CAS and Re-Designation in Govt. Engineering Colleges – Clarification

Government of West Bengal
Department of Higher Education
Science & Technology and Biotechnology
Technical Branch
Bikash Bhavan, Salt Lake City
Kolkata – 700 091

No: 224-Edn(T)/(T)5P-01/13 Date: 16/03/2018


Sub: Clarification towards re designation and Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) for the Teachers of Govt. Engineering & Technology Colleges in West Bengal.

In exercise of the power conferred under AICTE’s Gazette Notification vide No. F. 37-3/Legal/AICTE/2012 dated 08.11.2012 & F.27/RIFD/Pay Scale/01/2013-14 dated 4.1.2016 and in continuation of this Departments’ earlier order No. 492-Edn(T) dated 19.11.2015, issued by this Department, the Governor is hereby pleased to direct to give the following clarifications for information and guidelines to all concerned:

Sl No.IssuesClarification
1.(a) Procedure to verify the past service record for counting the service under CAS

(b) Consideration for stepping up of pay of senior faculty at par with junior (who has been given benefit of the service, rendered in the private/ Govt. Institution for the purpose of CAS) in Govt. Institutions, governed by CCS/ FR & SR Rules.

(c) Total period of past service rendered may be counted for the purpose of CAS to the faculty.

(a) Past service to be counted for CAS, subject to the endorsement of complete service record by the appropriate approving authority (i.e. University/ concerned Deptt. of State Govt.

(b) Stepping up shall be in accordance with FR & SR Rules of the State Govt., as admissible.

(c) Based on the recommendation of Selection Committee, the Central/ State/ UT Govt. may decide as per their norms/terms.


Accordingly, counting of past service for promotion under CAS will be considered as per AICTE Regulation 2012, issued on 8.11.2012 as well as AlCTE’s Notification vide No. F.27/RIFD/Pay Scale/01/2013-14 dated 4.1.2016 in the following manner:


1. Previous regular service, whether national or international, as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor or equivalent in a University, College, National Laboratories or other scientific/ professional organizations such as the CSIR, ICAR, DRDO, UGC, JCSSR, ICHR, ICMR, DBT, etc., should be counted for promotion under CAS of a teacher Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor as provided that:

(a) The essential qualifications of the post held were not lower than the qualifications prescribed by the AICTE for Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor as the case may be.

(b) The post is/was in an equivalent grade or of the pre-revised scale of pay as the post of Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Associate Professor (Reader) and Professor.

(c) The Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor concerned should possess the same minimum qualifications as prescribed by the AICTE for appointment to the post of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor, as the case may be.

(d) The post was filled in accordance with the prescribed selection procedure as laid down in the Regulations of University/ State Government/ Central Government/ concerned institutions, for such appointments.

(e) The previous appointment was not as guest lecturer for any duration, or an ad-hoc or in a leave vacancy of less than one year duration. Ad- hoc or temporary service of more than one year duration can be counted provided that:

(i) the period of service was of more than one year duration;

(ii) the incumbent was appointed on the recommendation of duly constituted Selection Committee;

(iii) the incumbent was selected to the permanent post in continuation to the ad-hoc or temporary service; and

(iv) Artificial break in service shall not be used to the prejudice of employee, appointed on permanent basis. The person appointed on permanent basis shall be given the benefit of entire service rendered by him with effect from the date of initial appointment (temporary/ contract/ ad- hoc) notwithstanding the artificial break/ breaks in service.

(f) Services rendered in Govt./ Govt. sponsored or Aided Colleges only shall be counted for counting past service under this clause.

Past Service Count for the purpose of CAS for teachers may be approved subject to fulfillment of all criteria as prescribed in AICTE Regulations, 2012 as mentioned in above, on case to case basis. After verification on all the documents a specific G.O. in favour of teacher concerned for CAS may be issued from H.E.S.T.B.T Deptt.

II.Considering to relax API Score (Degree) between 5th March, 2010 and issue of AICTE Regulations, 2012 on 8th Nov, 2012.Relaxation in API score is applicable for the period of 03 years only (till date 7-11-15) from the issue of AICTE Regulations 2012 in official Gazette. Thereafter, API score shall be implemented.
III.Consideration to count EOL period granted to accept invitation of teaching post, research cum teaching post or for the academic work of importance to be for the purpose of increment at par with UGC in AICTE approved Institutions.Extra ordinary leave period granted to accept invitation of teaching post, research cum teaching post, fellowship, academic administrative post or any other work of similar nature/importance is to be counted for the purpose of notional increment and CAS.

This order is issued with the concurrence of the Finance Department vide U.O. No Group P1/2017-2018/0436 dated 22.02.2018.

Sd/- Special Secretary

No. 224-Edn dated 16.03.2018, Source

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