Disappearance of Government Employee

When an Employee/ Pensioner disappears leaving his family, family pension, GPF, Group Insurance etc. may be granted to the family concerned, subject to the fulfillment of the following conditions:

  1. The family must lodge a report with the concerned Police Station and obtain a report that the employee/ pensioner has not been traced after all efforts had been made by the police.
  2. An Indemnity Bond should be taken from beneficiaries concerned to the effect that all payments received from Govt. shall be refunded to Govt. in the event the missing employee/ pensioner re-appears and claims his dues.
  3. The above benefit may be sanctioned by the Administrative Department concerned.
  4. All Govt. dues outstanding against the Govt. employee/ pensioner shall be recovered under normal rules, orders.
  5. The family concerned shall apply to the Head of the office of the Govt. employee/ pensioner for grant of family pension etc. after one year from the date of disappearance of the Govt. employee/ pensioner.


G.O. No. 4671-F dated 14.05.1990 for Family Pension
G.O. No. 10797-F dated 15.11.1994 for GPF
G.O. No. 8015-F dated 08.09.1997 for Group Insurance

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