Engagement of Government Doctors in Private Clinical Establishments

Government of West Bengal
Department of Health and Family Welfare
Swasthya Bhavan, GN-29, Sector-V
Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091

Memo No. A6175 Dated 02.11.2022


Sub: Engagement of Government Doctors in Private Clinical Establishments.

In reference to the above subject, this is to mention that Clinical Establishment can engage Govt Doctors who are in practising post and not drawing non Practising allowance after fulfilling the conditions as stipulated in clause 6 of Chapter II of The West Bengal Clinical Establishments (Registration, Regulation and Transparency) Rules, 2017, which read as:

“No clinical establishment shall engage or empanel any person already engaged by the Government of West Bengal, or allow such person to render any healthcare service who is yet to obtain an express permission in the form of a ‘No objection certificate’ from the Government.

Explanation: Such ‘No objection certificate’ shall be issued in such manner, and in such form containing such particulars issued by the Director of Health Services or Director of Medical Education, as the case may be, or by any other subordinate officer authorized by Director of Health Services/ Director of Medical Education.

Explanation: ‘Person’ means any service provider, or other staff engaged even as honorary or stipendiary basis or who are bound under bond-cum-agreement executed with or under Contract with the Government of West Bengal and shall include any House-staff, Internee or student.”

Accordingly it is hereby advised that the clinical establishment shall submit the copy of such No Objection Certificate (NOC) along with the application and shall display the detail information regarding Name, government designation, hours of availability at that clinical establishment of such person(s). Any non compliance of the same may be treated as violation of The West Bengal Clinical Establishments Act 2017 and action may be taken as appropriate.

This has approval of the competent authority and will take immediate effect.

Copy of the Gazette enclosed.

Director of Medical Education
Government of West Bengal

Director of Health Service
Government of West Bengal

No. A6175 dated 02.11.2022, Source

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