Land Reforms

Department of a Land & Land Reforms implements land reforms. Therefore, it is essential to upgrade its capabilities for implementation of land reforms in the interest of the landless, marginal and small farmers.

Land and Land Reforms and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation

No Dues Certificate (Land Revenue) for Finally Published Mouzas

Land Reforms,

Time limit for disposal by the Reviewing Officer – 15 days for “No Dues Certificate (Land Revenue)” for all the finally published mouzas.

Conversion of Land with Classification Pukur Paar (Embankment of Pond)

Land Reforms, ,

(i) ‘Pukur’ and ‘Pukur Paar’ should be distinct separate plots of land since the period of Revisional Settlement. (ii) Minimum 15 feet should be left unaltered from the edge of the water-body for allowing any conversion.

Processing Fee for Conversion of Land into Waterbody

Land Reforms,

Processing fee for conversion of land from various use to ‘Water-body’ in rural areas, Municipal Area excluding KMDA area and land in KMDA areas are prescribed in the following tables.

Mandatory Field Enquiry while disposing Warrison Cases

Land Reforms, ,

It is hereby reiterated that before disposal of warrish cases through mutation, field enquiry and verifying the genuineness of Death Certificate/ Legal Heirs certificate should be done mandatorily.

Amendment in Lease Deed Format for Normal Lease of 30/ 99 years

Land Reforms,

Governor is pleased to amend the clause 22.i) of lease deed format for normal lease of 30 years/ 99 years to minimize the future financial liabilities upon the State Government in the event of failure to repay the loan.

Mutation/ Conversion of Land for Green-field Fuel Grade Ethanol Producing Unit

Land Reforms, ,

Governor is pleased to waive the processing fees for mutation and conversion where land is transferred for green-field fuel grade ethanol producing unit only.

West Bengal Escheats and Forfeitures Act, 2012

Land Reforms,

custody and disposal of property vested in the State of West Bengal by escheat or lapse, or as bona vacantia and unclaimed property.

East Kolkata Wetlands (Conservation and Management) Act, 2006

Land Reforms,

An Act to provide for conservation and management of the East Kolkata wetlands and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.

West Bengal Acquisition of Homestead Land for Agricultural Labourers, Artisans and Fishermen Act, 1975

Land Reforms,

An Act to provide for the acquisition of land in rural areas on which homestead has been constructed by any person being an agricultural labourer, an artisan or a fisherman and conferment of title to such land in favour of such person.

Certificates/ Valid Documents of Intestate/ Testamentary Succession

Land Reforms, ,

1. Succession Certificate issue by 1st Class Judicial Magistrate. 2. Legal Heir Certificate issued by the Collector of the district concerned. 3. Order of execution issued by the Competent Court in pursuance of Will or Gift Deed. 4. Legal Heir Certificate issued by the Local Panchayat Pradhan/ Councilor of local Municipality/ Municipal Corporation/ Chairman/ Chairperson of Municipality/ Local MLA & MP.
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