Holiday List of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education 2014




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  1. avishek maity says

    sikhaya mantry ki6udin age bole6ilen je saturday te 6 preaod hobe…but ekhon eto boro chuty….samne xii classer test class ho66ena..chelera valovabe porte laksmi pujor par school khule gele valo hoy stidents der theke ei report peye6i ami……..

  2. prabhat says

    Is this the holiday list for wbbse reconised schools too?? Then where is the summer vacation and puja vacation?? How many holidays are there in one academic year?? Is it as before – 65 days????
    Will there be new list publish?? Plz reply.

  3. Goutam Mondal says

    Annual academic calender and holiday list for the session 2014 for the recognized secondary schools in W.B are still not published. It would have been good to start the new session in January with new class routine because it is difficult to engage so many new teachers in the teaching -learning process without a new routine.