Medical Cell permission in case of exceeding cost ₹ 2.5 Lakh

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    A beneficiary enrolled under WBHS-14 is going to admit himself in an empanelled  class-1 HCO for his both Knee Replacement surgery. The HCO  estimated the cost of treatment (for surgery) about 4.3 Lakh including 1 Lakh cashless facility. The HCO further suggested that the said surgery will be performed in two stages i.e. for both knees separately one after one . Now my question are – 1) is it necessary take permission from medical cell for the surgeries (two separately combined) amounting more than 2.5 lakh considering Memo No. 51-F(MED) WB, Dated 07.06.2018 ? 2) After Cashless Bill is processed by Medical Cell, how many period is required to get CARC from concerned DDO’s log in Health Portal?
    Thanking You.

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