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Kanyashree Prakalpa is one of the most cherished schemes of the Government of West Bengal for Un-married girls of classes VIII-XII within the age group 13-18 years.

Enrolment of Unmarried Girls under Kanyashree Prakalpa

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Government desires that all the eligible girl beneficiaries studying in colleges and turned eighteen must be enrolled within the due time and before their nineteenth birthday so that they can continue in their endeavor.

About Kanyashree Prakalpa in West Bengal

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An unmarried girl child who is 13 to 18 years old and reading in class VIII/IX/XI/XII will get annual scholarship of Rs. 750/- if annual income of her family is upto Rs. 1.2 Lac.

Achievement of targets i.r.o. “Kanyashree” within January 2014

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Annual scholarship “K1” and one time grant “K2” under “Kanyashree” have been fixed by Govt. Initially the uploading of forms was satisfactory but right now the process has been slowed down due to non availability of filled in forms.

Span of Date of Birth of K1 & K2 Forms under Kanyashree Prakalpo

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The span of date of birth for Annual Scholarship is now from 02.10.1995 to 31.12.2000 and that for One Time Grant is from 14.04.1995 to 31.12.1995 i.r.o. Kanyashree Prakolpo. It will increase subsequently in the next month and so.

Target of “Kanyashree Prokolpo” for the year 2013-14

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Kanyashree is a revolutionary project with the potential for checking child marriages; encouraging girls education and enhancing nutrition of adolescent girls.

Observation of National Girl Child Day on 24th January, 2014

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I would be grateful if steps are taken for carrying out the celebrations as National Girl Child Day in a befitting manner on this day, that is on the 24th of January 2014.

Kanyashree Prakalpa – Target for K1 and K2 Beneficiaries

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The necessary target for 21,17,976 of K1 beneficiaries and 3,69,146 of K2 beneficiaries, as desired by the Hon’ble Chief Minister, West Bengal in the inauguration of the Kanyashree Prakalpa.

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