Transport Department operates from the State Administrative Buildings, i.e. Writers’ Buildings. The Kolkata RTO office is known as Public Vehicles Department. Transport

Fare chart of Pre-paid Taxi in Kolkata

Only distance slabs and corresponding fare rates mentioned for different slabs in a uniform manner for all pre-paid taxi booths in kolkata.

Ceiling of Rates for Hiring Vehicles in West Bengal

Maximum 10 KM between the garage and the place of reporting or one hour’s hiring charges whichever is convenient to the owner of the vehicle may be allowed.

Condemnation Testing Committee for Public Auction of Old Vehicles

Governor has been pleased to approve the undernoted revised guidelines to be followed in respect of every government vehicle owned by different Departments or Directorates before the same is condemned.

Normal Life of Vehicles before Condemnation and Disposal

Determination of the normal age of the state government vehicles to be taken into consideration while condemning them before disposal.