Transport Department, Govt. of West Bengal

In addition to Kolkata RTO office there are RTO offices in each of the districts and are normally located at the District Magistrates office precincts.


2568-WT dt. 12.07.2022Online Queue Management System for International Border Checkpost
2335-WT dt. 05.07.2022Reciprocal Transport Agreement between West Bengal and Sikkim
858-WT dt. 16.03.2022Stipulated Time Limit for rendering Services by Transport Department
848-WT dt. 16.03.2022Revised Rate of Parking Charges for Goods and Passenger Vehicles
413-WT dt. 10.02.2022Rate of Parking Charges for Goods and Passenger Vehicles
358-WT dt. 07.02.2022Easy Movement of Goods and Passenger Vehicles at Bordering Areas
208-WT dt. 24.01.2022Penal Measures for Violation of Motor Vehicle Rules in West Bengal
413-WT dt. 10.02.2022Rate of Parking Charges for Goods and Passenger Vehicles
358-WT dt. 07.02.2022Easy Movement of Goods and Passenger Vehicles at Bordering Areas
140-WT dt. 18.01.2022Physical Inspection of Commercial Vehicles for Certificate of Fitness
3618-WT dt. 23.12.2021Acceptance of Transport Documents through DigiLocker/ mParivahan
2023-WT dt. 30.07.2021Penalty for Overloading of Goods Vehicles in West Bengal
150-Secy dt. 21.03.2020Inter State Bus Operation is Suspended due to Corona Virus
5961-WT dt. 31.12.2018One Time Waiver of Penalty On Tax on Motor Vehicles Scheme
2530-WT dt. 08.06.2018Tram Fares in Kolkata, 2018
2529-WT dt. 08.06.2018Revised Fares of Meter Taxi (Contract Carriage), 2018
2528-WT dt. 08.06.2018Revised Bus Fares in West Bengal, 2018
2407-WT dt. 05.06.2018Recruitment Rules of Motor Vehicles Inspector (Non-Technical)
689-WT dt. 15.02.2018Jaladhara Scheme for Financial Assistance to replace Bhutbhuti
516-WT dt. 06.02.2018Recruitment Rules of Motor Vehicles Inspector (Technical)
4294-WT dt. 21.09.2017Recruitment Rules of Deputy Director in Transport Directorate
3371-WT dt. 24.07.2017Resolution of Gatidhara Scheme by Transport Department
3236-WT dt. 14.07.2017Administrative and Operational Set-up of Transport Directorate
2894-WT dt. 23.06.2017Separate Sounds for Ambulance Siren and Police Siren
2156-WT dt. 05.06.2017Bike-Taxi Service in NKDA, NITA and Salt Lake area
1939-WT dt. 22.05.2017Retro-fitment of Speed Limiting Device in Existing Vehicles
1086-WT dt. 22.03.2017Exemption of Motor Vehicles Tax for Ram Krishna Mission
290-WT dt. 20.01.2017Testing Stations for issuing Vehicle’s Fitness Certificate
289-WT dt. 20.01.2017Online Payment of Motor Vehicle Taxes and Fees – Conditions
11-WT dt. 02.01.2017Pool Cars carrying School Children – Issuing permit by RTAs
5730-WT dt. 21.12.2016Online Payment of Motor Vehicle Taxes on GRIPS
5670-WT dt. 19.12.2016Registration of New Models of Motor Vehicles in West Bengal
5448-WT dt. 02.12.2016Procedures for Allotment of Vehicle Registration Number
5334-WT dt. 23.11.2016Motor Vehicles Inspector (Technical) – Recruitment Rules
5333-WT dt. 23.11.2016Motor Vehicles Inspector (Non-Technical) – Recruitment Rules
5311-WT dt. 23.11.2016Disqualify Offending Drivers from holding Driving License
3909-WT dt. 05.10.2016Notice – Manufacturers of Speed Limiting Device having TAC
3895-WT dt. 05.10.2016Amendment: RTA Jurisdiction of Howrah, North & South 24 Pgs
3838-WT dt. 03.10.2016Expansion of Jurisdiction of RTA, Kolkata
3450-WT dt. 05.09.2016Standard Operating Procedure of Jetties/ Ferries
3433-WT dt. 02.09.2016e-Vahan and e-Sarathi – Implementation Steps
3432-WT dt. 02.09.2016Issue of e-Receipts through e-Vahan and e-Sarathi
2979-WT dt. 02.08.2016Introduction of Bike-Taxi Service in Kolkata
2973-WT dt. 02.08.2016Scheme for Pool Cars carrying School Children
2559-WT dt. 29.07.2016Fitment of Speed Limiting Device is Mandated
2940-WT dt. 29.07.2016Public Vehicles Department, 38, Beltala Road, Kolkata-20
2741-WT dt. 14.07.2016Mobile Application of Transport Service
2625-WT dt. 05.07.2016Vehicles carrying School Children in Kolkata
2576-WT dt. 30.06.2016Two Wheelers for Operation as Bike-Taxi
2326-WT dt. 16.06.2016Renewal of Certificate of Fitness for Vehicles
1447-WT dt. 07.04.2016Exemption of Tax Payment for E-Rickshaw Owners, 2016
