Upgradation of Qualifications of Pry. School Teachers as per RTE Act

Primary Teachers who are appointed prior to 3 September, 2001 shall go by State Government norms and they need not have to up-grade their qualifications.

Government of West Bengal
School Education Department (Elementary Education Branch)
Bikash Bhawan, Bidhannagar, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-91

No. 389(38)-SE(EE)/PTTI-7/11, Date: 13.08.2012.

From: A. Roy, Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal

To: 1-19) The Chairman, District Primary School Council………………………………………..(all districts)
20-38) The District Inspector of Schools (PE)………………………………………………………(all districts)

Subject: Up-gradatlon of qualifications of Pry. School Teachers as per provision of RTE Act, 2009.

Ref: 1. NCTE Notification No. 61-03/20/2010/NCTE/N&S dt. 03.08.2010
2. NCTE Notification F. No. 61-1/2011/NCTE/N&S dt. 29.07.2011
3. NCTE Letter No. 62-5/2008/NCTE/N&S (Pt)/A 53953 dt. 04.07.2012
4. This Department No. 277-SE (P)/10M-6/09 (Pt) dt. 28.03.2012


As per stipulation under Section 23(2) of RTE Act, 2009 all school teachers who are engaged for teaching in elementary classes shall possess the requisite minimum qualifications as prescribed by the competent authority and if the existing teacher do not have the said minimum qualifications they shall acquire such qualifications within a period of five years from the date of enforcement of the Act.

Now, being authorized by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India as the academic authority, the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has prescribed the minimum qualifications of teachers vide Notification Nos. as stated above.

The State Government has meanwhile initiated all effective measure to upgrade the qualifications of the teachers who do not possess the same as per requirement of NCTE. It has been decided that enhancement of minimum academic qualifications of Pry. School Teachers will be done through National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and West Bengal Council of Rabindra Open Schooling (WBCROS); and the responsibility of providing Teacher Training Course (D. El. Ed) will be vested upon West Bengal Broad of Primary Education (WBBPE) through open and distance learning (ODL) mode.

Now, this Department deems it necessary to clarify certain points on the relevant issues as furnished below:

1) Teachers appointed prior to 3 September, 2001 shall go by State Government norms and they need not have to up-grade their qualifications.

2) Teachers appointed between 3rd September, 2001 to 31st December, 2005 possessing academic qualification as per State Government norms and completed one yr/2yrs Teacher training course from State recognised Institutions are not required to enhance their qualifications as per note 2 under first schedule to the NCTE (Determination of minimum qualifications for Recruitment of Teachers in Schools) Regulation 2001 dt. 4th September,2001 published in terms of F. No. 9-2/2001/NCTE dated 03.09.2001.

3) Teachers appointed from 01.01.2006 onwards should possess at least 50% marks in H.S. Examination or equivalent (45% in case of candidates belonging to reserved category and Exempted Category) and 2 years Diploma in Teacher Training Course (D. El. Ed.); or should be Graduate from recognised University (with any percentage of marks) with 2 years Diploma in Elementary Education.

4) Primary school teachers appointed after 03.09.2001 having B. Ed or equivalent qualification shall be required to obtain 6 months Special Training to be conducted with the approval of the National Council for Teacher Education.

It is now clarified that any teaching personnel appointed on or after 03.09.2001 having deficiency in the aforesaid qualifications shall have to up-grade his/her academic qualification to the extent of 50% marks in H.S. (45% in case of reserved candidates as well as candidates belonging to Exempted category) if he/she is not a Graduate from a recognised university (with any percentage of marks); and thereafter/simultaneously he/she will have to undergo 2 years Diploma Course in Elementary Education. However if any candidate completes one yr. Course in Teacher Training from State recognised Institution on or before 31.12.2005, another one year’s Bridge Course in Teacher Education shall meet his Teacher Training requirement and same will be treated as equivalent to D. El. Ed.

