Increment of Untrained Assistant Teachers in July, 2013

Untrained Secondary School Teachers shall be allotted annual increments on condition that such untrained teachers will have to get themselves trained from any institution recognised by N.C.T.E within 5 years from the date their first appointment.

New Administrative Building (5th Floor), Alipore, Kol-27

Memo No.: 1284/Gen, Date: 12.07.2013


Special attention may be drawn to the Head of institutions under the jurisdiction of this District Inspectorate that as per clause-d) of para-5 of G.O. No.-181-SE(B)/5B—1/09 dt. 08.10.2009 read with the permission of ROPA-2009 published under G.O. No. 46-SE(B)/5B-1/2009 dt. 27.02.2009 that-

1. Untrained Secondary School Teachers shall be allotted annual increments on condition that such untrained teachers will have to get themselves trained from any institution recognised by N.C.T.E within 5 years from the date their first appointment.

2. That an untrained teacher of a recognised Secondary School with 10 years teaching experience shall be treated as a ‘trained’ teacher for the purpose of drawn of increments.

3. As per existing rules/provisions 4 increments are allowed to the untrained Assistant Teachers during their first 5 year of service vide memo no. 759-SE(S), dt. 30.07.2009.

However teachers coming under the purview of memo no. 759-SE(S) dt. 30.07.2009 has been allotted increments upto the year-2012 as per terms and conditions therein.

The Head of the Institutions are hereby instructed to consult the notice attached herewith for preparing the Salary Bill for the month of July, 2013 onwards.

District Inspector of Schools (S.E.)
South 24 Parganas

Notice, Source


  1. MANTI RANA DAS says

    I join 0n 7/07/2009 as a Asistant Teacher in Work Education By Bachalor of Fine Arts Degree,pass course .and now I am doing Bed odl session 2013-2015,can I get INCReMENT?plese give me correct ans.&Ruling as early as possible


    Joined on 08.10.2007. as an Untrained A.T. in Tarahat Saradamoni high school. He has got increment on 01-07-2008,01-07-09,01-07-10,01-07-11,01-07-12,01-07-13. He has taken admission in B.Ed. exam in Academic year 2012-13.His last date of exam. 12-06-13. Result was published on 22-08-13. 08-10-07 Basic=12750,01-07-08=13140,01-07-09=13540,01-07-10=13950,01-07-11=14370,01-07-12=14810,01-07-13=15260.What will be his basic pay on 01-07-14. will be refunded any amount from his salary.

  3. PINTU SARKAR says

    I have joined on 16.09.2009. I have no B.ed. I have got 4 increments. Can I get increment on 01.07.2014 ?

  4. Rajat kanti Barman. says

    Central govt DA dilo 100% ar state Ghumiye ache 58 diye.Tar opar increment stop.Ei hal .Govt er Manovab hala katajan ar employee achhe? Oi kata vote nahale ki ar amader chalbena?Ei vabe katadin?

  5. S das says

    Bandhu ra asun amra sobai mile andolan kori jate amader increment chalu thake…ja hobe loksabha voter age….

    • Rajat kanti Barman. says

      Aneke mile Andolan karle ei sarkar sunte pabe na,but mamla karle ray sunte badhya.Nischit jemamla amader for e thakbe tabe Advocate EKRAMUL BARI er sange katha balle valo hay.Jara kolkata lagoya thake tara egiye ele amra sange achi.

  6. Rajat kanti Barman. says

    Is that true ? After the completing our B,ed odl within march 31 ,2015 We get increment from our stopped increment with aerear?

  7. Ananda gopal kar says

    my date of joining is 18/9/2008. This year i had a chance to pursue B.Ed through regular mode.But being a teacher of a junior high school , I could not get admission in regular B.Ed and I am compelled to continue B.Ed through 2years odl mode. As a result Iam going lose 2 yearly increment .why does the Govt distinguish the junior high school teachers? what is our future? Is it a crime to choose a junior high school during counseling? what can we do now? plz give some comments.

  8. tuhin tarafdar says

    bondhura..december 2013 modya sarkar jodi kono step na kore tahole amra mamlar dike jabo …apnara raji to ?

  9. mina begum chuwdhuri says

    I have joined SSK in 2007 as assistent teacher i am getting only r-5670 below a group d level . Can i get our respectable salary.

  10. Tushar Maity says

    My doj is 8:10:2007. I tried much since last 4yrs to get admit into bed… bt alsh..! now I am doing bed through odl mode… my incriment has already stopped… now my questn is why our(like many other teachrs) incremnt will stop for 2 yrs..? though its a fault of govt. then why our senior teachers get the facility even after 9 yrs… the last gov also confessed their fault & the gov ordr was also till 2012… then what is our fault…?? what is the justice…??? plz reply…..


    Teachers could not get their b.ed. degree on account of insufficient colleges. so it is not their fault. In this c ircumtances the state should consider to continue yearly increment.

  12. sharmistha sardar says

    my appoinment date is 25th september 2008.I didnot complete my B.Ed.will my increment be stoped?

  13. Biswajit Bhunia says

    I have joined on 30.09.2008 as computer application (PG category) teacher. As per the Govt order my increment stopped from this year i.e. 01.07.2013. But my question is that what is my or me like teachers fault.
    No accommodation for provided by the B.Ed college and universities. Govt yet not have taken any steps for that.
    D.I and others told us that ur applications have been sent to govt. but we very much anxious about this.

    Please anybody regarding the above please clarify the B.Ed and annual increment.

  14. Abhijit Laha says

    1st joing date 17.3.2006 and last date of B Ed examination is 12.6.2013 , my question is that he will get increment on 1.7.2013

  15. nitai charan patra says

    my increment has already doj 17.9.8.i tried for b.ed from last 4 yr.i hv nt got the chance.what is my fault?govt.has no sufficient accomodation.though it is the responsibility of govt. And school.what can i do now?

  16. Kajal Kumar Ray says

    I’ve joined as an A.T on 27/3/06 and compleated B.ed exam on july 2012. Would my increment be stopped?

  17. Mithu Kumar Kundu says

    The untrained teacher who are apponted by 7th rlst is being vitimised fully with the G.O for increment

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