Instruction to Special Observer of Higher Secondary Examination, 2022

  1. A Special Observer needs to play significant role in conducting the H.S Examination in smooth and peaceful manner.
  2. He/she will be the observer of the Venue and would be responsible to prevent any undue incident inside or close proximity outside of the Examination venue.
  3. He/she will co-operate with the venue supervisor for smooth execution of the H.S Examination.
  4. He/she need to liaise with the District Administration if situation required so.
  5. A Special Observer need to remain in the room of Venue Supervisor and keep alert so that no undue incident could take place.
  6. He/she need not enter inside the Examination Hall but keep overall vigil so that examination could be conducted smoothly.
  7. Special observer may carry mobile phone inside the examination venue.
  8. On the examination days the delivery of the question papers must be delivered to the Venue Supervisor himself or his authorised person – Assistant HM and the Special Observer must ensure this. On the examination days, when the packet of question papers will be opened in the room of Venue Supervisor, at that time Special Observer will be present there and it is to be ensured that no one will use mobile phone at that time in the room.
  9. On the examination days they must ensure the presence of police posting in every Venue at the time of reaching the question papers in the Venue. The question papers will reach the Venue in the presence of police & special observer.
  10. On the examination days it is to be ensured every morning in every Venue at least 4 police personnel (including lady police) must be posted.
  11. It is to be ensured that in the Venue like the examinees teachers and non-teaching staff will not enter with mobile phones. In case the teacher/non-teaching staff has entered the Venue with the mobile phone by mistake he/she or they will deposit the phone to the Headmaster/ Venue Supervisor.
  12. Vigilance arrangement is to be made all-around outside the Venue. It is to be ensured that no person (unwanted) is allowed to enter within 50 metres of the Venue. If necessary, the assistance of general administration may be taken.
  13. The representatives of news media are not allowed to enter the Venue. Section 144 will be enforced. The entry/loitering of any person is to be stopped in the vicinity of the Venue. If necessary, the assistance of the general administration may be sought.
  14. If the Council is to be informed then that can be done to the Help Desk number (033) 23370792. In case of dire emergency -Secretary-in-Charge Tapas Kumar Mukherjee – 9674344422/ 9433094021 or Deputy Secretary Examination – 9851905529 may be contacted.

Thanking you,

Sd/- Tapas Kumar Mukherjee
W.B. Council of H.S. Education

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