How to refuse to take mutual transfer?

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    Toton called me over phone… talked to me on several points… session of his n mine is 9 am….


    The proceedings are as follows:

    On reaching CSSC office the parties have to sign on an attendance sheet. When the parties comprising of DI rep, HM/Sec/Adm of both schools/ both applicants are all present. They have to wait at Floor 2nd for their turn. They have to present themselves before the hearing committee and again have to sign as a mark of presence at the hearing. After being heard (infact nothing) they issued and handed over the copy of MUTUAL ORDER to the parties concerned.


    I went to the cssc office on 15th may. first i met d asst secretary of cssc and told him about my problems. he told that he is unable to help me since this case happened never before and ssc just executing the rule but rule is created by d education dept. he suggested me to go to Bikash Bhavan to consult with the concerned authorities. i went there and met the adse. he suggested me to write a refusal letter to the chairman of cssc and to forward that to the principal secretary of school education dept. i did exactly the same. meanwhile i got the chance to meet the chairman of cssc Dr. Chittaranjan Mandal. I told him about my problems and my activities so far. He told me that its enough and if i remain absent in the hearing, the processing will automatically be terminated. Therefore i’m not attending the hearing. Lets wait and watch …


    @ toton_mukh1: Happy to that your problem is somehow solved! We are also feeling relaxed now!


    CSSC has changed its procedure for hearing. Outside the office they constructed a temporary shade (PANDEL!) where they are verifying Original Appointment Letter, Approval of appointment letter, Joining Report & SSC Recomendation Letter(if recommended through SSC) with attested photocopies. Then the Parties ( Candidate and HM/Secretary/Administrator (any one) have to sign with seal on the draft hearing report then allowing them to enter them into the office where the Hearing Committee narrates/explains the terms and condition to the parties concerned! Due to summer vacation started in schools they are handing over the MUTUAL TRANSFER order on the day!

    Nice arrangement!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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