Financial and Administrative Power of Health & FW Department

Financial & Administrative Power of Health & FW Department Functionaries Published by Strategic Planning & Sector Reform Cell, Health & Family Welfare Department, Government of West Bengal.

Financial Power of Health Department Functionaries

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No. HF/O/TDE/404 Dt. 07.04.2014DFPR of MSVP, CMOH, Supdtt for purchase of drugs and equipment
No. 2895-F(Y) Dt. 05.04.2012Departmental Approval Committee for Medical/ Dental College
No. 8425-F(Y) Dt. 29.08.2011DFPR regarding purchase of store & books/journals
No. 860-F(Y) Dt. 02.02.2011DFPR regarding purchase of store & books/journals
No. 4805-F Dt. 09.07.2008DFPR regarding purchase of store & books/journals
No. HF/O/MS/157 Dt. 13.04.2007Administrative approval to plan projects/ schemes with cost not exceeding Rs.3(Three) Crore
No. 3920-F Dt. 29.05.2006DFPR regarding Fees payable to Medical Council of India by Head of concerned Medial Institution
No. 10637-F Dt. 26-12-2005DFPR regarding DFID assisted Health System Development Initiative Programme
No. HF/O/MERT/HSL(Misc)-14/1250 Dt. 05.12.2005DFPR regarding minor repair/ replacement/renovation/maintenance
No. HF/BHP/KfW/AMBL/107 Dt. 18-01-2005DFPR regarding fix the rates of user charges of ambulance services
No. 12837-F Dt. 01.12.2003DFPR to Heads of the medical teaching and non-teaching state-run hospitals for purchase of widely used patient-care items
No. 9722-F, Dt. 05-09-2003DFPR amendment regarding washing of linen
No. HF/O/MS/115 Dt. 17.03.2003ACMOH as DDO
No. 8414-F Dt. 19-08-2002DFPR regarding KfW aided Indo-German Basic Health Project (GTZ-KfW)
No. 11720-F Dt. 27.12.2001DFPR regarding ACMOH
No.11550-F Dt. 20.12.2001Modification of DFPR regarding purchase of Drugs
No. HF/O/AUH/429 Dt. 04.12.2001BMOH as DDO related to Ayurvedic Medical Officers
No. HF/O/MERT/841 Dt. 08.10.2001Delegation of financial powers to decentralized hospitals under the Directorate of Medical Education Services
No. 8755-F Dt. 18.09.2001Modification of DFPR to CMOH & Superintendents of different categories of Hospitals
No. 8156-F Dt. 30.08.2001Modification of DFPR to Principals/ Directors of Government Medical Colleges
No. HF/O/TDE/858 Dt. 17.11.1998Modification of DFPR to Supdtt/Principal of Government Hospital/Medical Colleges/Dental Colleges
No. 473-F, Dt. 16-01-1998Modification of DFPR to Principals/ Directors Superintendent of Government Hospital & Medical Colleges
No. 7080-F, Dt. 07.08.1997DFPR to Principals of all the Govt. Medical Colleges
No. 473-F Dt. 16.01.1997Modification of DFPR to Supdtt of hospitals & Principals/Directors of Govt. Medical Colleges
No. 7080-F Dt. 07.08.1997Modification of DFPR to Principals of Govt. Medical Collages
No. 2369-F Dt. 07.03.1997Modification of DFPR for Superintendents of Hospitals
No. HAV/3D-29-94/4307 Dt. 02.01.1995Delegation of power to Directorate Officers
No. Health/TDE/681 Dt. 29.07.1992Decentralization of procurement of medicines, chemicals, oxygen, X-ray films etc. in respect of the Centralized Units of CMS, Calcutta
No. Health/FW/163 Dt. 18.01.1985Allotment of funds towards maintenance of sub-centres including salaries of A.N.Ms., R.R.T., Contingencies, etc
No. Health/MERT/779 Dt. 13.07.1981Delegation of Financial Powers to the Heads of the Under Graduate and Post Graduate Govt. Medical Institutions and their attached Hospitals
No. Health/TDE/322 Dt. 08.04.1981Financial Power to D.D.H.S. (E&S), West Bengal & Supdt. of the Decentralized Hospitals to purchase cylinders of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen gas
No. Medl/V/627 Dt. 27.01.1977Delegation of Financial Powers to Supdtt. and Directors