It may further be clarified that if a candidate is deficient in both academic and teacher training qualifications, he/she will be allowed to pursue both courses simultaneously on the condition that final examination result of teacher training course will be withheld till attainment of 50% marks in Higher Secondary Examination.

It is presumed that you have already collected bio-data of all Pry. School teachers under your control in pursuance of this Department No. 277-SE (P)/10M-6/09 (Pt) dt. 28. 03. 2012. I would now request you to furnish a report on the following points as per proforma to this Department by 17.08.2012 positively.


Name of District Primary School Council:

No. of teachers who have completed One yr. PTT Course and now require One yr. Bridge Course through ODL mode:
No. of teachers require two yrs. D. El. Ed. Course through ODL mode:
No. of teachers who completed B. Ed. course and now require six months Spl. Training course:
No. of teachers who require enhancement of Academic qualification-
(a) H.S. with 50% marks (Candidates Passed Madhyamik only):
(b) Enhancement of Marks in H.S. (candidates passed H.S. but obtained below 50% marks):

Yours faithfully,

Sd/- Secretary



  1. PRABHAT kr. GHOSH says

    I, Prabhat Kr. Ghosh,primary teacher joining on 17/12/90.Got my P.T.T.I training in 1992-1993 in gov. college for one year (madhyamik pass).do I need upgradation to be the Head teacher in my school?



  3. Saikh.kutubuddin says

    Amar joining date 28/08/1997 qualification Bsc (pass) Extra qualification 1 year P.T.T.I. Amar ekhon konta darkar

  4. Satinath Banerjee says

    Sir, I am a serving Pry Teacher, completed 01 yr Bridge course in ODL mode, for achieving Professional qualification. No. of representations have been made by me and others on the Subject of updation of Academic qualification. The same issue has been taken up with Govt of India, Min of Def. They Have replied to your School Education Deptt, alongwith copy of Policy vide their letter No. 0515/Gen/DGR/Emp-3 dated 02 Jul 2012 alongwith a copy of Original Policy letter, with a copy to the concerned EXSM, (ATs) . NCTE, HQ (Which is under Min. Per and Min of HRD) have also been intimated with all concerned docs. Sir, Please go through and kindly peruse all the documents and Certificate, attached to this mail. If our Council and your Deptt kindly take an initiation and prefer a ‘Statement of Case’ to NCTE, HQ and GOI, Cabinet Sectt. The Issue will definitely be made good without any problem. Otherwise, for heaven-shake, todays’s un-resolved issue may invite another
    acute problem for our State of same nature, as it now. And may lead to be a subjudious matter of a genuine issue indeed . The “CORPORAL EDUCATION TEST” passed by an matriculate (SNCO:Sr. Non-Com. Offr) under SCHEME ‘A’ (Above 50% of marks in all subjects) are issued with the Certificate termed as Equivalent H.S Examination of a recognised Board of Pre-University of an Indian University. The same Certificate of H.S. (with 50% of of marks) is recognised for the purpose of any employment. Even the Certificate is recognised as Equivalent to H.S. Examination by the 13 or more Universities of India for the purpose of higher Studies also. The authorisation of Govt of India, Deptt of Personnel, Cabinet Secretariat and the authority of Min of Def, Min of Pers and Trg, Min of Home Affairs, Govt of India have considered as Equivalent of H.S. This has the affiliation and . Repeated correspondence by me and also by Min of Def, Govt of India. Certificate of Graduation is also valid for any service in India and within it’s territory, they also permitted to appear even for any job where Graduation is the prescribed Qualification. Please peruse and persue the policy and come to an decision. It’s an immediate and urgent and issue. for the life inconnection of bread and butter for those EXSM, who have already around an age of +_50. Waiting for your positive and clear instruction.

  5. Saumya paul says

    Saumya paul says I joined as primary teacher on 16.03.2000 in north 24 pargana DPSC and I am untrained.should I regard as A catagory teacher

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