Rate of New Text Books published by WBBSE and WBBPE for 2014

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Price of books published by the WBBSE and WBBPE for the academic session, 2013 has been revised/ fixed; hence requested to sell the new text books from sales-counter and through authorized distributors as per revised rate.

Achievement of targets i.r.o. “Kanyashree” within January 2014

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Annual scholarship “K1” and one time grant “K2” under “Kanyashree” have been fixed by Govt. Initially the uploading of forms was satisfactory but right now the process has been slowed down due to non availability of filled in forms.

Celebration of National Voters’ Day in Educational Institutions

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Reading of National Voters’ Day pledge in all educational institution on 24.01.2014 uniformly. Participation by students in National Voters’ Day celebration activities on 25.01.2014 at State Headquarters and districts.

Scholarship for Employees of West Bengal Labour Welfare Board

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West Bengal Labour Welfare Board will allow Son’s & Daughters of the employees, Scholarship/ Stipend for the course from Higher Secondary, Post Graduate, Medical, Engineering & Diploma Courses approved by this Board.

General Transfer – Assistant Teacher of Non Govt. aided School

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Interested candidates seeking General Transfer should first take NOC from his/her competent school authority/ HM as per Proforma 1. This process to be completed within January 25.01.2014 to 10.02.2014.

Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) Workshop

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A three day workshop on “Cultural Education and CCRT Role” is going to take place at K.V. Barrack pore (Army) from Feb. 8 to Feb. 10, 2014. After this workshop the teachers will have to attend a 18 to 22 day Orientation Course in New Delhi or Udaipur or Hydrabad.

Temporary withdrawal of ‘On-line Re-appropriation System’

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The facility for ‘Online Re-appropriation System’ shall be not be available to the Administrative Departments on and from 01.02.2014. After this period, in case of necessity, the Administrative Departments may move to the Budget Branch of Finance Department for ‘Offline Re-appropriation’.

Reorganization of Circles under PW Dte., PW (R) Dte. and PW (CB) Dte.

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Reorganization of different Circles under PW Dte., PW (R) Dte. and PW (CB) Dte. specially with the object to implement the concept of three zones namely North Zone, West Zone and South Zone under PW Deptt. for better supervision and monitoring of the projects spreading all over the different districts of the state.

Transfer to Foreign Service or Utilization of Services on Detailment

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All cases of transfer to foreign service or on deputation or utilization of services on detailment of any employee belonging to both the Common Cadres will be done purely on ‘case to case basis’ by the Cadre Controlling authority.

Sanction of Teaching Posts for Newly Up-graded HS Schools in 2013-14

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All the District inspector of Schools (S.E.) are directed to send the school authorities directly with requisite papers and documents in connection with sanction of teaching posts for H.S. section of newly up-graded higher secondary schools (upgraded during 2013-2014).

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