Performance-cum-Need Based Incentive Scheme for Colleges

Education Directorate
Govt. of West Bengal
Bikash Bhavan,Saltlake, Kolkata 91

No. ED-956/2014 Date: 28.11.2014

Prof. Nimai Chandra Saha, (WBSES)
Addl Director of Public Instruction, Govt. of West Bengal &
In Charge, Director of Public Instruction, Govt. of West Bengal

The Principal/ Teacher-ln-Charge, Govt. Aided Colleges

Subject: ‘Performance-cum-Need Based Incentive Scheme for Government Aided General Degree Colleges’ for the Financial Year 2014-2015.

In pursuance of the subject captioned above, the principals/ Teacher-ln-Charge of Govt. Aided Colleges of the state are requested to submit the filled in Proforma as attached directly to the Office Of the Director of Public Instruction within 15 days from the issuance of the letter.

In this regard your kind co-operation is highly solicited.

Sd/- Dr. Nimai Chandra Saha


State Level Assessment of Performance Statement of College

1. Name and address (Specify whether Rural, Urban, SCP or TSP) of the Institution
Govt./ Pay packet/Self financing);

2. Subjects taught (separately for General U.G, Hons U.G . P.G. & M Phil

3. No. of teachers, subject-wise: (a) sanctioned posts; (b) teachers in position; (c) part-timers (d) contractual teachers

4. Non-teaching Staff and Library Staff

CategoryNon-teaching StaffLibrary employees
Sanctioned posts
Regular employees
Contractual/part time employees

5. Students’ Profile

(i) No. of Students (separately for 1st yr UG, 2nd yr UG, 3rd yr UG, PG); (ii) Marks obtained by 1st yr students in HS exam (may be, highest and the lowest); (iii) Economic/Social backgrounds of students [family income, if belonging to BPL families minority community (linguistic/ religious) SC/ST etc, – overall information]; (iv) % of first generation students (v) % of girls students

6. University Examination Results (for last 3 years)

(a) % of successful candidates; (b) No. of students who were placed in First Class

7. Library facilities

(a) No of Books, Journals; (b) What % of Books & Journals have so far been catalogued; (c) Whether computerized or not; (d) Accessibility of students; (e) how many times students borrowed books in last 6 months (month-wise)

8. Laboratory facilities (separately for Physics, Chemistry, Bio-Science etc.)

(a) Availability of adequate space; (b) Condition of instruments; (c) Whether facilities for conducting all the experiments prescribed in the syllabus exist or not

9. Infrastructural facilities:

(a) Building; (b) Playground; (c) Gymnasium; (d) Common Rooms (for boys &, girls); (e) Facilities for indoor games; (f) College Auditorium (Adequacy state of maintenance, well equipped or not, cleanliness, extent of use by students etc.); (g) Governance – No. of meetings (GB) (per year) during last 3 years

10. Financial management:

(a) Upto which year accounts are kept ready for audit; (b) Upto which year accounts have been audited; (c) Grants received from State Govt., UGC, MP/MLA, other sources (separately) for five years; (d) Utilization certificate submitted against above mentioned grants; (e) Annual collection from students and patrons, if any

11. Teaching facilities:

(i) If attendance register of teachers is properly maintained; (ii) College Examinations (H.Y/Wkly etc.); (ii) Whether the syllabus is completely covered; (iv) If tutorial/remedial coaching are provided during any period of an academic year; (v) No of classes taken (per teacher per department [Hons. & General]) during the last 3 years; (vi) Whether teachers remain available for consultation with students outside normal class hours

12. Students’ Affairs:

(a) Attendance; (b) Discipline; (c) Grievance Redressal Mechanism; (d) Activities of Students’ Union; (e) Participation in extra curricular activities, sports, cultural programmes

13. Outreach Activities of students

(a) Social Service; (b) College/Class Journals, Wall Magazines; (c) Inter Departmental programmes

14. Need for special assistance: Justification of demand in 100 words.

No. ED-956 dated 28.11.2014