Delegation of Financial Power Rules

HF/404 dt. 07.04.2014Financial Power for Procurement of Drug, Equipment and OHC
2219-FB dt. 29.03.2014Delegation of Financial Power to 15 Departments
566-F(Y) dt. 31.01.2014Functional Guidelines of Departmental Financial Adviser
248-F(Y) dt. 15.01.2014Delegation of Power i.c.w. Departmental Approval under RIDF
32-F(Y) dt. 02.01.2014Sanction and Release of RIDF Fund by the Administrative Departments
8902-F(Y) dt. 19.12.2013Amendment of Delegation of Financial Power Rules, 1977
8385-F(Y) dt. 22.11.2013Guidelines of Selection of Consultant and Delegation of Financial Power
8384-F(Y) dt. 22.11.2013Clarification on Selection of TA for PPP and DFP
784-FB dt. 30.08.2013Delegation of Power to Release Fund of 13th Finance Commission
622-FB dt. 01.08.2013Release of Plan and Non-Plan Fund for the Financial year 2012-13
621-FB dt. 01.08.2013Delegation of Financial Power to Release States Matching Share
2169-F dt. 13.03.2013Delegation of Financial Power for Office Rent
9055-F(Y) dt. 30.12.2013Integrated Financial Management System – Sanction of Telephone
801-FB dt. 31.07.2012Power of Secretaries for releasing Matching Share
6427-F(Y) dt. 25.07.2012Delegation of Financial Power of Engineering Wings
5458-F(Y) dt. 27.06.2012Financial Power of Engineer Officers
5320-F(Y) dt. 22.06.2012Amendment of Delegation of Financial Power Rules, 1977
152-FB dt. 27.04.2012Introduction of Financial Adviser in different Departments
95-FB dt. 18.04.2012Delegation of Power to the Departmental Secretaries
1232-F(Y) dt. 09.02.2012Heads of Departments to sanction Retention of Hiring of Vehicles
860-F(Y) dt. 02.02.2011Delegation of Financial Power to H & FW Deptt.
8703-F dt. 08.09.2009Enhancement of power of Pr. Secretary/Secretary of H & FW, Deptt.
1228-LA dt. 24.08.2009Authentication of order passed in the name of Speaker of WBLA
10150-F dt. 31.12.2008Amendment of DFPR Rules, 77
7376-F dt. 23.09.2008Authority of PAO-I regarding establishment matters of both the PAOs
4805-F dt. 09.07.2008Amendment of DFPR of H& FW department
1572-F dt. 26.02.2008Power of DG & IG on Item 26 ‘Rewards’
1801-FB dt. 31.12.2007Delegation of power – Indira Awas Yojana.
7859-F dt. 01.11.2006Policy for procurement, installation and maintenance of IT product
7223-F dt. 21.09.2006Monthly Cleaning and Servicing of Office Equipment
1782-F dt. 01.03.2006Policy for Procurement, Installation and Maintenance of IT products
3876-F dt. 02.05.2005Policy for Procurement, Installation and Maintenance of IT products
9584-F dt. 11.10.2004Limit of Financial Power Enhanced for Office Rent
314-LL dt. 31.01.2003Assessment of Fair Rent for Private Building
8407-F dt. 19.08.2002Purchase of Postal Franking Machine
6113-F dt. 11.06.2002Delegation of Financial power to Commissioner Internal Audit
23-O&M dt. 04.12.2001Summer & Winter Liveries for Group-‘D’
6791-F dt. 09.08.2000Retention of Temporary Post
1-O&M dt. 21.01.2000Supply of Pen & Refill to Govt. employee
600-Home dt. 25.03.1997Printing of Forms for Election
3132-F dt. 20.03.1996Purchase of Books etc.
2113-F dt. 23.02.1995Supply of Tiffin Packet in the meeting
29-O&M dt. 20.02.1995Supply of Newspaper to Minister and Secretary
10471-F dt. 06.09.1993Power of Collector
24/930 dt. 28.06.1993Financial power of Jt. Director of Treasuries
4406-F dt. 21.04.1992Item No. 6 of Schedule ‘A’ D. F. P. Rules regarding purchase of books
100-O&M dt. 22.05.1989Supply of Liveries to Gr. D Staff
82-O&M dt. 17.06.1985Supply of Liveries to Gr. D Staff
9751-F dt. 17.11.1977Delegation of Financial Powers Rules, 1977