Quality Improvement Programme in District Hospitals

The Superintendents are directed to Constitute 11 (eleven) Quality Circles in their hospital for Quality improvement and each such Circle must have at least one member trained at Swasthya Bhawan.


Memo No. HHM/1H-78-2013-414 Dated: 30.10.2013


Sub:- Instruction to start the implementation of the Quality Improvement Programme.

Ref:- Order No HHM/1H-78-2013 /1(6) Dt. 02.08.2013 regarding implementation of Quality Improvement programme in 6 (six) District Hospitals during 2013-14.

Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal aims to institutionalise Quality Improvement programme in 6 listed District Hospitals as approved in NRHM ROP 2013-14 for which the initial activities like Issue of Administrative Order, State Level training programme has already been completed by this time. Now to take the implementation process ahead in these hospitals, The Superintendents are hereby directed to:-

a. Constitute 11 (eleven) Quality Circles in your hospital for Quality improvement & each such Circle must have at least one member trained at Swasthya Bhawan. The Quality Circles to be formed will be namely:- 1. OPD, ER, Minor OT Quality Circle 2. Surgical & Allied Departments 3. Medical & Allied Departments 4.-5. Nursing Quality Circles 6. G & Obstetrics Allied Departments 7. Contract Management, Resource Management, Signage 8. Facility Management & Procurement 9. Medical Records 10. Safety, IC & HCWM 11. Checklist for QC on Diagnostic Services.

b. Organise short meeting with all hospital staff in batches informing, sensitizing and involving all of them regarding the implementation of quality improvement programme in the institution. Refreshments for these sessions may be met from ‘Retention of User Charges component’ under RKS observing necessary formalities. The first round such training must be completed within Nov, 2013.

c. Conduct department/wing wise Gap Survey in the prescribed format (attached). Then maintain a Register & initiate steps for closing/bridging these gaps as per guidelines imparted in the training programme. The fund required for the purpose to be arranged locally or from the district level (from Corpus fund) by submission of proposal suitably. For large schemes the proposal may be submitted to the state level.

In addition to the above activities you are also requested to open a Gmail account for quality improvement so that we can activate a Google group for the above activity. (for Ex Siliguri can open Gmail id siliguri.qi@gmail.com, Purulia DH as purulia.qi@gmail.com and in return communicate the same to Hospital administration Branch Email ID i.e. wbhabr@gmail.com.

The DVD containing the soft copy of training material and reference document has already been handed over to the CMOH of the concerned district and will be duly handed over to the Superintendents and Dy CMOH 1 (Nodal Officer for QI program).

All Superintendents are requested to maintain close liaison with the HA Branch & the Consultant (QA) for any further clarification & help & they are requested to send the ATR on each points to the HA branch.

Sd/- Dr. B.R Satapathi

Director of Health Services &
E.O. Secretary, Govt. of West Bengal

No. HHM-414 dated 30.10.2013, Source

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