Grant of Tiffin Allowance to Mechanical Staff (Automobiles)

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Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 11141-F(P) Dated: 18.12.2009


Sub: Grant of Tiffin Allowance for overtime work to the Mechanical Staff (Automobiles) engaged in maintenance and repairs of Government Vehicles.

Consequent upon the recommendation of the Fifth Pay Commission in respect of Tiffin Allowance for overtime work admissible to the Mechanical Staff (Automobile) employed, in the Fool Car establishment, the Governor has been pleased to order in supersession of this Deptt. Memo. No. 10030-F, dated 11th November, 1999 that the Mechanical Staff employed in the Pool Car establishment in the districts including Kolkata under the Transport Department and other Departments will get Tiffin Allowance at the rate of Rs. 10/- per Hour subject to a maximum of Rs. 60/- per working day and also subject to the terms and conditions as follows:

(a) No allowance shall be payable to an individual for work beyond 6 hours on any day and beyond 46 hours in a month.

(b) Duties on Sundays and holidays for which weekly off or Compensatory Leave is granted shall not be taken into account for payment of Tiffin Allowance.

(c) The total Tiffin Allowance payable to an individual employee shall not exceed, one third of the revised basic pay of the individual concerned.

(d) Payment of Tiffin Allowance will have to be made out of the existing budget provision for the concerned Departments/Offices and no extra allocation of fund will be made on this account.

2. Nothing of this order will apply to the Mechanical Staff employed in the Directorate of Tourism, Police and Fire Services,

3. This Order will take effect from the 1st December 2009.

Sd/- S.K. Chattopadhyay
Special Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal
Finance Department