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Salary, Wages, Remuneration, Honorarium etc.

Remuneration and T.A. for Evaluation process of H.S. Examination, 2023

Higher Secondary Education.

WBCHSE has been pleased to enhance the Remuneration and Travelling Allowances of Head Examiners, Examiners, Scrutineers and Co-ordinators w.e.f. the evaluation process of answer scripts of Higher Secondary Examination, 2023.

Enhancement of Remuneration of Part Time Group-D Employees


Governor has been pleased to decide that the remuneration of the part time Group-D employees, employed throughout/ not throughout the year, paid out of contingency shall be Rs. 3,000/- only per month with effect from 01.11.2022.

Disbursement of Salary for the Month of September and October, 2022


Salary including Grant-in-Aid salary, Wages, remuneration, stipend, honorarium for the month of September and October, 2022 will be paid on 28th & 29th September, 2022 and 21st October, 2022 respectively.

Minimum Wages for Employees in Meat and Meat Products and Feed Plants


Governor is pleased to revise the minimum rates of wages payable to the employees employed in respect of the employment in ‘Employment in meat and meat Products and feed Plants’, in the State of West Bengal.

Minimum Rates of Wages in Construction/ Maintenance of Roads/ Building


The minimum rates of wages for those in the employment of CONSTRUCTION & MAINTENANCE OF ROADS OR IN BUILDING OPERATION in the state of West Bengal.

Remuneration of IT Personnel engaged on Contractual basis

Higher Education.

The entitlement of annual enhancement of remuneration/ professional fees of the IT personnel as provided in Memo No. 5859-F(Y) dated 22.07.2013 shall not affect till their remuneration structure is further revised.

Enhancement of Remuneration of JRFs and SRFs wef February, 2021

Science and Technology and Biotechnology.

Governor is pleased to enhance the monthly remuneration of the Junior Research Fellows and Senior Research Fellows as follows: Rs. 25,000/- and Rs. 30,000/- respectively with effect from February, 2021.

Annual Enhancement of Remuneration @ 3% for Para Teachers

School Education.

Governor has been pleased to accord approval for an yearly enhancement of remuneration @ 3% in respect of Para teachers and other categories of personnel engaged under SSM, SSK and MSK teachers who have been brought under School Education Department in the recent past.

West Bengal Parliamentary Secretaries (Appointment, Salaries, Allowances and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2012

Parliamentary Affairs.

An Act to provide for the Appointment, Salaries, Allowances and other Miscellaneous provisions of the Parliamentary Secretaries in the State of West Bengal.

Disbursement of Salary for the month of October, 2020


The salary of State Government employees and salary out of Grants-in-aid for the month of October 2020 will be disbursed on the 28th October 2020 and 29th October 2020 respectively.