West Bengal Urban Public Distribution System (Maintenance and Control) Order, 2013

Department of Food and Supplies
11A, Mirza Galib Street, Kolkata-700 087

No. 2371-FS/Sectt/Food/4P-09/2012 Kolkata, the 12th August, 2013.

West Bengal Urban Public Distribution System (Maintenance and Control) Order, 2013

  1. Short title and commencement
  2. Definitions
  3. Entitlement of Ration Cards
  4. Issue of Ration Card
  5. Appeal Against Refusal Of Ration Card
  6. Power Of The State Government To Make Addition Or Alteration Or Amendment Or Refusal
  7. Validity Of Ration Card
  8. Surrender Of Ration Card/Family Ration Card And Issue Of Surrender Certificate
  9. Cancellation Of Ration Card
  10. Suspension Of Ration Card
  11. Revalidation Of Ration Card
  12. Re-issue And Replacement Of Mutilated, Defaced, Lost Card Etc.
  13. Change Of Address, Age, Name, Surname, Head Of The Family In Ration Card
  14. Issue Of Safe Custody Slip
  15. Introduction Of New Format Of Ration Card
  16. Engagement of Dealer
  17. Engagement of Wholeseller
  18. Grant of licence to wholeseller
  19. Grant of licence to Dealers
  20. Renewal of licenses, licenses fees etc.
  21. Power of the licensing authority to refuse, grant, re-issue or renew a licence
  22. Deposit of Security
  23. Submission of indents by dealers
  24. Submission of indents by wholesellers
  25. Lifting of Public Distribution Commodities
  26. Duties and responsibilities of dealers
  27. Duties and Responsibilities of a wholeseller
  28. Power to enter and inspect premises and to require information, accounts etc
  29. Power to take action against a licensee for committing irregularities
  30. Appeal
  31. Power to issue regulatory orders for all Public Distribution Commodities
  32. Power to amend, vary or introduce fresh provisions
  33. Power to introduce distribution of atta/fortified atta in lieu of wheat
  34. Power to regulate production of atta
  35. Penal action for contravention of this order
  36. Procedure for disposal of seized stocks
  37. Computerisation of PDS
  38. Protection of action taken under this Order
  39. Repeal and savings
  40. Order not to apply in certain cases

Download: West Bengal Urban Public Distribution System (Maintenance and Control) Order, 2013

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