Disposal of Mutation and Conversion for Industrial Purpose

Government of West Bengal
Land and Land Reforms Department
Land Policy Branch
Nabanna (6th Floor)
325, Sarat Chatterjee Road, P.O.- Shibpur, Howrah – 711 102

No. 324-LP/1A-12/13 Dated, 5th February, 2015


Sub.: Disposal of mutation & conversion for Industrial purpose.

1. Disposal of mutation:

i) In order to expedite the process and disposal of mutation petition for setting up of industry, it is decided that disposal of mutation petitions where name of the vendor from whom the present petitioner purchased the land has already been recorded in the R-o-R(s) and it is in his possession, must be done within 21 days from the date of receipt of the petition.

ii) Usual references be made to the ULC/ LA etc. and if no reply is received within 14 days, then it will be presumed that the authority/ department concerned has no objection in granting the mutation.

iii) If the condition given in sub-para (i) above is not fulfilled it should be disposed of as quickly as possible not exceeding 60 days.

2. Disposal of conversion:

i) The process and disposal of conversion petition, if it is otherwise found in order, be done within 30 days from the date of receipt of the petition.

ii) However, the following steps should be taken for timely dispose of the said cases:

a) If NOC from local body is not received within 14 days it will be presumed that there is no objection of the said body similar to that of U.L.C. clearance.

b) NOC from WBSEDCL/ G.M. D.I.C. / WBPCB/ NHAI/ PWD/ Fire & Emergency Service is not mandatory.

c) E.M.-I/ I.E.M-1 Registration Certificate must be submitted by the petitioner.

d) An enquiry be done by the field level functionary and it be followed by a hearing of the petitioner concerned.

e) The prevailing system of obtaining no objection from the adjacent plot-holders should be immediately discontinued. Instead, adjacent plot holders may be called for hearing.

f) The industrial units coming up in industrial estate/ park which have already got land conversion are no longer required to apply for land conversion separately. Necessary changes be effected in the R.O.R.s in due course.

3. This order regarding time-period of 21 days for disposal of mutation petitions and 30 days for conversion petitions will be applicable to all industry petitions in the entire State.

4. However, the order/ memorandum relating to conversion of water body will remain in force.

This order issues in supersession of all earlier orders/ memorandums in this regard with immediate effect.

O.S.D, & Ex-Officio. ACS & LRC
Government of West Bengal
Land & Land Reforms Department

No. 324-LP and No. 325-LP dated 05.02.2015

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