal Officers of Kayakalp’ at their respective districts and subdivisions.

Sd/- Mission Director
National Health Mission
West Bengal

No. HHM-215 dated 22.06.2016, Source