Transport Department, Govt. of West Bengal

Last Updated On: 26.04.2021

150-Secy dt. 21.03.2020 Inter State Bus Operation is Suspended due to Corona Virus
5961-WT dt. 31.12.2018 One Time Waiver of Penalty On Tax on Motor Vehicles Scheme
2530-WT dt. 08.06.2018 Tram Fares in Kolkata, 2018
2529-WT dt. 08.06.2018 Revised Fares of Meter Taxi (Contract Carriage), 2018
2528-WT dt. 08.06.2018 Revised Bus Fares in West Bengal, 2018
2407-WT dt. 05.06.2018 Recruitment Rules of Motor Vehicles Inspector (Non-Technical)
689-WT dt. 15.02.2018 Jaladhara Scheme for Financial Assistance to replace Bhutbhuti
516-WT dt. 06.02.2018 Recruitment Rules of Motor Vehicles Inspector (Technical)
4294-WT dt. 21.09.2017 Recruitment Rules of Deputy Director in Transport Directorate
3371-WT dt. 24.07.2017 Resolution of Gatidhara Scheme by Transport Department
3236-WT dt. 14.07.2017 Administrative and Operational Set-up of Transport Directorate
2894-WT dt. 23.06.2017 Separate Sounds for Ambulance Siren and Police Siren
2156-WT dt. 05.06.2017 Bike-Taxi Service in NKDA, NITA and Salt Lake area
1939-WT dt. 22.05.2017 Retro-fitment of Speed Limiting Device in Existing Vehicles
1086-WT dt. 22.03.2017 Exemption of Motor Vehicles Tax for Ram Krishna Mission
290-WT dt. 20.01.2017 Testing Stations for issuing Vehicle’s Fitness Certificate
289-WT dt. 20.01.2017 Online Payment of Motor Vehicle Taxes and Fees – Conditions
11-WT dt. 02.01.2017 Pool Cars carrying School Children – Issuing permit by RTAs
5730-WT dt. 21.12.2016 Online Payment of Motor Vehicle Taxes on GRIPS
5670-WT dt. 19.12.2016 Registration of New Models of Motor Vehicles in West Bengal
5448-WT dt. 02.12.2016 Procedures for Allotment of Vehicle Registration Number
5334-WT dt. 23.11.2016 Motor Vehicles Inspector (Technical) – Recruitment Rules
5333-WT dt. 23.11.2016 Motor Vehicles Inspector (Non-Technical) – Recruitment Rules
5311-WT dt. 23.11.2016 Disqualify Offending Drivers from holding Driving License
3909-WT dt. 05.10.2016 Notice – Manufacturers of Speed Limiting Device having TAC
3895-WT dt. 05.10.2016 Amendment: RTA Jurisdiction of Howrah, North & South 24 Pgs
3838-WT dt. 03.10.2016 Expansion of Jurisdiction of RTA, Kolkata
3450-WT dt. 05.09.2016 Standard Operating Procedure of Jetties/ Ferries
3433-WT dt. 02.09.2016 e-Vahan and e-Sarathi – Implementation Steps
3432-WT dt. 02.09.2016 Issue of e-Receipts through e-Vahan and e-Sarathi
2979-WT dt. 02.08.2016 Introduction of Bike-Taxi Service in Kolkata
2973-WT dt. 02.08.2016 Scheme for Pool Cars carrying School Children
2559-WT dt. 29.07.2016 Fitment of Speed Limiting Device is Mandated
2940-WT dt. 29.07.2016 Public Vehicles Department, 38, Beltala Road, Kolkata-20
2741-WT dt. 14.07.2016 Mobile Application of Transport Service
2625-WT dt. 05.07.2016 Vehicles carrying School Children in Kolkata
2576-WT dt. 30.06.2016 Two Wheelers for Operation as Bike-Taxi
2326-WT dt. 16.06.2016 Renewal of Certificate of Fitness for Vehicles
1447-WT dt. 07.04.2016 Exemption of Tax Payment for E-Rickshaw Owners, 2016
1210-WT dt. 18.03.2016 Technical Committee for fitting Speed Governor with Vehicles
1086-WT dt. 11.03.2016 Vehicles and Vessels for conducting Assembly Election, 2016
854-WT dt. 23.02.2016 RTA Burdwan issue permits to 1870 Auto-Rickshaws in Asansol
588-WT dt. 09.02.2016 Advocate General shall be entitled to use Red Light with Flasher
240-WT dt. 18.01.2016 Use of Trade Certificate for Motor Vehicles
2-WT dt. 04.01.2016 Transport Vehicles shall be equipped with Speed Governor
4453-WT dt. 17.12.2015 Licensing Authority to ODTTA
4450-WT dt. 07.12.2015 Conduct of On Demand Transportation Technologies Aggregators
3867-WT dt. 14.10.2015 Motor Cycles can be registered as Contract Carriage in W.B.
