Fixed Monthly Honorarium ASHAs

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Government of West Bengal
Department of Health & Family Welfare
(Family Welfare Branch)
Swasthya Bhawan, GN-29, Sector-V, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700091

No. HF/N/FW/90/1B-02/2013, Dated: 26/04/2013


The issue of introduction of monthly fixed honorarium for ASHAs (Accredited Social Health Activists) has been under active consideration of the State Government for some time past. After careful consideration of the issue, the Governor has been pleased to accord approval and sanction for payment of monthly fixed honorarium to the ASHAs at the rate of Rs. 1300.00 (Rupees One Thousand Three Hundred) only per month per ASHA with effect from 01.04.2013 until further orders in addition to their monthly performance based incentive received by them as usual, from NRHM fund.

This benefit will be admissible subject to the following terms and conditions that each ASHA:-

1. (i) should have a Bank account so that the fixed honorarium to be credited to the said account either in “A/c payee” cheque or through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT);

(ii) must have completed the first round of 6th & 7th modules training;

(iii) must be active in the field and receiving performance based incentives;

(iv) will have to participate in the programme relating to health seeking behavior of the community;

(v) will have to visit families in the community regularly for mobilizing beneficiaries to avail health related services from Government health facilities;

(vi) will have to attend health related meetings within the district as per requirement of the ANM /GP Supervisor /BPHN /BMOH /CMOH;

(vii) will have to help the ANM in keeping all records and registers up to date in each Sub-Centre;

(viii) Will have to perform any other health related activity assigned by ANM /GP Supervisor /BPHN /BMOH /CMOH apart from the activities which are already individually incentivized.

2. (i) The ANM in charge of the Sub-Centre will have to issue a monthly work certificate for fixed honorarium to the ASHAs in the prescribed format. In the absence of ANMs in the Sub-Centres, a GP Supervisor is to be entrusted to do the job. The format is attached as Annexure I.

(ii) The reporting cycle for the monthly activity report of ASHA will be from the 21st of a particular month to the 20th of the next month. The ANM will meet the ASHA on the 21st of every month (next working day in case of 21st is a holiday) and fill up and sign the monthly work certificate for that month.

(iii) The ANM will submit the filled up the monthly work certificate to the GP Health Supervisor in the 4th Saturday meeting. The GP Supervisor will check and countersign the submitted format. He/she will submit the format to the BPHN/ BAM at the block within two working days after the 4th Saturday meeting.

(iv) The block will calculate the number of ASHAs in position and will transfer the honorarium to the bank account of individual ASHAs as per standard procedure. No payment can be made either in cash or ‘Self/ Bearer’ cheques.

3. The charge is debitable to the head 24-HF-2211-Family Welfare-00-101-Rural Family Welfare Services-NP-004-Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) Scheme-31-Grants-in-Aid-02-Other Grants under the major and minor head in the current year’s budget.

4. This order issues with concurrence of the Finance Department vide Group-N U.O. No 0053 Dated 23/04/2013 and Finance Audit Department U.O. No 95 Group O Dated 26/04/2013.

5. Necessary fund will be released in due course.

Sd/- Joint Secretary

No. HF/N/FW/90 dated 26.04.2013, Source