Deposit/ Recovery of Foreign Service Contribution (FSC)

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Pension Branch, Writers’ Buildings
Kolkata – 700 001

Memo. No. 83-F(Pen) Date: 21.2.2018


Subject: Deposit/ Recovery of the Foreign Service Contribution (F.S.C.) comprising both Pension and Leave Salary in respect of a State Govt. employee who went to Foreign Service on deputation.

It is being noticed for some time past that Foreign Service Contribution (F.S.C.) of some of those Govt. employees who went to Foreign Service on deputation or who are currently to Foreign Service on deputation at present in the Autonomous Bodies/ Autonomous Institutions/ Statutory Bodies/ Undertakings/ Corporations etc. wholly or substantially owned & controlled by the Govt. of India, have not been/are not being deposited to the Govt. Exchequer at the appropriate time. This affects the Govt. Exchequer in the sense that this Govt. has to bear both the Pension & Leave Salary of those Govt. employees who were on deputation in India only and Pension only in case of deputation outside India.

2. After careful consideration, Govt. has decided that concerned Administrative Department must ensure the deposit of all the F.S.C.s (as applicable) in the Govt. Exchequer either through GRIPS or through T.R. Form No.7 positively by those Foreign Employers where the State Govt. employee went on deputation or are still on deputation at present. If the foreign employer have not deposited the F.S.C. to the Govt. Exchequer in due time even after the reversion of the concerned State Govt. employee to their parent office/ Department, the concerned State Govt. employee shall have to deposit the due F.S.C. along with the interest, as applicable, to the Govt. Exchequer U/R 102(2) of W.B.S.R. Part-I to ensure the counting of their deputation period for qualifying service for pensionary benefits irrespective of the fact that the said deputation was sponsored by the Govt. or self sought for their own volition.

3. All Administrative Department are, therefore, requested to ensure that the F.S.C.s of those who were/are on deputation have been deposited fully/regularly to the Govt. Exchequer by the Foreign Employer. If the F.S.C. is not deposited by the Foreign Employer for whatever reason, the same must be deposited U/R 102(2) of W.B.S.R. Pt.I by the concerned employees themselves along with the interest, as applicable in both, past cases as well as present & future cases, in order to avoid the forfeiture of counting the duty in Govt. service and the time spent in foreign employment U/R 107 ibid to make the pension process smooth and working in both cases (i.e. Govt. sponsored deputation or deputation sought for on their own volition).

4. This is issued with the concurrence of Group-P2 of Finance Department vide U.O. No. Gr.P2/2017-2018/1054 dtd. 15.2.2018.

Sd/- Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal

No. 83-F dated 21.2.2018, Source

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