1210-WT dt. 18.03.2016Technical Committee for fitting Speed Governor with Vehicles
1086-WT dt. 11.03.2016Vehicles and Vessels for conducting Assembly Election, 2016
854-WT dt. 23.02.2016RTA Burdwan issue permits to 1870 Auto-Rickshaws in Asansol
588-WT dt. 09.02.2016Advocate General shall be entitled to use Red Light with Flasher
240-WT dt. 18.01.2016Use of Trade Certificate for Motor Vehicles
2-WT dt. 04.01.2016Transport Vehicles shall be equipped with Speed Governor
4453-WT dt. 17.12.2015Licensing Authority to ODTTA
4450-WT dt. 07.12.2015Conduct of On Demand Transportation Technologies Aggregators
3867-WT dt. 14.10.2015Motor Cycles can be registered as Contract Carriage in W.B.
3651-WT dt. 24.09.2015Free Journey by Sports Awardee in STU run Buses, Trams etc.
3445-WT dt. 11.09.2015Exemption of Tax Payment for Motor Vehicles belonging to NIA
3360-WT dt. 07.09.2015Exemption of Tax for Motor Vehicles more than 50 years Old
1953-WT dt. 26.05.2015Constitution of District Road Safety Committee for Kolkata
1732-WT dt. 12.05.2015State Road Safety Policy of West Bengal, 2015
1718-WT dt. 11.05.2015Steering Committee for Taxi drivers and Auto Rickshaw drivers
1619-WT dt. 04.05.2015Competent Officer in respect of area under the jurisdiction of PVD
1618-WT dt. 04.05.2015Time Limit for rendering Services by Transport Department
1617-WT dt. 04.05.2015Nodal Officer of Transport Dte icw Right to Public Services
1535-WT dt. 27.04.2015Composition of Task Force to identify Taxi Stand Location
1527-WT dt. 27.04.2015Composition of Task Force in Transport Department
1526-WT dt. 27.04.2015Exemption of Tax Payment for E-Rickshaw Owners in 2015-16
1085-WT dt. 23.03.2015Nodal and Additional Nodal Officer of Transport Department
1084-WT dt. 23.03.2015Road Safety Committee for each District of West Bengal
1083-WT dt. 23.03.2015State Road Safety Council for the State of West Bengal
107-WT dt. 09.01.2015Registration Code of Transport and Non-Transport Vehicles
4974-WT dt. 11.12.2014New Motor Vehicles Offices at Arambagh, Haldia and Ghatal
4973-WT dt. 11.12.2014Upgradation of Motor Vehicles Office at Alipurduar District
4674-WT dt. 25.11.2014New Office/ Unit of Public Vehicles Department at Behala
3400-WT dt. 14.08.2014Regional Transport Authority will act as Registering Authority
472-FB dt. 24.07.2014Delegation of Financial Power to Grant Subsidy in Transport
2516-WT dt. 19.06.2014Use of Red/ Blue Light and Flasher on Top of Vehicle
2188-WT dt. 30.05.2014Permit of Metered Taxi for Siliguri and Jalpaiguri
1940-WT dt. 16.05.2014Reciprocal Transport Agreement between W.B. and Bihar
1725-WT dt. 25.04.2014Calibration of Taxi Meter – Time Extension
4505-WT dt. 11.12.2013Revised Committee for Passenger Transport System at Siliguri
4413-WT dt. 05.12.2013Constitution of Committee for Passenger Transport System
4111-WT dt. 14.11.2013Fixation on Fleet Strength on City Routes cancelled
3916-WT dt. 31.10.2013Stipulated Time Limit of various Services by Transport Department
3561-WT dt. 24.09.2013Taxi: Actual Fare Meter with Thermal Printer Facility
3220-WT dt. 29.08.2013All Bengal Contract Carriage Permit to Tour Operators
3219-WT dt. 29.08.2013Issue/ Renew of National Permit to Motor Vehicles by RTAs
3112-WT dt. 20.08.2013Colour Scheme of New Metered Taxis approved by Transport Dte.
3091-WT dt. 16.08.2013Taxing Officers i.r.o. West Bengal Motor Vehicles Tax Act/ Rules
1481-WT dt. 12.04.2013Pre-paid Taxi Booths
1480-WT dt. 12.04.2013Fare chart of Pre-paid Taxi in Kolkata
612-WT dt. 25.02.2013Registration of New Models of Motor Vehicles in West Bengal
611-L dt. 05.05.2010West Bengal Motor Transport Workers’ Welfare Cess Act, 2010
3564-WT dt. 24.11.2008Ceiling of Rates for Hiring Vehicles in West Bengal
46-WT dt. 02.01.2008Scheme for Operation of Radio Taxi Service in West Bengal
5193-WT dt. 29.11.2004Condemnation Testing Committee for Public Auction of Old Vehicles
5077-WT dt. 16.11.2004Normal Life of Vehicles before Condemnation and Disposal
12-L dt. 03.01.2003West Bengal Transport Infrastructure Development Act, 2002
764-WT dt. 15.02.2002Revised Rates of Govt. Vehicles for use of non-official purpose

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