3651-WT dt. 24.09.2015 Free Journey by Sports Awardee in STU run Buses, Trams etc.
3445-WT dt. 11.09.2015 Exemption of Tax Payment for Motor Vehicles belonging to NIA
3360-WT dt. 07.09.2015 Exemption of Tax for Motor Vehicles more than 50 years Old
1953-WT dt. 26.05.2015 Constitution of District Road Safety Committee for Kolkata
1732-WT dt. 12.05.2015 State Road Safety Policy of West Bengal, 2015
1718-WT dt. 11.05.2015 Steering Committee for Taxi drivers and Auto Rickshaw drivers
1619-WT dt. 04.05.2015 Competent Officer in respect of area under the jurisdiction of PVD
1618-WT dt. 04.05.2015 Time Limit for rendering Services by Transport Department
1617-WT dt. 04.05.2015 Nodal Officer of Transport Dte icw Right to Public Services
1535-WT dt. 27.04.2015 Composition of Task Force to identify Taxi Stand Location
1527-WT dt. 27.04.2015 Composition of Task Force in Transport Department
1526-WT dt. 27.04.2015 Exemption of Tax Payment for E-Rickshaw Owners in 2015-16
1085-WT dt. 23.03.2015 Nodal and Additional Nodal Officer of Transport Department
1084-WT dt. 23.03.2015 Road Safety Committee for each District of West Bengal
1083-WT dt. 23.03.2015 State Road Safety Council for the State of West Bengal
107-WT dt. 09.01.2015 Registration Code of Transport and Non-Transport Vehicles
4974-WT dt. 11.12.2014 New Motor Vehicles Offices at Arambagh, Haldia and Ghatal
4973-WT dt. 11.12.2014 Upgradation of Motor Vehicles Office at Alipurduar District
4674-WT dt. 25.11.2014 New Office/ Unit of Public Vehicles Department at Behala
3400-WT dt. 14.08.2014 Regional Transport Authority will act as Registering Authority
472-FB dt. 24.07.2014 Delegation of Financial Power to Grant Subsidy in Transport
2516-WT dt. 19.06.2014 Use of Red/ Blue Light and Flasher on Top of Vehicle
2188-WT dt. 30.05.2014 Permit of Metered Taxi for Siliguri and Jalpaiguri
1940-WT dt. 16.05.2014 Reciprocal Transport Agreement between W.B. and Bihar
1725-WT dt. 25.04.2014 Calibration of Taxi Meter – Time Extension
4505-WT dt. 11.12.2013 Revised Committee for Passenger Transport System at Siliguri
4413-WT dt. 05.12.2013 Constitution of Committee for Passenger Transport System
4111-WT dt. 14.11.2013 Fixation on Fleet Strength on City Routes cancelled
3916-WT dt. 31.10.2013 Stipulated Time Limit of various Services by Transport Department
3561-WT dt. 24.09.2013 Taxi: Actual Fare Meter with Thermal Printer Facility
3220-WT dt. 29.08.2013 All Bengal Contract Carriage Permit to Tour Operators
3219-WT dt. 29.08.2013 Issue/ Renew of National Permit to Motor Vehicles by RTAs
3112-WT dt. 20.08.2013 Colour Scheme of New Metered Taxis approved by Transport Dte.
3091-WT dt. 16.08.2013 Taxing Officers i.r.o. West Bengal Motor Vehicles Tax Act/ Rules
1481-WT dt. 12.04.2013 Pre-paid Taxi Booths
1480-WT dt. 12.04.2013 Fare chart of Pre-paid Taxi in Kolkata
612-WT dt. 25.02.2013 Registration of New Models of Motor Vehicles in West Bengal
3564-WT dt. 24.11.2008 Ceiling of Rates for Hiring Vehicles in West Bengal
Nil dt. 03.01.2003 West Bengal Transport Infrastructure Development Act, 2002
764-WT dt. 15.02.2002 Revised Rates of Govt. Vehicles for use of non-official purpose