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Prime Machineries to Execute Road/ Bridge works under PWD

Public Works. .

Government of West Bengal
Public Works Department
Works Branch
Nabanna, Howrah

No. 242-ENC/2023 Dated 30/03/2023


Sub: Prime Machineries to execute Road/ Bridge works under Public Works Department.

In order to maintain a uniform yardsticks regarding selection of prime machineries required for different type of works in the Notice Inviting Tender and use of same in the work, Departmental Memorandum No. 797-W(C)/1M-24/15 Dated: 06.12.2017 has been issued and implemented.

Till date, the guidelines according to Memorandum No. 797-W(C)/1M-24/15 Dated: 06.12.2017 with a corrigendum order No. 402-W(C)/1M-24/15 Dated: 23.12.2022 on it are in vogue.

However, with the advancement of technology and keeping in view of the changed scenario of the bidding process observed and experienced by the Tender Inviting Authorities it is hereby decided that all tender inviting authorities of this department will follow the guidelines on the prime machineries and equipment to be required for the project for evaluation of technical bids of the said works as detailed in Annexure – I, in supersession of Memorandum no – No. 797-W(C)/1M-24/15 Dated: 06.12.2017 with a corrigendum order No. 402-W(C)/1M-24/15 Dated: 23.12.2022 on it. They are as follows:

i) Type of required prime machineries, as per technical requirements shall be reflected in the items of works itself of the estimate.

ii) The Prime Plant Machineries and equipments along with the tentative number of machines required in the work shall be mentioned in the NIT.

iii) For Dense Bituminous Macadam, Bituminous Concrete, Semi Dense Bituminous Concrete, Stone Matrix Asphalt, Mechanised Mastic Asphalt, Bituminous Concrete with waste plastic, Gap graded mix with CRMB/AR work, only Batch Type Hot Mix Plant of minimum capacity 100 – 120 TPH shall be used.

iv) For other bituminous work, lesser capacity HMP as mentioned in the BOQ may be used as per the recent policy guideline of PCB/NGT.

v) If any project contains less quantities of Dense Bituminous Macadam and Bituminous Concrete which appear to be uneconomical to any bidder to install Batch Type Hot Mix Plant, then construction wing may create a single project by clubbing two or three adjacent projects within a division whose major portion of the works are in similar nature.

vi) Maximum age of Hot Mix Plant both in Batch Type and Drum Type, Paver Finisher, Concrete Batching and Mixing Plant, Concrete Mixer with integral weigh batching facility, Concrete Paver, Vibratory Roller shall be 10 years as on the date of publication of NIT. It may be extended up to 15 years, after getting fit certificate from the manufacturer and this certificate shall be produced at the time of submission of bid. All other machineries and equipments shall be in running condition.

vii) Plant Machineries and equipments shall be owned or arranged through lease hold agreements by the bidders.

viii) Conclusive proof of ownership (Tax invoice, way bill, delivery challan) for each plant and machinery in working condition shall have to be submitted.

ix) If the machineries have been engaged in other works then name of client along with his contact number and Email address shall be furnished in the declaration by the intended tender and the present location (working place) shall also be given with tentative date of release of plant & machineries.

x) In this connection self-declaration (proforma enclosed) shall also have to be submitted along with the tender and it shall be declared that statement of fact related to the mode of ownership of machineries are true and it also to be clearly stated that required specified machineries shall be installed at the working site within 45 days from the date of work order if the machineries are required in the very initial stage of the work, otherwise machineries shall be installed at the working site well ahead of the actual requirement as per agency’s submitted work programme.

xi) If tender inviting authority has any doubt in respect of authenticity of uploaded documents in respect of Prime Machineries, he can personally or his any authorised representative may inspect the machineries after informing the bidder.

xii) The executing authority or its nominated personnel will have the full authority to check the calibration and proper functioning of the machineries prior to and/or during execution of the project to ensure proper functioning as well as quality of end product as per relevant codal provision.

xiii) If the bidder fails to install required plants, machineries and equipment for the instant project within the requisite time, action will be taken as per provision of the contract agreement.

xiv) The list of prime machineries attached to the Memorandum No. 1T-06/2017/444-R/PL Dated: 18.04.2017 is superseded by present prime machineries list vide Annexure-I.

xv) The bidder shall arrange to establish laboratories at working site for different types of day to day testing as per relevant MoRTH, IRC & IS codal guidelines at his own cost.

xvi) The bituminous Hot Mix Plant (both Batch and Drum type) should have appropriate pollution control unit (primary and/or, secondary, as the case may be) as per provision of IRC : 90 – 2010 to meet up prevailing guidelines of Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) in regard to HMP.

xvii) In case of any dispute for confirmatory testing, the report of NABL accredited Laboratories/IIT/CRRI/RBRI will govern.

Henceforth necessary provision shall be incorporated in all Notice Inviting Tenders and should be a part of the Contract Agreement.

This order is issued with the approval of the competent authority.

The order will take immediate effect. All concerned are being informed.

Public Works Department
Govt. of West Bengal

Annexure – I

Sl.Item of WorkRequirement of Prime Machineries
1Bituminous Concrete, Dense Bituminous Macadam, Semi- dense Bituminous Concrete, Bituminous Concrete with waste Plastic, Gap graded mix with CRMB/ARBatch type HMP 100-120 TPH, Hydrostatic paver finisher with sensor control, 12-15 tonne weight pneumatic tyre roller, 6-8 tonne smooth wheeled tandem roller with or without provision of Vibration
2Stone Matrix Asphalt using Batch Type HMP 100-120 TPHBatch type HMP 100-120 TPH, 6-8 tonne smooth heeled tandem roller with or without provision of Vibration
3Mechanised Mastic AsphaltBatch type HMP 100 120 TPH, Thermo container writh heating and stirring facility and paver with mechanical chips spreader.
4Bituminous Macadam using Drum Mix TypeDrum Mix Type HMP 40-60/60-90 TPH, Paver Finisher, 8-10 tonne roller
5Bituminous Macadam using Mobile HMP (Light duty)Mobile HMP (Light duty), 6-8 tonne smooth wheeled tandem roller with or without provision of Vibration
6Open-graded Premix Surfacing / Mix Seal Surfacing using Drum MixDrum Mix Type HMP 40-60/60-90 TPH, Paver Finisher, 8-10 tonne roller
7Open-graded Premix Surfacing / Mix Seal Surfacing using Mobile Hot Mix Plant (Light Duty)Mobile HMP (Light duty), 8-10 Tonne roller
8Wet Mix MacadamWet Mix Plant, Paver Finisher, Vibratory roller of minimum static weight of 8- 10 tonne (for compacted single layer upto 200 mm)
9Cement Concrete Pavement laying with fixed form / slip form paverConcrete Batch Mix Plant with automatic weigh batching by Computer Control, Fixed Form / Slip Form Paver,
10Cement Concrete Pavement mixed in a Batch Mix Plant and laying manually.Concrete Batch Mix Plant with automatic weigh batching by Computer Control
11Major Bridge Works with M35 & above grade concreteConcrete Batch Mix Plant with automatic weigh batching by Computer Control
12Cold Milling of bituminous layers by Milling MachineMilling Machine

Note : These are the minimum required prime machineries for execution of above mentioned works with the designated plant. For any special type of work, concerned tender inviting authority may seek any special type of machineries. Also the tender inviting authority may modify it based on the site condition & specification of the work in realistic manner. The Machineries which are easily available in the market need not be included in the NIT as a Prime Machineries.
TPH – Tonne per Hour, HMP – Hot Mix Plant


No. 242-ENC dated 30.03.2023, Source