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Amanuensis (Writer, Extra Time etc.) during H.S. Examination, 2023

Higher Secondary Education.

Childrens with Special Need (CSWN) may apply for amanuensis/ Writer, extra time or for both) to the concerned Regional Office of Council along with the following documents for the ensuing H.S. Examination, 2023.

Provision for Childrens with Special Need (CWSN) by WBCHSE, 2023

Higher Secondary Education.

Provisions offered for CWSN for forthcoming H.S. Examination 2023 and annual examination of class-XI 2023 (Theory & Practical) as per RPWD Act, 2016.

Amanuensis (Writer, Extra Time etc.) during Higher Secondary Examination, 2022

Higher Secondary Education.

CWSN student(s) may apply for amanuensis (Writer, Extra time etc.) to the concerned Regional Deputy Secretary through the Head of the Institution along with the following documents for the ensuing Higher Secondary Examination, 2022/ Annual Examination of Class-XI, 2022.

Permission for Writer and Extra Time in H.S. Examination

Higher Secondary Education.

Application for permission to help physically challenged candidates of higher secondary examination to take writer and allow extra time for completing the examination.