Rate of New Text Books published by WBBSE and WBBPE for 2014

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No. 61(3)-SE(EE)/3T-4/2013 Date: 17.01.2014

From: S. C. Ghosh,
Joint Secretary, School Education Deptt.

To: 1) The Administrator, West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, Nivedita Bhawan, Korunamayee, Bidhan Nagar, Kol-91. Fax No: 2321-3812
2) The President, West Bengal Board of Primary Education, Acharya Prafullya Chandra Bhawan, DK-7/1, Sector-II, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700 091, Fax No. 2321-1202
3) The Managing Director, Saraswaty Press Ltd., 11, B.T. Road, Kolkata- 700 056, Fax: 2564-8886


You are hereby informed that the price of books published by the WBBSE and WBBPE for the academic session, 2013 has been revised/fixed as below:-

Rate of N.T. Books for the academic year, 2014

Sl. No Title Price Sl. No Title Price
1 Sahaj Path-I Rs. 8.00 20 Sahitya Mela-VI Rs.44.00
2 Araar Boi-I Rs.80.00 21 Bloosom-VI Rs.34.00
3 Sahai Path-II Rs. 8.00 22 Ganit Prabha-VI Rs.83.00
4 Amar Boi-II Rs. 65.00 23 Bigyan-O-Paribesh-VI Rs.52.00
5 Pata Bahar-III Rs.36.00 24 Othit-O-Oithihyo-VI Rs.44.00
6 AmarGanit-III Rs. 46.00 25 Amader Prithibi-VI Rs.39.00
7 Butter Fly-III Rs.32.00 26 Ha-Za-Ba-Ra-La-VI , Rs.10.00
8 Amader Paribesh-III Rs.36.00 27 Sahitya Mela-VII Rs.34.00
9 Pata Bahar-IV Rs.38.00 28 Bloosom-VII Rs.30.00
10 Amar Ganit-IV Rs.55.00 29 Ganit Prabha-VII Rs.68.00
11 Butter Fly-IV Rs.30.00 30 Bigyan-O-Paribesh-VII Rs.70.00
12 Amader Paribesh-IV Rs.38.00 31 Oth it-O-Oithjhyo-VII Rs.40.00
13 Bhasha Path -IV Rs.22.00 32 Amader Prithibi-VII Rs.30,00
14 Pata Banar-V Rs.33.00 33 Maku-VII Rs.16,00
15 AmarGanit-V Rs.55.00 34 Sahitya Mela-VIII Rs.45.00
16 Butter Fly-V Rs.32.00 35 Bloosom-VIII Rs.30.00
17 Amader Paribesh-V Rs.42.00 36 Ganit Prabha-VIII Rs.55.00
18 Katum-Kutum (Pre-Pry) Rs. 10.00 37 Bigyan-O-Paribesh-VIII Rs.67.00
19 Bihan (Pre-Pry) Rs. 23.00 38 Othit-O-Oithjhyo-VIII Rs.38.00
39 Amader Prithibi-VIII Rs.43.00
40 Pahter Panchali VIII Rs.24.00

I am therefore, directed to request you to sell the aforesaid books from your sales-counter and through your authorized distributors as per rate stated above.
A notification may be issued by you immediately in this regard for wide publicity.

Yours faithfully,

Sd/- S. C. Ghosh
Joint Secretary

No. 61-SE dated 17.01.2014, Source