Eligibility of Promotion to Reader/Lecturer (Selection Grade)

Government of West Bengal
Higher Education Department
Bikash Bhawan, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 091

No: 312-Edn(CS)/5P-43/2014 Date: 31-03-2015

From: The Additional Secretary
to the Govt. of West Bengal

To: The Director of Public Instruction West Bengal, Salt Lake, Kolkata-91.

Sub: Clarification on eligibility for placement in the post of Reader/ Lecturer (Selection Grade)

Several representations have been received by the Higher Education Department regarding the total number of years required for promotion to the post of Assistant Professor Stage III [erstwhile Reader /Lecturer (Selection Grade)] from the post of Assistant Professor Stage II [erstwhile Lecturer (Sr. Scale)].

The matter was accordingly taken up with the University Grants Commission. The University Grants Commission, vide its clarification No. F.9-4/2010 (PS) Misc. dated 14.03.2014 has furnished a clarification in this regard to the effect that “Minimum length of service for eligibility to move in to the lecturer (Sr. Scale) would be four years for those with Ph.D., five years for those with M.Phil., and six years for others at the level of Lecturer, and for eligibility to move into the Grade of Lecturer (Selection Grade)/Reader, the minimum length of service as Lecturer (Sr. Scale) shall be uniformly five years”.

In this connection, after careful consideration of the University Grants Commission’s clarification dated 14.03.2014 regarding the norms/ eligibility for movement from Assistant Professor Stage II [erstwhile Lecturer (Sr. Scale)] to Assistant Professor Stage III [erstwhile Lecturer (Selection Grade) /Reader], the Governor is pleased to clarify that the minimum period of stay in service in Lecturer (Sr. Scale) stage shall be five years uniformly and, any pay-fixation inadvertently made earlier, which is contrary to the University Grants Commission’s above mentioned clarification, shall be accordingly revised/ amended. Overdrawn amount, if any, paid previously shall be adjusted from the salary or arrear salary in suitable instalments in such manner that the full recoverable amount is adjusted over a period not exceeding three financial years starting from 2015 – 2016. In case of retired persons, the recoverable amount shall be adjusted against the arrear salary still due or against the terminal benefits or shall be deposited by the pensioner in the Treasury under the appropriate Head of Account, as the case may be.

This shall be informed to all concerned and in respect of those cases where the minimum service of five years while being promoted from Assistant Professor Stage II [erstwhile Lecturer (Sr. Scale)] to Assistant Professor Stage III [erstwhile Reader /Lecturer (Selection Grade)] was not maintained, revised /amended pay fixation orders shall be issued by him in cancellation of earlier pay fixation orders.

Sd/- Additional Secretary

No. 312-Edn dated 31.03.2015

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