Administrative Power of Health Department Functionaries

No. DHS/Singly/038 Dt. 11.04.2009Delegation of power to Different Directorate Officer
No. HF/O/GA/2994 Dt. 17-12-2002Advance tour programme
No. Health/MA/271 Dt. 11.02.2002Decentralisation of authority for issuing orders extending CAS to and Acceptance of Voluntary Retirement of the W.B.H.S. Officers/ W.B.D.S. officers
No. HPT/5A-16-2002/A4377 Dt. 18.07.2002Career Advancement Scheme
No. HAV/7M-26-2002/1032 Dt. 04.06.2002Financial guidelines in respect of the maintenance of the accounts of the combined establishments in consequence of re-structuring of the health administration in the district levels
No. H/MA/775/HAV Dt. 20.05.2002Combined Establishment of CMOHs
No. HF/O/MA/274 Dt. 25.02.2002Power of ACMOH related to MO LCU/MLCU
No. Health/MA/271 Dt. 22-02-2002Decentralisation of authority for issuing orders extending benefit of Career Advancement Scheme
No. HF/O/MA/206 Dt. 08.02.2002Delegation of Power to ACMOH
No. HF/O/MA/171 Dt. 01.02.02Power of DHS to transfer Posting
No. HF/O/MA/4087 Dt. 27.12.2001Delegation of Power to ACMOH
No. HAD/D/2001/Pt.I/A7958 Dt. 05.10.2001Delegated power & Function of CMOH and Deputy CMOHs
No. H/MA/3452/HAD Dt. 04.09.2001CMOH & Others Delegation of Administrative Powers
No. 1566 Dt. 04.09.2001Delegation of Administrative Powers to CMOH
No. HF/O/MA(MES)/3113 Dt. 28.08.2001Administrative Power of Director & Principal regarding control and discipline over personnel
No. HF/O/MA(MES)/3049 Dt. 23.08.2001Administrative Power to Joint Secretary (MES)(MERT) and Deputy Secretary (M.A.)
No. HF/O/MA(MES)/2091 Dt. 20.08.2001Power of DHS & DME regarding control and discipline over personnel
No. H/FW/31/4E-20/2000 Dt. 11.01.2001BMOH as Head of Office
No. HF/O/GA/1076/HPT Dt. 17.05.1999CHSO as Gazetted Officer
No. HF/O/MA/602 Dt. 19.3.99Decentralization of the Cadre of Group ‘D’ staff of Bangur Institute of Neurology and other 13 (thirteen) Institutions/ Hospitals/ Clinics
No. H/SFWB-FW/300-4 Dt. 15.12.1997Power of CMOH for posting of sub-centre and health centre personnel
No. HF/O/MA/1M-89/96/A6847 Dt. 04.09.1996Power of CMOH for detailment of MO
No. A-1415 Dt. 02.03.1994Delegation of power to Directorate officer
No. Health/MA/100/DHS Dt. 08.01.1993Decentralisation of authority for issuing orders extending benefit of Career Advancement Scheme to the Medical Officers of the W.B.H.S. and the W.B.M.E.S
No. Health/MS/304 Dt. 12.03.1992Delegation of power to CMOH for transfer and grant leave
No. Health/AUH/112 Dt. 05.03.1988Administrative Power of CMOH related to Ayurvedic Medical Officer
No. HPA/G-69-84/146-P Dt. 10.03.1986Sanction of House Building advances by Jt. DHS (Admn)
No. H/MS/1719 Dt. 16.12.1985Control of the State General Hospitals, TB Hospitals and taken over Institutions in the district by the CMOH
No. HPA/G-69/84/576-P Dt. 18.04.1984Power of DHS delegated to Directorate Officers
No. Health/GA/745 Dt. 19.02.1982Power to Heads of office or institutions under the control of the DHS
No. Health/GA/18 Dt. 04.01.1982Financial Power to Different Officers of Health Directorate
No. Health/GA/7606 Dt. 09.09.1981Delegation of Power to CMOH regarding Leave Sanction
No. 9 Dt. 23.11.79Tour programme approval

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