Project Work for Class XII – A Guideline by WBCHSE

West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education
Vidyasagar Bhavan
9/2, Block DJ, Sector-II, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 91

No. DS(ACA)/NF_260615_1 Date: 26.06.2015


Attention: All Students, teachers, Heads of Higher Secondary Institution

This is regarding the project work for class XII under various subjects to be conducted by the Institutions and to be submitted to the Council. The subject teachers are being instructed to start the project work within 1st week of July, 2015 and the Heads of Institutions are being instructed to submit all the projects to the Regional Offices and other specified collection centres to be announced in due time within 30th of November, 2015.

Please note that, the topic of the project on any subject depends entirely on the subject teacher and the students. There is no specific list of projects prescribed by the Council. The topic has to be selected by the student under guidance of the subject teacher. The only thing to be ensured is that the topic should not be out of the purview of the syllabus and the students should be motivated to use their innovativeness while preparing the project. The content of the project will carry 10 marks and the presentation of the data and findings will carry another 10 marks. The emphasis while evaluation of the presentation part should be on its neatness and relevance with the content, not on expensive cosmetic presentations. The project should never be a matter of financial burden on the students and the total project has to be completed within 5 to 6 pages.

Sd/- Subrata Ghosh

No. DS(ACA)/NF_260615_1 dated 26.06.2015, Source