Public Works

Public Works Department provides infrastructural support for both original and repair works to all the departments directly under the Govt. of West Bengal.

Public Works Department

Creation of Additional Posts in Different Departments of West Bengal

Finance, Irrigation & Waterways, PAR, Public Health Engineering, Public Works, Water Resources Investigation and Development,

A number of proposals for awarding different service benefits to the employees of the Government of West Bengal and reorganizing the cadre of different Services of Government of West Bengal through creation of some posts were under consideration of the Government for sometime past.

Prime Machineries to Execute Road/ Bridge works under PWD

Public Works,

Type of required prime machineries, as per technical requirements shall be reflected in the items of works itself of the estimate.

AMC and Repairing of Elevators and Lifts by the concerned OEMs

Public Works,

All concerned are directed to submit proposals for executing AMC and repairing of elevators and lifts by the concerned OEMs to the Public Works Department for necessary approval.

Deduction of Tax at Source from Payment to Supplier of Goods or Services

Public Works, ,

Deduction of tax at source from the payment made to the Supplier of taxable goods or Services or both where the total value of such supply, under a contract, exceeding to Rs. 2,50,000/- only.

Work Allotment of Deputy Secretary under Public Works Department

Public Works,

1. Matters related to Works of P.W. Directorate. 2. Matters related to Accounts and Budget of P.W. Directorate. 3. All cases of Compassionate Appointment in the Department. 4. Common Service Branch including booking of Circuit houses and Banga Bhaban.

Guidelines before Issuing Letter of Acceptance/ Work Order

Public Works,

All Executive Engineers are instructed to submit a certificate as per Format enclosed before issuance of Letter of Acceptance (LOA)/ Work Order to the Chief Engineers of the Zone.

Ceiling of Monthly Expenditure i/o Hired Inspection Vehicles of PWD

Public Works,

Governor is pleased to raise/ enhance the ceiling of monthly expenditure for the inspection vehicles used only by the officers of this department as mentioned below.

Approving Authority for Online Medical Reimbursement Claim

Public Works, ,

New matrix of Approving Authority for all employees and pensioners of PW Department as well as Directorates and sub-ordinate Offices will be as follows:-

Fixation of Rates of Hired Inspection Vehicles under PWD

Public Works,

The consumption of fuel shall be restricted to 8 litres per day per vehicle and 5 litres per day per vehicle for operational and non-operational vehicle respectively.

Work Allotment of Secretary, PWD and Joint Secretary (Personnel), PWD

Public Works,

Allotment of official works of the Secretary, PWD and the Joint Secretary (Personnel), PWD in the following manner:
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