Certificates of D.El.Ed Candidates for Session 2013-15

West Bengal Board of Primary Education
Acharya Prafulla Chandra Bhavan
DK 7/1, Sector II, Bidhannagar, Kolkata 700091

No. 2286/BPE/2017 Date: 24/08/2017


It is notified for all the DIETs/ Govt./ Govt. Spon./ Govt. Aided/ Self-financed Non-Government Un-aided Institutions that the Certificates of the candidates of session 2013-2015 will be issued to the respective institutions on and from 30th August, 2017 during Office Hours from the West Bengal Board of Primary Education.

The Heads of all the DIET/Govt./Govt.Spon./Govt.Aided institutions are requested to come personally or send their authorised representatives to receive the Certificates from the office of the undersigned.

In case of Self-financed Non-Government Institutions, only the approved Heads of such institution are requested to receive the Certificates on and from 30th August, 2017 during Office Hours. The Approved list of Faculty with the name of the head of the Department/Institute shall have to be submitted at the time of receiving the said Certificates. The Heads of the Institutions must carry their photo Identity Card issued by the competent authority to avoid impersonation.

Sd/- Dr. R.C. Bagchi

No. 2286-BPE dated 24.08.2017

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