Online Renewal of Licenses of Petroleum Products except K.Oil

Annexure to Order No. 2609-FS dated 07.11.2014 regarding online renewal of licenses of all Petrolium Products other than Kerosene Oil

For performing the renewal work the following measures are required to be taken by licensees of all Petrolium Products other than Kerosine Oil.

1) The licensees of petroleum products except kerosene oil will be required to log in to the portal of the Department of Food and Supplies at On opening the website an icon named “Renewal of Petrolium Products other than K. Oil” will appear. On clicking this icon a screen will appear where the particulars as stated therein such as mobile number, email id etc. Will need to be filled in. On filling up such information, a USER ID and PASSWORD will be generated automatically.

2) The User ID and Password will be informed by way of SMS to each licensee through their registered mobile.

3) The licensee can then log in at this portal using the USER ID and PASSWORD to complete the Application Form as the case may be online for renewal. All fields as mentioned in the said Form are to be filled up mandatorily. Additionally, the scanned copy of photograph will need to be uploaded in JPEG/PNG format.

4) The following scanned copy of the documents will need to be uploaded:

i) Valid Licence/Token of last year

ii) Current Trade Licence

iii) Current LRR/Current Rent Bill/Tax Receipt (both for the Show Room & Godown in case of LPG)

iv) Current Professional tax Challan

v) Current Income Tax Return

vi) Current Sales Tax CHallan/VAT (Not in case of Lub Oil)

vii) Current explosive Licence (Not in case of Lub Oil)

viii) Current Fire Licence (Declaration of keeping stock below 90 litres in case of Lub Oil only)

ix) License to Store & Dispense ALPG only

x) No conviction Declaration of the Dealers/Distributors under E.C Act in N J. stamp of Rs. 50.00 (Rs. 10/- in respect of Retailers/Dealers Agents Lub Oil)

xi) Renewal Fee via T.R – 7

5) Application for Online Renewal will not be accepted in case of:

a) If validity of Licence/Token is expired.

b) Non-submission of no-conviction declaration in current N..J. Stamp

c) If Licence Fees is submitted in a wrong Head of Account, i.e. not in “1456-00-800-001 -Civil Supplies-27 Other Receipts”and A/c Code 14560080000127

d) Non-submission Licence Fee for current amount.

6) On fulfilling all desired particulars and upload of documents, the icon, “Finalise” will need to be clicked to finalise submission of the Form.

7) The licensee will have to take a print out of the submitted application form as an acnowledgement/receipt of acceptance which is generated on final submission. The licensee will have to sign on the printed application form, and the signed hard copy is to be submitted/sent to the concerned Licensing Authority.

8) After checking the online application and documents, the Licensing Authorities in Kolkata and Bidhannagar areas and other districts may renew the licence for the year.

9) The licensee shall get an SMS alert on their mobile once the renewal has been done by the licensing authority in which case they may log in to the portal with their USER ID adn PASSWORD to take a print of renewed license which will contain the image of the signature of the licensing authority and an identification code.This will complete renewal process.

10) In case any clarification is sought for by the L.A, such query will be communicated via SMS alert and may be seen also at the portal. On meeting such query by the licensee, the licence may be renewed. This will complete the renewal process.

11) In case of a renewal is refused, an SMS alert will be sent informing about the denial of renewal.

12) The licensee will be able to view status of renewal on logging in the protal using their USER ID and PASSWORD.

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